Stunning Thanksgiving Vignettes Day 2

Good morning and welcome to day two of  Thoughts of Home Stunning Thanksgiving Vignettes.
Yesterday Laura kicked us off followed by Rhoda, Mary Alice, Janet, and Christine.  If you didn't see their posts be sure to pop over and visit. There was so much talent and heart represented yesterday that you don't want to miss the chance to see it all. 
Today I'm starting us off with a Thanksgiving vignette pulled together with some things I've collected recently. You might notice a part of the vignette that represents what's happening in life lately. By the time you read this our house will be empty and we'll be in our rent house while we build our Forever Home. 

The scale was just recently purchased when we were out antiquing. Do any of you girls know much about it? The scale says John Chatillon & Sons and it's rather large. I can't wait for it to have a place of honor on the island in our new house.

Next please visit Anita at Cedar Hill Farmhouse where French country is always the order of the day.
Then on to Susan at Love of Home. Her farmhouse always make us swoon!

After that we'll visit Sheila at My Kentucky Living with her post called Giving Thanks - Receiving Grace. Sheila is such a busy and talented blogger.  
The last stunning vignette today will be shared by my hilarious and accomplished friend 
Sharon at Sharon Joyce Interiors.
We thank you so much for joining us today. Tomorrow will begin At Home with Jemma where she will share a charming spot from her home and guide us through the day's posts.
We hope that you will share a Stunning Thanksgiving Vignette or other beautiful inspired post on Thursday's Thoughts of Home. 
The line-up for this week is as follows:
Monday – November 7th
Tuesday – November 8th
Wednesday – November 9th
Thursday – November 10th
Everyone is invited to join the Thoughts of Home on Thursday Thanksgiving Edition Linky Party.
Friday – November 11th


  1. Very pretty Stacy - love the bright colored flowers and the scale is the perfect piece of vintage to include. Love it!

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  2. Stacey, love the scale and your happy colors! Have a wonderful Tuesday!

  3. Such an exciting time for you right now, I envy the patience you have with building a home. I don't know how I could do it. I'd be the woman at the jobsite every day asking when are the walls going up. LOL Thank you so much for putting this all together and I hope to see pics of your temporary home where you'll be spending the holidays.

  4. I have always wanted a scale to "play" with Stacey! It looks wonderful with the bright flowers-How long will it take to build your home? I hope you will have time to keep us posted with all your challenges and choices, very exciting! Thanks so much for hosting the blog hop and the weekly party during this busy time for you-

  5. Love your scale! I have a smaller red scale and I love it. Beautiful inspiration!

  6. That's so funny. I've been looking at old kitchen scales on ebay. I haven't bought one, but I just love them!!

  7. So pretty...and I am a fellow vintage scale collector too Stacey! Hugs, Janet

  8. How wonderful to build your dream home!! Thank you for hosting!!

  9. Exciting times for you Stacey! Love the weigh scale's happy face, like an old clock :) I'm sure you'll find the perfect home for it in your new place. I have an old cast iron scale that just does not fit anywhere, but am loathe to get rid of it (it was my mom's). I'm sneaking in some time to visit your vignette party this morning.

  10. My fave blogging season, holiday home tours! I can't even imagine how you have kept up while you pack and move!

  11. Lovely vignette, and the scale is perfect. I love the color and the number/lettering font. LOVE it!

  12. Loving that scale... and bright, pretty flowers! So excited for you and your family as you begin this next journey! Looking forward to following along as you build your dream home! ...and thanks so very much to you and the other lovely ladies for hosting the Thanksgiving Stunning Vignettes Blog Hop! I've enjoyed it so far... such talent and creativity! ~Rhonda

  13. I love scales too Stacey, and I have a happy vintage yellow one that I found in Sacramento with Amanda last year.
    Your forever home is going to be a joy for you and I am just so tickled for you!
    This is such a fun tour and I am loving each moment of it:)
    Stay cozy sweet friend, it's pretty wet outside.

  14. It will be worth the wait for your new home. I can't wait to see it and all the special things you do to it. Thanks for hosting out Thanksgiving tour! Sheila

  15. I'm a scale lover, too, and yours is a beauty! Last year, we were starting to move to our new/old house, so I know this is an exciting time for you! Thank you for hosting the tour!

  16. Stacey, I do love all of the colors. I so want a scale. I have looked and looked and cannot find one as of it. But I will keep on keeping on. Hoping you have a great day. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  17. I'm behind. So you sold your home! Oh, I can't wait to see the one you build.

  18. Hey Miss Busy Bee...LOL You are amazing! Love your new find. The scale is quite awesome. The flowers are beautiful Stacey. Thank you for hosting. I hope you can slow down a bit.

  19. All I know about your scale is that it is beautiful! Hope everything is going well with your transition!

  20. Oh, not long ago I also scored my very first scale, it's been sitting in my kitchen ever since, love them! Building a new home is so exciting, but at the same time a bit stressful, I hope everything goes smoothly.

  21. There is so much lovely inspiration to be gathered here.

  22. So much inspiration to visit! Enjoying them all

  23. Thank you so much for helping to host this fabulous tour, Stacey, especially while you're in your transition. Beautiful photos...and I think I'm going to be drooling over your gorgeous scale when you reveal its entirety. Continued best wishes in this exciting time for you and your hubby.
    Mary Alice

  24. You and your hubby have much to be thankful for, Stacey! What an exciting time for you as you build your forever home.


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