TBB Asks Giving Thanks Edition

Happy Monday! Today I thought I would participate along with The Blended Blog group for TBB Asks. This is a fun, monthly question and answer that has a theme. Of course for November the theme has to do with things we are thankful for!

I would love it if you would also answer in the comments. :)

1.  Have you ever kept a gratitude journal?   Nope! I'm not a journal keeper though I wish I were. I'm more of the constantly rolling thoughts of gratefulness kind of girl. I do try to be very aware of my blessings and am grateful each and every day for so many parts of life.

2.  Hosting Thanksgiving at your house?  Again I say no! We travel to the country with my hubby's family almost every year where we have Thanksgiving at the camp house. Do you know what that is? Well in Texas, a camp house is just a simple house built out in the country. My husband's aunt and uncle have a camp house where we love to hang out with the horses and cows. We eat way too much and take turns swinging on the porch swing.

3.  Favorite food from the Thanksgiving meal. Do we have to choose? For me, it's the side dishes! Give me all the dressing, mashed potatoes, and yes I love green bean casserole! When my mom used to cook, she made the best dressing on the planet! Then there's dessert which we always have plenty of! What's your favorite?

4.  What one thing in nature are you most grateful for? Without a single doubt, I am most grateful for trees! My husband and I both love trees. How could you not? If I won the lottery I would buy land...lots of it! I would love to save the trees and the habitats for animals. 

This is one of the photos from our visit to the Redwood forest in northern California. We loved it there so much and would love to return over and over. 

5.  Pumpkin Pie. Yes or No? Absolutely but why limit ourselves?! We believe in sampling all the yummy desserts. No judgment!

6.  Traditional Cookbook. Yes or No? I do love cookbooks and have several that are tried and true. I like seeing the notes and dates that I've written in them. For Thanksgiving and Christmas, most of my recipes come from my trusty recipe box that I've had for years. 

7.  Oven baked or deep fried turkey? I'm not picky but we usually have both. 

8.  Thanksgiving leftovers? Are you kidding? A turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce and a little Hellmann's mayo is amazing! Don't talk to me about turkey salad though...that just sounds gross to me. 

9. What is one household product you are most grateful for? My Dyson...no my dishwasher...no my washing machine. 

10.  Are you most grateful for home-cooked meals or restaurant meals?  Honestly, I prefer home food most of the time. Eating out is a way of life though and I love Mexican food.

Thank you for stopping by today and going along with the fun. I hope you'll answer the questions in the comments. What are you grateful for? 

Before you go...did you see this amazing home tour featured last Friday? 

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  1. Yay, love when you join us. I too love turkey sandwiches with cranberry sauce and mayo!!! Looking so forward to it!! Have the sweetest day my friend!

  2. This was fun. I like Thanksgiving dinner leftovers better than any others! And I like the turkey sandwich with slices of avocado! Enjoy your day!

  3. I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying all of your new appliances. I'm not a journal girl either. Have a great week, Stacey.

  4. I like this. I have kept a gratitude journal -- I don't right now, but I'm grateful every day. Don't take away my dishwasher! I'll skip the pumpkin pie but go seconds on the stuffing! Now, if we can just figure out where we are actually celebrating TG, it will be a great plus!

  5. Thanksgiving at the country house sounds idyllic! We never know what our weather will be in WV (but it's typically cold), so the meal is always indoors. I'm with you - all the sides, and sampling all the desserts. Have a great week, Stacey.

  6. Oh Stacey the camp house sounds pretty amazing and fun. Sounds like a perfect setting for Thanksgiving dinner. I had to laugh with your favorite household item being your Dyson. LOL that is mine too. I have never met a dessert I have not liked and I am a sampler too. I love to have just a little of all the pies and desserts. Loved reading your post today. Fun fun fun!

  7. OK, I'll play!
    1. I have kept a gratitude journal and loved it! Need to start again, this is a good reminder :)
    2. Not sure! I have invited family but ... it's complicated. Either way, I'm cooking!
    3. Cranberry salsa and Tamale dressing are my faves. Tex Mex much? haha
    4. I am so in love with sunrises and sunsets
    5. Yes to the pumpkin pie! I make mine grain and sugar free now and it's just as delicious
    6. I do have tons of cookbooks but never really follow a recipe. But I love them for inspiration!
    7. We do a fried turkey when we host, but will probably bake this year. I'm a huge fan of the baking bags :)
    8. Leftovers! Turkey tacos and Jane Brody's turkey soup with wild rice.
    9. Right now I'm most thankful for my Thieves cleaner. That bottle has been getting a workout while I try to spruce the house up for the holidays :)
    10. We almost never eat out! I'm the weirdo who doesn't really like to. I'm super grateful that I love to cook!
    That was a fun way to start the week! I feel like we had a Monday morning girlfriend chat :) Have a great week! xo!

  8. What a fun idea! Here are my answers.

    1. Yes I've kept & still do keep a gratitude journal.
    2. No, my daughter-in-law is hosting!
    3. No favorites, I love it all.
    4. How to choose one! fall leaves & cool/col weather for at least 6 or 7 months.
    5. Yes to anything pumpkin
    6. Yes...my 1987 copy of Better Homes & Gardens The New Cookbook has been rebound after so much use.
    7. No turkey...usually barbecue
    8. Yes to any & all leftovers.
    9. Lysol wipes are my lifesaver
    10. I love food, cooking, eating, planning meals so I will take both!

  9. 1. I have a running dialog with God all day long thanking him for so many things. If I wrote them all down I would be sitting all day! So no to a journal.
    2. Most of the time I host.
    3. Dressing would be my favorite.
    4.Sunshine -A sunny day energizes me.
    5. Love all pumpkin recipes
    6. I prefer written recipes.
    7. My husband or SIL cooks our turkey on a Green Egg. We love it.
    8. Always love leftovers. I miss my husband's aunt's homemade pickles on a turkey sandwich.
    9. Paper towels are high on my list especially during cold season. Washing machine for an appliance is very high on the list.
    10. My husband prefers eating at home and he enjoys cooking so I am game. I do like a nice meal out on special occasions.

  10. Loved reading your answers Stacey. Had to laugh at the appliances. Yes, yes and yes!

  11. Camp House sounds SO relaxing...sign me up. My husband and I were given the job of hosting Thanksgiving in our early 20s (our clever moms). Now we're both Medicare eligible :) I could write a book! 1. we always did a Thankful Tree when we had a houseful. I missed it and find myself discontented this year so I did start a thankful journal to get me back on track. 2. yes, our daughter's family in our new home. 3. fried sweet potatoes. 4. birds, they all fly here in the fall. 5. Pies love them all...we do apple, pumpkin, mincemeat, and all the berries. 6. Yes, traditional cookbooks all year along with family recipes 7. oven 8. yes! We make a very big bird and I freeze leftover turkey for January turkey a'la king nights 9. fragrance free anything-artificial fragrance makes me physically ill. 10. Prefer homemade but grateful for take out when life is busy. Pamela

  12. 1. No gratitude journal but I'm with Miss Bonnie about a running dialogue with my Creator about all He does for me.
    2. We went to my youngest daughter's last year and will probably prepare a meal here this year.
    3. Give me a plate with turkey, turkey gravy, some good fluffy mashed potatoes and I'm happy!
    4. I love trees! That's why new housing developments look so sad...no trees to speak of.
    5. Sweet potato pie! Although I do enjoy a pumpkin roll with that yummy cream cheese filling.
    6. Love cookbooks and handwritten recipes. My 83 year old sister-in-law can still rattle off recipes by heart.
    7. Since our family is small, we cook a turkey breast and the Urban Farmer has prepared it in the Instant Pot.
    8. Leftovers is the name of the game. We had friends who would go out for Thanksgiving dinner but she would cook a meal at home so they would have "leftovers".
    9. We use our Breville oven with air fryer feature several times a day. Excellent for cooking as well as reheating food. It is the bomb!
    10. We prefer eating at home since we know how the food is prepared and the source. That being said, we still enjoy a Butter Burger from Culver's occasionally.

    This was fun, Stacey!

  13. How amazing does this camp house sound? Would you be able to get some photos. I would enjoy seeing your Thanksgiving there sounds so fun.

    I'm grateful for my health improving, my husband, my pups and home. Laughter and happiness are big too. I could go on.

    I too love the sides. Give me stuffing, corn pudding and sweet potato and I am happy.

    I have to sample all desserts. Come on it's the holidays.

    Super post. We should never forget to be thankful.


  14. Happy new week ...love Ria 💕

  15. I enjoyed reading all your answers! I'm not a fan of pumpkin pie, as I'm more of a pecan pie kind of girl. :) I love my Dyson too! This is the first year I'm contemplating ordering a fully cooked Thanksgiving meal. I've hosted Thanksgiving and Christmas for 25 years and think I'm due for a little break. :)

  16. I enjoyed your answers, Stacey! I journaled for five years and I wish I had never stopped. I have been hosting Thanksgiving ever since my sweet Mom passed away and I prepare all the food. It is a labor of love for sure!

  17. Don't keep a journal. I have Thanksgiving at my house,i love having everyone here for turkey and dressing, pumpkin bread, apple desert(a recipe from my mom's cookbook). I love watching birds when good or bad things are going on in my life the birds can always make me smile and feel so blessed.I love eating home cooked meals and i think time pieces are a blessing

  18. Yes to cookbooks and old family recipes. And after I saw your Redwood trip, that destination went to the top of my vacation wish list. Hope you have a wonderful week!

  19. 1. Have you ever kept a gratitude journal? No, but I am VERY thankful for my life.

    2. Hosting Thanksgiving at your house? Oh yes….Hubby’s clan will arrive early and stay late. We always have a great time and a wonderful pot luck meal!

    3. Favorite food from the Thanksgiving meal. My DIL’s pumpkin roll….ahhhhhhh

    4. What one thing in nature are you most grateful for? Sunshine!! We seem to have missed quite a bit of it this year

    5. Pumpkin Pie. Yes or No? Oh yes…I’d rather have pumpkin roll, but the pie is great too!

    6. Traditional Cookbook. Yes or No? Yes!

    7. Oven baked or deep fried turkey? Oven baked without a doubt….

    8. Thanksgiving leftovers? For sure!!! And I even like turkey salad :^)

    9. What is one household product you are most grateful for? Anything that washes!!

    10. Are you most grateful for home-cooked meals or restaurant meals? I really like both…it depends on the situation!....oh my…. I just like FOOD 

  20. I'm a home-cooked, Thanksgiving hosting, leftover loving, grateful girl (even if it's not recorded on paper) who loves her dishwasher and flowers and just about any kind of pie!!

  21. I love the idea of going off to the country to a camp house, hang out and eat all day. We either go out for Thanksgiving to a restaurant or a friends house, which we are doing this year. the next weekend I am usually thankful for not having to cook but this year I am going to make my own turkey dinner for the leftovers! I can't have Thanksgiving dinner without Senator Russell potatoes (sweet potatoes with brown sugar and pecans). I eat a turkey sandwich with cranberry sauce and Hellmans almost every day! I am not a journal person....that's why I blog!

  22. 1. No journaling, but I thank God for everything all during the day. Sometimes, I will make a list on my day planner.
    2. We always travel for Thanksgiving, so rarely at home to host. Not sure where we will be this year
    3. Mashed potatoes and yeast rolls
    4. The colors of fall...nothing better
    5. Nope, but I do enjoy Pumpkin Spice anything. Being from the south, my favorite is Pecan Pie
    6. Yes on a traditional cookbook. I'm a cookbook collector!
    7. Deep-fried is my preference if I have to eat turkey. It is not one of my favorites
    8. See #7...don't like turkey that much so not crazy about leftovers; however, the hubster loves a good turkey sandwich with some Lays potato chips on the side
    9. An indoor toilet...I don't think I would enjoy going to an outhouse...with bugs...and snakes...and scorpions...and other crazy critters
    10. Home-cooked! While I do appreciate a good restaurant...nothing beats a home-cooked meal!

  23. Haha - I said washing machine too! Spending Thanksgiving at a Camp House sounds so relaxing and so much fun!

  24. Fun Fun answers. I am with you on the side dishes. Man, my mouth is watering just thinking about it.
    I am so with you Stacey about the trees. One of the things that broke my heart with Hurricane Michael was that at the very least 80% of the trees were ruined. So sad!!! I always want people to replant and I get so upset when I see developers go in and clear cut land. Leave the trees!!!!
    Have a good day:)

  25. I loved reading your answers!
    We are kindred spirits!

  26. Stacey,
    No journaling, having Thanksgiving at home, dressing, with you on trees, traditional cookbook-yes (Betty Crocker was a life-saver when stationed on Cyprus, the diagrams that showed where each cut of meat comes from for me to point to at the butcher shop), roasted oven turkey, no pumpkin pie, left-over dressing/cranberry sauce, I'm with Benita on toilets being the household item I'm most grateful for (have lived in houses with outdoor toilets... laundry can be done at a laundromat like in early marriage years), love home-cooked southern meals.


  27. What a great idea. Here are my quick answers.
    No journaling - wish I did. I usually host Thanksgiving here in Highland Village but one day hope to do it at the farmhouse. But our kids don't think there's anything fun to do out in the country so they won't come. Ugh. Fave food has to be dressing, mashed potatoes and rice and broccoli casserole. Although I do love giant trees and rolling hills, I love the big open sky of Texas too. Gross no on the pumpkin pie. I think it's a texture thing. Love old cook books and recipes with crusty flour or drips of vanilla on them from lots of use and I want the traditional oven baked juicy turkey goodness. Well all the dark meat anyway. I look forward to #8 and it tastes amazing! And girl, don't take away my vacuum. Even if I don't clean anything else, the floors make it look clean! And I will choose a steak or Tex-Mex any day of the week if I don't have to cook it. ;)

  28. I always love reading these.
    As for desserts....life's too short, definitely eat them all, and I've been known to eat them first!!!

  29. Love this post!!
    1. I have always wanted to start a gratitude journal, but never have.
    2. Yes, I will be hosting my family for Thanksgiving at my house this year
    3. I’m with you, I love all the side dishes! And, I too like green bean casserole....I might be the only one on my family that like it.
    4. I love EVERYTHING about nature...the trees, the flowers, the mountains, and the oceans. The world is such an amazing place!!
    5. Yes, I love pumpkin pie!!
    6. Yes
    7. Oven baked all the way!
    8. I don’t really like leftovers
    9. I love my washer and dryer...four boys...it’s going all the time!!
    10. Home cooked meals for sure
    Love this post!! Thanks, Stacey!!!
    Hope you have a wonderful day!!

  30. Hi Stacey,
    Oh I loved reading all of your answers. I never kept a journal. I always tried to do that traveling and then I’d stop after the first day. I love turkey and leftovers. My favorite it the stuffing. I am thankful for the dishwasher and my washing machine. I am not hosting Thanksgiving but doing Christmas.
    Thanks for stopping by and your wishes.
    Enjoy the weekend

  31. Agreed on #3 - growing up, we usually had ham on Thanksgiving and not turkey, so I still prefer ham -lol, but really it is the sides I love anyway. My mother-in-law's stuffing (we said dressing where I'm from) and homemade cranberry sauce. She also makes great pumpkin pie. I don't really need anything else.

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