Hi friends!
Happy New Year! Have you made resolutions or goals for the New Year?
I've given this lots of thought and this year my word is DARE.
Well, I've realized I'm getting a little too comfortable in this world.  When was the last time I really stretched out there and did something new?
When was the last time you did?
At 53, I'm feeling like we need to shake things up a little.
Want to join me?
I dare ya!
Now I'm not talking about jumping out of airplanes or anything like that. Even at 20 I didn't want to do that. But how about looking at your goals this way...dare to do them! 
Dare to lose the 5 lbs. or dare to eat well!
Dare to learn a new language or a new hobby!
Dare to walk 10,000 steps per day!
I like thinking of my goals this way. :)
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  1. Hi Stacey!!

    I'm in complete agreement - DARE yourself...or whatever you need to do!!!

    Two years ago, I dared myself to get up out of my chair and get moving. [that was when my husband left me with 3 small pups and a house], I dared myself to see what I could do [as opposed to what I couldn't do] and I dared myself to lose weight [which I hadn't been able to do in 10 years].

    Well, 2 years later [it will be the first week of April, at least], I'm now 67, moving more than I had in at least 8 years...and tons more than I was 2 years ago. [bump on a log sounds about right] Also, this past year [2016], I moved approximately 12 TONS of concrete block, fixing my courtyard wall - that is 24,000 pounds of concrete blocks...just UNDER 600 concrete BLOCKS. ALL BY MYSELF!! Of course, moving all those many blocks, I lost weight...101# to be exact. [or 1# every time I moved 5 blocks]

    This year, I've vowed to STRENGTHEN MY RESERVE and let readers know how God helped me every step of the way, what I did, how I did it, the motivation behind my doing it and the success and failures I had along the way. On my new blog. Thanks for already visiting me there!!


  2. Good for you, my friend! We grow older and get better. More adventurous. More sure of ourselves. And of course wiser.

  3. Well, my word is adventure, so we are on the same track! Best wishes to you in 2017!

  4. Great word for the year! I think as we get older it is easy to stick with old habits and ways of doing things.

  5. What a great word! I think it's a word that works no matter what age someone is. I haven't chosen a word or put any pressure on myself. I take a different approach at the beginning of the year and just let all the pressure that may have built up in the old year drop away. I enjoy the fresh start and possibilities of a new year. I also enjoy the lack of pressure to jump directly into change. You might say I "dare" not to make any resolutions. Hahaha. It works for me!

  6. Stacey... great post! You're 53? Wow! You look fab! I'll have what you're having. I dare you to have the best week ever!!

  7. What a great word Stacey!
    You go girl:)
    And I will too:)

  8. A great way of thinking for this brand new year!

  9. I love this too and would like to accept your dare! I would like to dare to learn something new this year! Hugs!

  10. I think this is a great word to start the year! We all need to dare ourselves to keep growing. Time goes too fast to wait until we are ready!

  11. I love this or as the Nike commercial says, Just do it!! I think my big thing is to Get a life and do something fun. Not that my life isn't fun or enjoyable but I rarely leave this farm and I've decided I work way to much. So I like your dares, kick off that first one with a Just Walk exercise video, it will help you stay warm the next three days.

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  12. I've always been a sucker on a dare, lol! Ok, I'm in.

  13. Wow. Lately I've been thinking that I need to get out of "my box". This may be a great way to think about it! Thanks!!!!


  14. What a great post and word for 2017.
    I'll dare myself to be more ME and less what I think others want me to be.
    I'll also dare myself to do the ultimate declutter once and for all~! Meaning lots of stuff OUT and no more Stuff coming in.. ok ok , not no stuff but not a lot either:-)

    thanks for the Dare and good luck with yours.

  15. Stacey, that is a great word for the year! I am thinking about that for sure! Happy Thursday!

  16. Dear Stacey, you don't need to loose any weight for sure my friend. You look simply awesome and you do look like you take care of yourself. I admire you with DARE! There's been several things in my life that I have wanted to try or do and I would chicken out. Sometimes it's just been little things for me and yet I find myself too busy to take the time. Well, this may be the inspiration I need! Go on girl with your DARING self...I cannot wait to hear more about your WORD for 2017. Inspire me...I need it! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  17. Hi Stacey, Great word for 2017. Dare to be all one can be and accomplish. Love it!! xo

  18. Great word for the new year Stacey. Dare to be all you can. change is good and it is always good to grow and do new things. Happy new year.

  19. Love this post Stacey! I'm in! I love the idea of daring yourself to take a leap of faith to go for it, whatever it may be! Sassy! ;)

  20. Well, we are going to "dare" to plant the butterfly/bee/hummingbird garden that we talked about last year. We will need some coaching, so I hope you will "dare" to help us out :^)
    Happy New Year to you dearie, and I'm hoping that all of your dreams of your new home.............dare to come true!!!!

  21. What a great word!! I'm in!! :)

  22. I retired 4 yrs ago,it was scary because what they say you need, it isn't true. I am widowed and wanted to travel and have found a tour group to travel with,am seeing this wonderful world we live in and this year i went to Ireland.God does take care of me and i know it.

  23. Dare is a great word for your new year, Stacey! Although, I still think you should jump out of an airlane- it's so much fun.
    I dare you! ;)
    I did it 10 years ago and saying that- I can't believe ten years has passed so quickly. Time to do it again!
    Go for all those goals and dreams- why wait? I'm with you!

  24. Oh boy, I have to think about what I dare to do this year! Looking forward to reading about all of your dares accomplished!

  25. I hear you! I've been feeling a little daring myself...55 and not ready to be put on the shelf. Lol. I'm daring to eat better and exercise more, to say yes when I'm scared, to become authentically me. It's a great word and a great way to look at your goals!

  26. That's a GREAT word. I'm narrowed down to two and maybe will do both -- they are polar opposites so it should be interesting!

  27. Love it ! Let's challenge ourselves in all areas to do better! Face obstacles and have faith God will guide us !


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