First Friday Home Tour Featuring A Pocketful of Blue

Good morning friends! Today, as you know, is my favorite day of the month when I have the pleasure of featuring the home of another sweet blogger. This is fun for me because we get to see places we might not normally see and you might meet someone new.

Today we have the honor of visiting JoAnne at 
JoAnne's home is cottagey, welcoming, and always inspiring.  JoAnne will show you around. :)

Hi Everyone,
We purchased our current home in 2007.
It was built in 1959 and had not been updated at all so we
have been working on it ever since.

Our house sits on just a little over 1 acre of land.
The first time we looked at the house, it had been snowing and this
is what the backyard looked like.
This view from the family room is pretty much what sold us.

Six months after moving in, we began a kitchen remodel. 
This is what it looks like today and I truly love it.

 I have always loved white cabinets and together with all of the light
from the large windows, it is a very bright space that is wonderful to work in.

The kitchen is at the front of the house which I really like.
It has been perfect to see the kids getting on and off the bus.
If you look through the kitchen, you can get a little glimpse
 of our entryway in the picture below.

The other room that we spend tons of time in is our family room.
 This is where we watch tv, play games and spend time as a family.

The loveseat is where you can usually find me with my iPad reading
blogs or shopping for something online.

The leather furniture worked out great as the kids were growing up  but at this point it has seen better days so I'm hoping to replace it sometime in the near future.
I would love to have some pretty slipcovered sofas.

This is our master bedroom.
It's on the first floor which is really nice.
It's not a terribly large room, but it's comfortable and we love it.

I have a passion for decorating and I change things around often.
My favorite part is accessorizing with things I have collected over the years.

Flowers are one of my favorite things too so you will see
a lot of those throughout our home.

And I love decorating with pretty plates.

Anything cottage, farmhouse or vintage is what I love.
And if you haven't guessed it, my favorite color is blue.

This is our chubby kitty, Sox.
I lovingly refer to him as my "blog boss".
He likes to be in charge and know what's going on.

However, it is a tiring job so there is usually lots of napping going on : )

So there you have it ~ a little look at our home and how I indulge my passion
for decorating and making a pretty and comfortable home for my family.

A special thank you to Stacey for inviting me to share my home on 
Poofing the Pillows today.
Please come by and visit me at A Pocketful of Blue anytime.
Have a great day!

JoAnne, thank you for allowing me to share your beautiful cottage.

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  1. Beautiful home and surrounding land. JoAnne has made her home really inviting. I love all the vintage decor, and that kitchen is fantastic.

  2. Stacey, such a beautiful, warm home. Love this series. Have a wonderful weekend!

  3. That backyard would have sold me too! Just beautiful! Love the airy and comfy feel of JoAnne's home. The colors are so soothing and pretty together. Of course her style is my favorite with the mix of farmhouse, cottage and vintage.

  4. What a lovely home! They have done a beautiful job in remodeling. Very inviting!

    This is a great series. Thanks for doing it.



  5. You've made a beautiful, welcoming home. Enjoy every moment of it.

  6. Such a beautiful home! I love the kitchen and the soft colors - and what a back yard! Love it!

  7. Stacey, thank you again for featuring my home today. I really appreciate that you asked me to be part of this series. I have always enjoyed your beautiful blog and home and I'm really looking forward to seeing your new home. But more importantly, I appreciate your kindness and friendship in this world of blogging!

  8. Such a beautiful home! That view and the calm, light colors throughout are lovely. Thank you for sharing this home and blog :)

  9. What a lovely home! I can see how JoAnne fell in love with the view. Her new kitchen is wonderful. I will be borrowing the idea of the bench with towels in it- pretty and functional.

  10. Good Morning Stacey,
    Love JoAnne and her home is so pretty, cozy and inviting. That view would have sold me too. Love that she gets lots of natural light in her rooms too. That kitchen is gorgeous. Such a pretty place.

  11. What a lovely tour, Stacy! What a sweet home and her view is amazing! Thank you.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. That view would have got me too! Beautiful! JoAnne's home looks so warm and welcoming. Thanks for sharing.

  13. JoAnne has such a beautiful home! That view would have sold me also!! Stacey, thank your for these posts! I love visiting new blogs and seeing all the beautiful homes you share! Love and hugs!

  14. Very pretty home tour! When I was in my 20's I lived in texas for a couple of years and a lot of the homes we lived in had kitchens in the front. I could never get used to it, I always liked them in the back, but most of them didn't have that nice view either. lol

  15. There are so many things that I like about this home. I do love coming into other people's homes, especially such lovely ones. The size of that kitchen!

  16. Stacey, thanks for the beautiful tour and I love her touches of blue! That snowy view would have convinced me for sure! Happy Weekend!

  17. What a darling cozy cottage! I adore the sweet cat Sox hanging out in the bookcase. May your weekend be filled with spring fancies.

  18. OH that backyard in the snow! What a fairytale cottage!

  19. What an AH-dorable little stone cottage. That pic of the backyard after the snowfall? Seriously, it would have sold me on the property, too. It looks like a winter wonderland! I also love the front entry and the kitchen. Great feature, Stacey!

  20. What a gorgeous home. And, I too would have been sold by the beautiful backyard in the snow. Breathtaking.

  21. I really enjoyed seeing her home. I follow her blog and always get a lot of inspiration from her. I did not know her backyard was so pretty with the little bridge and creek!

  22. Such a beautiful home with the soft touches of blue. Love the kitchen and all the charm throughout! Lovely tour. Have a nice weekend. xo

  23. Good Evening Stacey, What a beautiful home. The view of the snowy garden is so lovely.
    I love that JoAnne has incorporated elements which she has collected over the years. I smiled when I noticed the jar of pennies underneath the seat in the bathroom, as we have a jar of pennies as well.
    A lovely home tour and I enjoyed every minute.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Best Wishes

  24. JoAnne's home is truly charming and inviting...the kind of place that would make family and friends feel so welcome and cared for.
    Mary Alice

  25. Stacey,
    First Friday Home Tour is a fantastic series, and I enjoy reading it every month. Of course, Pocketful of Blue speaks to me. :) JoAnne's white and blue look with fresh cottage-stye flowers makes me smile.


  26. JoAnne has a lovely home and I always enjoy visiting with her. I have never peeked into her yard though. Oh my, how beautiful!! Thanks for sharing her today! :)

  27. Jo has created such a charming home!

    You know she lives about 20 minutes from me and we have yet to meet in person? One of these days we just need to do it. Sad we haven't yet.

    I love her style - it's different from my own but every single time I visit her blog I fall in love with that gorgeous home she has designed. And wow to that view, right? Not to mention her awesome outside door area- gorgeous to the max!!!

    Thanks for featuring her home, Stacey. Hugs. ♥

  28. Thanks so much Stacey. I've followed JoAnne for a long time but this was the first time I saw bigger pis of her home and outside of it. Love everything and it reflects her warm and sweet personality. Thanks again!

    Jane x

  29. Joanne's home is so cozy and I love her style! Easy to see why that backyard view sold them on the home.

  30. I've always loved her sweet home, too. I featured her adorable living room on my blog a few yrs ago.

  31. You had me at the front door Stacey!! Gorgeous home! That little bridge!!!!

  32. JoAnne's home is just lovely and the setting is gorgeous! Thanks so much for sharing her home tour, Stacey!

  33. Stacey, I'm so happy you stopped by to say hello. Now I've met you and another blogger here who you have introduced! I look forward to looking at your blog and JoAnne's. Her home is lovely.

  34. What a great feature, Stacy. Her home is truly beautiful.

    Happy day friend!

  35. Very sweet tour. What gorgeous views you must have. Love the white kitchen, we did ours last year, and just love the light also. Blue is my favorite also, so I will just have to sign up on your blog, grins, Sandi

  36. Such a lovely home! That backyard view is everything!

  37. I enjoyed visiting Stacey's lovely home. I could be very happy in that kitchen, and the view out the back would have sold me on this home too. Thanks for spotlighting this lovely home.

  38. Your house is beautiful. Well done. Thank you for sharing it today.


  39. What a most beautiful home!!!...Love the kitchen remodel and all of the pretty details in the house. That back yard scene is gorgeous!!!

  40. I love JoAnne's home. She has created welcoming and cosy rooms.

  41. What a beautiful home! I love the soft colors and the welcoming feel of this home!


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