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Y'all know that I love to read books and have shared quite a book reviews over the past few years. Sometimes we go through spells where there's just not much time to sit and read though. Recently, I discovered podcasts. Am I the last one? That's possible and that's ok.

Today I thought I'd share a few that I've been enjoying....

For Encouragement in Life

I love to read words of encouragement so stumbling across Chrystal Evans Hurst was a great day! Turns out Chrystal is a Dallas girl and how I've missed out on her is a mystery to me. Chrystal does a weekly podcast covering a variety of subjects. During the month of April she did a Girlfriend's Guide to Managing Money, A Girlfriend's Guide to Mealtime, etc.  She covers life hacks, weight loss, coaching your life, family issues, and other subjects that effect all of us but with a dose of Jesus in the mix. She has the gift of making it feel like you are participating in a conversation with friends.  You can find her HERE.

Chrystal Evans Hurst
About Decorating
Ballard Designs has How to Decorate podcasts on their website that I sometimes listen to. These podcasts consist of conversations between decorating team members, interviews with famous designers, etc. It's interesting to me to hear the professional perspectives on decorating trends and decorating dilemmas. Turns out, even professionals have issues with decorating.
Decorating Tips and Tricks from our blogging friends Anita of Cedar Hill Farmhouse, Yvonne of Stone Gable, and Kelly of My Soulful Home are always fun to listen to. I love these down to earth ideas from real people.  

On Gardening
Every Texan knows and loves Neil Sperry and I've just realized he also has podcasts. I grew up with my parents listening to his radio shows on the weekends. My husband and I love his radio shows too. Sign me up for these podcasts so I can learn more and more about gardening in Texas. I bet you have local gardening podcasters too. 
Exploring Other Podcasts and How I Listen

Seems like I'm spending so much time in the car these days so I'd like to find more podcasts to listen to.  
Quick and Dirty Tips from Money Girl looks interesting, 
I'm thinking that listening to some podcasts about books might motivate me to take more time for books. Do you know of any great podcasts for book lovers? I found this list and might check out some of the suggestions.
Here's a list of funny podcasts. I love to laugh so yes, I'll be exploring these. 
The minds of creative people are always interesting to me. These podcasts might be fun and inspiring.
 It's so easy to plug my phone into the car and pull up a podcast. Sometimes I go to a website and listen and sometimes I use Itunes. I've never paid to listen to a podcast.
So tell me please, do you have any podcasts you'd like to suggest? I'm all ears. :)
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  1. Hi Stacey. I LOVE Podcasts and haven't heard about most of these. Thanks for the recommendations. Have a great week.

  2. These are all new to me. I love podcasts when I'm walking or doing housework. Here are some I like: Sorta Awesome, The Big Boo Cast, Clark Howard, How I Built This, Jamie Ivey and Simple Show. Have a happy Monday!

  3. I still haven't joined the podcast bandwagon, guess I'm missing out.

  4. I haven't listened to a Podcast in a long time. I think the last one was Anderson Cooper. :) I need to get on that because apparently there are a lot of good ones!

  5. Thanks Stacey for the wonderful info! Podcasts are a great tool! I love to find ones that interest me!

  6. I have listened to pod cast off and on and more so when someone specifically tells me about something interesting . Thanks so much for the tips on all these different ones . I appreciate appreciate it . Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  7. I am a recent convert to podcasts. I really have just begun to find some that I like. I love the Young House Love podcasts just because they are so fun to listen to. I can't wait to try these others now!

  8. I have not listened to podcasts forever guess they would be great for me when I walk or even garden!

  9. I love podcasts Stacey and thanks so much for the shout out on DECORATING TIPS AND TRICKS. We started it because we love podcasts so much and wanted a fun one on decorating that was filled with tips. Hugs!

  10. Can you believe I have never listened to a podcast? My goodness how that needs to change because it sounds like they offer some incredible tips and information!

  11. I should check out more pod casts, but I find myself listening to music when I have free time. I like to sing and move. Maybe I need a musical podcast! ;)

  12. I love hearing your recommendations for new to me podcasts. Can't wait to start listening to some of your favorites! Happy Tuesday, Stacey!

  13. Stacey ! Thank you SO very much for sharing our podcast - Decorating Tips & Tricks - with your readers. We really appreciate it and that you are listening. Tomorrow's episode is full of tips & really funny - hope you have a chance to join us! Thanks again, Kelly

  14. I've never listened to a Podcast and frankly, I'd have to ask one of my kids to show me how to do it. When I drive I daydream, absorb the landscape and blast the radio!! My sort of relaxation. But I wouldn't mind listening to something while just sitting doing nothing. Thanks for all the recommendations!

    Jane x

  15. Hi Stacey, great post sharing about podcasts. I haven't done much except for etsy info and such. I think I may be adding more from your great review.
    Have a great weekend and Happy Memorial Day too. xo

  16. No, you're not the last one. I don't like things with noise/sound unless it's my noise machine tuned to rain, or real rain. So I won't be heading to pod casts!

  17. Well, sweet lady, I guess you aren't the only one who had not jumped on the Podcast Bandwagon....it came on my new phone and I had never clicked on it. I just finished listening to Chrystal Evans Hurst's "Showing Up in your Relationship with God by Chrissy. I was hooked immediately by both women's calm and loving voices. Thank you for sharing.

    I haven't been doing a whole of blogging, but I have been trying to catch up via IG, and I am so excited for you and your new home. Thank you for sharing so much about it...the excitement is building for move-in day!

    Warm hugs,


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