TBB Asks and It's All About Love

1.  Kisses or Hugs? Are we talking about chocolate or the real thing? That's what I want to know! Well if it's chocolate I'll take all of them! 

2.  Candy or Flowers? Flowers please! Let's talk about this though...I don't want a $75.00 bouquet from a flower shop. I prefer the $8.00 bouquet from the grocery store that I can play with. What do you think, girls?

3.  Baking or Cooking? I enjoy both baking and cooking. Dessert is most definitely a weakness here in our house though so right now I'm going to say baking.  Have you checked out my recipes tab? 

4.  Do you remember your first kiss? Why yes I do! Do you? :)

5.  Favorite color of roses? I have never seen a rose that I didn't love! Years ago at our first house (preblogging) we had a garden of antique roses. They smelled so good!

6.  Conversational Hearts - Yes or No? They are super cute for fun and decorating but I don't eat them. Of course they are a favorite of kids though. 

7.  Do you leave love notes? Every now and then we do...we also send sweet texts every now and then. For a moment I had a thought that we don't do enough but we've been married almost 30 years so I guess we're doing something right. 

8.  Do you decorate for Valentine's Day? Usually one or two spots in our kitchen with fresh flowers and a sign or two. Every day we have photos of the two of us through the years sprinkled around the house. A favorite photo was taken right when we started dating. 80s hair and high tops! It's so much fun to look back and remember. 

9.  Red or pink? Both please! 

10.  White, milk or dark chocolate? Milk chocolate for me! In fact, I could eat a Snickers about now.

Long ago, 2009 to be exact, I shared this family favorite recipe. 
It's still our favorite and works great in a heart shaped pan.

11.  Do you believe in love at first sight? Yes I do!

12.  Do you give humorous or serious cards? We've done both.  Our anniversary is actually on Valentine's Day so there have been many cards over the years.

13. Favorite chick flick or romantic movie? My favorite of all time is The Holiday. I love the soundtrack and the homes. I love chick flicks though...don't you? I wish there were more!

14.  Stay in or go out? Well, again I say it's our anniversary!! We usually go out but not on the actual Valentine's Day. We learned a long time ago that it's too crowded in the restaurants. We usually cook a nice meal at home and then go out on the weekend before or after.

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  1. I love that your favorite picture of you and your husband includes 80s hair and high tops! Off to check out your family favorite recipe! Thanks for sharing! Wishing you a terrific week and a wonderful upcoming Valentine's Day!
    - Brenda // ChattingOverChocolate.com

  2. Fun post! Loved reading your answers. Happy Anniversary in advance!

  3. I love The Holiday too! That Red Earth Cake looks so darn yummy, Stacey. All I need is a gallon of skim milk and I could eat the whole cake. Enjoy your week, dear Stacey.

  4. Stacey,
    What a fun set of questions... and your answers are even more fun. Happy Valentine's Day and anniversary.


  5. "LOVE" these answers pretty lady! And I love that this is your Anniversary month, making V-Day extra special indeed! I am laughing because literally an hour ago, I ate a mini snickers out of my hubby's "sweet treat" drawer because mine was empty, lol!! Always love having you link up with us! Hope this is a Super Sweet Monday!

  6. That first kiss is something you never forget. He was so handsome and I was over the moon for him. But, in the end, he wouldn't have been good husband material:)

  7. I think it's so sweet that your anniversary is Valentine's Day. :D Isn't this year a big anniversary for y'all?

  8. Loved reading this! I'm a dark chocolate girl, myself though. ;) I didn't know your anniversary is on Valentine's Day! I don't like going out on the actual day either. Too crowded. Of course, I'd almost always prefer a pizza and Netflix anyway. #homebody

  9. Answering questions helps us to know each other in a more personal way! Happy Anniversary and Valentine’s Day, Stacey! Bring on the chocolate...

  10. I really love this questionnaire and I may end up following suit. Loved your answers, each and every one. And your fun photos too! Love this holiday and this post too!

  11. How fun! Such a cute set of questions. I remember having 80's hair and the high tops ( Reebok with the strap!) I'm a white chocolate girl or milk chocolate myself. Bring on the Snickers!

  12. What a fun post today Stacey. Love reading your answers. This made me smile this morning. Happy Tuesday. Go out and have a great day.

  13. This was fun to read, Stacey...and always nice to know more about you! Happy Valentine's Day!

  14. How neat to get married on Valentine's Day! LOVE the questions and hearing your answers. You are going to have to share that picture from the 80's!
    The conversation hearts are cute but even as a child I didn't like them. Now, I love all chocolate!

  15. This is great, Stacey. Love getting to know you better through this Q&A.

  16. That was fun,thank you and have a very wonderful day on your anniversary.

  17. Cute and fun facts about you and your hubby too:) Enjoy the love on Valentine's Day and Happy Anniversary to you both too!!

  18. Your answers could be my own, Stacey...almost right down the the anniversary date. Ours is the 12th and yes, we learned long ago, go out on a different weekend!! xo

  19. What a fun post, Stacey! We also have around the house those pictures with the 80's hair. LOL I enjoy baking, I guess because of my sweet tooth. Have a wonderful Valentine's Day/ Anniversary! xxx Maria

  20. It such fun to be taken back down memory lane to recollect all the little things that make you come ‘ Alive” with love ...Tis was a delightful post that I truly enjoyed ...Thanks fo sharing you answers.

  21. I think my first comment to you was regarding the bird on the music staff plate!! I'm STILL looking for one :^) I don't dare look at the cake though...I'm sure that the calories would come right through the screen and grab me!!!


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