Progress in Our Dining Room but What Would You Do?

Good morning friends. Yesterday was the day that it hit me! I'm ready to make rapid progress on this dining room. In truth, we really have already done that because the time we've been here is very brief. 

All white dining room needs color and texture.

I don't think I've told all of you the story of my new dining room table. Way back in January when we were in the rent house, we knew that the dining furniture we've had for years wouldn't work in this room. One day I was perusing Joss and Main (affiliate link) and found this table. It had hundreds of positive reviews which I read diligently. I became convinced that this might be the right table for us because it is long and narrow plus, I love the look. I put the table in my cart on the website....and somehow...I can't explain it....the table was ordered! My intention was just to place it in the cart so I would find it easily later. You do that too, right?

A little bit of panic ensued after realizing I had placed an order. I wasn't sure what to do! So I did nothing. I waited quietly for a few days.  :)

Then my husband said, "Our anniversary is coming up. What would you like to have?" My answer, "Well, I accidentally ordered a table so that's what you can give me." He was happy and I was happy.  Crisis diverted and thank goodness he's a good sport!

Chandelier  (affiliate link)

Last week I made a quick trip to Ikea to pick up six of the Henriksdal chairs with slipcovers. After seeing these chairs over and over on countless designer websites, I knew they would be perfect.

So here we are. The components individually are perfect but the room needs to be jazzed up. The mirrors have been with me for years. I hung them up and do like them there but I'm considering a wall grouping to add color.  The first and most important decision to make now is what the window treatments will be. The whole house has plantation shutters except the dining room and family room windows. The pedestal you see in the corner was a gift from a family member but it's too big there so it will move. I believe that window panels on each side of the lower windows would add so much to the room. There will not be a rug under the table because this is one big open space with other rugs around in the entry and family room.

I'm collecting fabric samples now for curtains and I'll share those in a day or two. We are using blue, gray, and a touch of pink in this space.

Tell me, what would you do to this room to make it beautiful? You've given me the best advice in the past!


  1. I was going to suggest moving the pedestal out but you're already doing that. You definitely need curtains to soften the space. A pretty centerpiece? I know you'll have it looking just beautiful! Haha, I usually stick things in a wishlist instead of the shopping cart for that very reason. The table is perfect though so glad it worked out.
    Love the chandelier!


  2. You'll hate me for this, but I think you might paint the table a darker color. It seems that putting it in the cart to mull it over would hint that you weren't sold on the table, and since you said the long narrow table was perfect it seems the color was what was stopping you. Also, there is so much white in the room that darkening the table (I'd do black) would give it some spark. Beautiful room, just needs some contrast to spark it.

  3. Stacey, it is a beautiful room with lots of light flooding in! Window panels would soften the space and art work would add color. I love the table, chairs, and chandelier. Add the curtains and then go from there!

  4. This is a beautiful room. I'm going to be thinking about this all day.
    You could do something like Joanna Gaines and have it very simple with the large glass jar and greenery on the table. As far as the windows, I will look around for some ideas, too.

  5. Stacey, I actually like the room as it metter if it's empty or too white.
    I think you have to add curtains first and then take your time to choose.

  6. Beautiful table. Window panels will be great. Add a centerpiece and perhaps a runner or placemats. The mirrors are nice but maybe vintage botanical art? is a great source for prints Since you and your husband love to garden this would be a great reflection on your hobby. I would be tempted to add a Fern on the pedestal. Not a Boston, it would shed. I wish I knew the name of doesn't, is a beautiful light green and is happy in a ceramic pot.

  7. Question: Why aren't you using plantation shutters in the dining room? I love them!!! We have plain wooden blinds in our home, but if we could afford plantation shutters on our windows I would have them. We also have asthmatics in the house, so that's why we have not one single curtain in our home.

    I love your room as is. I like the neutrality of it because your food will take center stage when you entertain.

    So what would I do in your gorgeous dining room?

    1. Plantation shutters ;P (shutters are prettier from the street, too....)

    2. I'm crazy about fresh flowers, so I would have fun with fresh flowers every week in there. To me, nothing says home like fresh flowers!

    3. Candles!!! Can you imagine candles reflecting in your pretty mirrors?

    That's all you need!!!!

    My work is done here....

    (Don't listen to me.....usually the first thing I admire in my friends' homes are their in Alabama most of my friends have beautiful silk curtains in their dining rooms!)

    Love your pretty room! That ceiling....OMG.....

  8. Good morning friend!
    This room is just lovely and welcoming- the perfect combination
    Of course I listen to the beat of a different drummer.

    I wouldn't cover the windows- but if you do I know you will select something wonderful.

    I would look for a narrow console table to place under your mirrors for serving- making there is something from birch lane?

    I would get two large works of art to flank the mirrors- one on each side because the ceilings are high and the scale of the room is large.

    And then maybe a clear glass urn to hold your rotating display of fresh flowers on the table.

    If you do nothing- it is wonderful.
    The house is speaking for itself right now:)

    Oh- and order 2 more chairs- they are wonderful and you may need them.

    Was this too much? I have had 3 cups of coffee:)

  9. What a pretty start to the room! Actually I think some pretty patterned window treatments and a coordinating patterned rug (although you said no rug :-) ) is all you need to jazz it up.

  10. Stacey,
    The room is absolutely beautiful! I love how bright and light it is!!!!! The window panels would soften the room. Put something under the mirrors? A console. Maybe with a soft color or a darker stain?? Honestly, it is so pretty that even if you added nothing else it would be perfect!

  11. Well, first of all trust your instincts as they are good. I think just adding a rug will add some color. It is always hard for me to cover windows as I really like the light, but drapes would probably be pretty.
    I can't wait to see what YOU decide. Have fun!!!

  12. I love your new table and chairs. Can't wait to see what you end up doing, I see a lot of advice here :-).

  13. I think some subtle window panels will add tons of interest to this room. Maybe some art instead of the mirrors. I also love to see a fabulous tablesetting. You can add tons of interest with your tablesetting.

  14. Stacey, your dining room is looking beautiful. You have made some wonderful additions with your dining table, chairs, and chandelier. I think window panels would be a great place to start. I also think a pretty centerpiece on your table would be a nice addition. I know that you are so excited to be in your beautiful new house!

  15. I am back. I couldn't help myself. The room has so many good architectural things going on. I think it is a lovely room in and of itself. I thought about how much I love my outdoor views with no window treatments. That is the first thing people tend to go with, but you can't outdo the beautiful scene God created outside. I think I remember you planted some maple trees right outside that window. Pictures don't show us what you see outside that window. Maybe some color with art instead of the mirrors or use your plates. Play up the white with them.
    I truly can't wait to see what you do:) Love it when bloggers let us their thoughts in the process.

  16. Gorgeous already. I personally love the neutrality of the table and chairs. I too would keep the mirrors as they coordinate beautifully with your gorgeous chandelier. While I like the suggestion of adding a narrow console under them, from the pictures I believe the space would be too crowded with the chairs pulled out. I would pull them out just a tad for everyday to fill the space a bit more. Adding drapery panels will soften the room and add a bit of color. I would find a beautiful table runner in the colors you mentioned going with. While I love the idea of a single jar/vase, just know if it's too tall it will have to be removed when entertaining. I personally love longer lower centerpieces (a dough bowl or trough filled with seasonal items). Lastly I would add some greenery, a large plant in a corner would bring life to the room as well.
    Okay, your got more than my two cents ;-)

  17. I think the room is gorgeous. I would add lots of flowers to that table (in pink!) and I would be tempted to add a few plates to the wall in the accent colors you have chosen. As far as the windows go, I love a view and don't like blocking the light, but I do like softness and have a weakness for fabric. That usually leads me to a simple valance of some sort. You have a fabulous eye and I am sure whatever you choose will make you happy and so it will be perfect. Enjoy the process.

  18. That table is to die for! How on earth did they get your credit card info? Anyway-lucky mistake!

    I love the neutral and clean feeling here. I would keep that vibe going with natural blinds, some plants, a pretty painting or print in light colors, an area rug, and a pretty centerpiece on the table.

    Good luck!!!

  19. I really like the casual elegance of the neutrals. I think once you start playing around with accessories it will all come together beautifully, just like the rest of your stunning home. Enjoy your weekend.

  20. Well, I realize you're just starting on this room. Right now it looks like a coloring book page that hasn't had a crayon taken to it yet. But you know me and color! I'm sure it will look great once you start adding things.

  21. I'm drooling over that chandelier, Stacey! What a beautiful room - of course the window treatments will finish it nicely, as well as possibly a runner and a centerpiece. I was thinking perhaps a wreath on the center mirror also. It's going to be completely gorgeous when you finish with it!!

  22. What a gorgeous room Stacey! A blank canvas for sure...I do love your leaded mirrors. I can see a large colorful abstract painting on that wall, and maybe rotating it with other artwork or wall treatments seasonally...I'm sure whatever you decide will be beautiful!

  23. Hi Stacey, Your dining room is gorgeous. I love the table you picked out and how great it looks with your new chairs. Have you tried placing the pedestal in the center of the window and adding something tall on it for a statement piece. Since you don't have your chairs on the ends, it could be a focal point for dinners etc. and a window display from the outside. Just a thought. Love the mirrors!! They really add dimension to the space. Can't wait to see your window treatments. I know you're having fun. Have a great weekend ahead. xo

  24. Your room has beautiful bones! So much light, I love it! I think the place to start is curtains to add softness and color and maybe a simple centerpiece on the table. Take it slow and make sure you love what you add :)

  25. Hi Stacey and Happy Anniversary! You have a beautiful room and the things you've selected so far are perfect. Love the ceiling, leaded mirrors and chandelier. I think the room just needs to be warmed up a bit. What would you think about staining/painting the gorgeous table a warm gray and hanging lush gray and blue panels on the windows? Is there room for a buffet or cabinet of some sort that could hold your pretty dishes or maybe some demijohns? Most importantly, don't rush it and make another "mistake" although that one turned out pretty good. I think it's important to take your time, live with the room for a while and you'll know what feels right (not that I do that mind you). I'll be eager to see what you end up doing. Enjoy your new home! Hugs, Pat

  26. Beautiful room, I have no idea what you need to do? You have awesome taste I am sure whatever you do, it will be beautiful.

  27. I would extend the curtain rods just a bit beyond the width of the windows so that if you want, you can cover the windows or push the curtains back to enjoy the view. I would take my time picking out art. I like the idea of a narrow console or a floating shelf under the mirrors for some greenery or small items. You can't go wrong with green plants; they are fairly inexpensive and can be moved from room to room. Does the room need a clock? I can see the reflection of a grandfather clock in one of the mirrors. I think that space above the windows needs a statement piece--either art or a clock with radiating rays (maybe black to go with the chandelier. Take your time and live with the changes for a while so you end up with stuff you both love!

  28. Stacey,
    Beautiful room, and I love that beadboard ceiling! Here are some ideas... 1] window treatment... hang curtains on extended rods on either side of the 3 windows. Make the curtains functional; i.e., wide enough to cover the entire 3 windows at night or on snowy cold days. Keep the curtains open, pushed to the sides, most of the time, so you can enjoy all the light and scenery from the windows. 2] I agree a HUGE statement piece on the wall above the 3 windows would bring life to the whole room. If you have nothing on the walls up high, then the room will seem bottom heavy with all the action taking place on the first level of the room. Think about a 4'x6' or 5'x8' tapestry for the space above the 3 windows or for the wall above the entry into the room. Since the room will have curtains on the window wall, you may want to use that statement piece above the arched entry into the room to keep the room from having everything of interest on the window wall and mirror wall. 3] If there is enough space, place a very tall armoire or china cabinet on the wall where the mirrors are now. Then you can add an antique huge basket or copper boiler pot on top of the armoire to give interest (texture plus a little contrasting color) up high on that wall. Fill the basket/copper pot with a grand flower arrangement that adds color to the room. Or, go with natural dried grasses with plumes to keep the room more neutral. A huge statement piece on the wall above the arched entry would balance the room with the armoire on the opposite wall. 4] Instead of tapestry/rug on the arched entry wall, a huge natural floral arrangement there would give some texture to the room. Think about a huge European grape harvesting metal basket with a subdued, muted, faded color design, filled with natural reeds/grasses/florals. I saw some beautiful French grape gathering metal baskets with muted colors at Round Top a couple of years ago that would be stunning in your dining area. 5] Have you considered triple French-style candelabras on either side of the mirrors or whatever you place on that wall? Three-dimensional objects will add depth and character to the room.

    The room is stunning now. I can't wait to see what you go with in this room.

    P.S. If you are interested in a large antique copper pot with lid, let me know... I have one for sale in my shop. I wish had one of those antique French grape gathering metal baskets. They were so beautiful.


  29. You've been given tons of great advice! When we moved in, our old dining room set (yes, our original 30 year old set came, too! J made one of the beautiful pieces, so we had to bring it!!) was one of the first things we moved. I didn't have a rug under the table at our old house but after a few days in the new house, I started to consider it. It had to have black in it to coordinate with our kitchen. I LOVE the contrast the rug gives. My table stands out now. Your table color is a lovey contrast with the floor so it already pops. If you ever consider a rug, though, perhaps a sisal rug, that's neutral and textured. You could add color to the room with the curtains but I think I would go with white curtains with some subtle texture. Adding color with accessories will be easy to change out with with the seasons. Your new home is absolutely gorgeous! Take your time, the right decisions will come to you! Zenda

  30. The room is wonderful -- but you need color big time. I'd go with the plantation shutters -- love that look and it would nice in here.

    Then I'd add color -- a table runner, loads of fresh flowers. maybe a really striking piece of art that has good color in it (possibly under the tall windows?) or a rug under the table. Could be somewhat neutral or go big with a color theme. It wouldn't wipe out the white, airiness but ground it. Also,you might thing about things you can modify depending on the holiday/season, etc. -- in other words, not going whole hog pricey on a permanent look but something you could switch out. Tans or rusts for fall, red or green for Christmas, light and bright for spring. I know you can do it in accessories but if you don't go plantation, you could do it with curtains and certainly a rug for under the table. Baskets or warm metals -- copper, maybe?

    No matter what you do, I have great faith in your sense of style and knowing you'll pick what you want to live with -- forever or even for a few months!

  31. Just looking at all the natural lighting coming into that room makes me so happy. I love the chandelier you picked out. Now I'm thinking I should've went with something like that but I did a rectangle or more modern chandelier. I saw a long wood box at home goods with all kinds of light colored pumpkins that would look beautiful Fall centerpiece. I really think that's all you need to do, do you tablescape's with the seasons. Go simple on the window treatments because the architecture speaks beauty in itself!!!

  32. Such beautiful details in this room, and I love that peep of color from your kitchen island. This is your forever home, so you have TONS of time to decide. I look forward to following the progress!

  33. Love your chandelier!!! I think a dark dough bowl full of apples/pumpkins would be pretty. I like your mirrors on the wall.

  34. stacey, I love your taste and the table. I would add some fresh flowers and candles to that gorgeous table and just take your time with the rest. Then when you come across the perfect thing meant for the space, you'll know it! Thanks for sharing @ Vintage Charm!

  35. Well, my head would be spinning with all of the advice given here! I say, go with your gut. Live with the table as is for a while. I love it, and if over time you want a change easy to darken it. I like Pat's idea of grey. I think a pretty rumpled runner and touches of blush pink running down the center of the table would add mounds of interest. I always like narrow tables or cabinets for displaying. But you know me and my dish addict. Plus, as beautiful as all white is, I just have to have color. My friend just redid her entire home, even painting her cupboards all in white. All of her decor and accessories are white. It was pretty, but felt sterile and like a home that no one lives in. :)

  36. Wow! What a gorgeous room! I am envious of all that space. We have low ceilings. Anyway, I think starting with curtain panels, hung just for beauty, not blocking any window light or views, is the ideal start. And I think you will find the rest will come together when you find the right curtains. I have to go now and clean the drool off my keyboard.
    :) gwingal

  37. I love the mirrors. No wonder they have been with you for years.

  38. I love the neutral nearly Scandanavian bright simplicity of this room.

    I would think if you were to dress your table up with a runner and long centerpiece it would do wonders. I LOVE that table and that room!

    Keep in mind every room - even neutral ones - like some black in it. Just saying it could "warm" up the room and still keep with simple neutral.

    Granted, I am just answering this now - very late, sorry - was absent too long and missed the boat on this one.....but I tell ya, this is a fabulous table and no mistake at all.

    And it is funny - I place things in my cart all the time - it's a great holding tank - wonder what happened there? Weird. Glad it had such a happy ending. Hugs.


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