Burning Questions

Hi y'all.  
Today I want to take this opportunity to ask you some burning life questions. 
Please answer me in the comments because these are very important 
things I need to know. OK?
Pictures are unrelated (found at pexel.com) but we need something pretty.

I love the kind of day when these are important issues. 
Hope you are having that kind of day too and I hope you'll leave your answers. :)


  1. Stacey, great questions!
    1) I use only lip balms
    2) If I was moving, I wish I could have a home with a terrace
    3) HM
    4) My secret is not to eat cookies after lunch.

    Hope you enjoy!

  2. I would like to know about the lipstick too! I would want an outdoor fireplace. I haven't found a pair of jeans I love. And cutting out bread and pasta.

  3. Hi. What fun. I use Burt's Bees lip balms. We just moved and our "new" 1950 cottage has a detached garage for my husband's hobby stuff. Yay! I have a pair of Lee jeans I like. I'm 60 and they are a good brand for older shapes. To lose weight I need to walk A LOT!

  4. Mac lipsticks are the best I've ever used.
    I would love an outdoor fireplace. Inside the kitchen, I would love a Viking range!
    I just bought a pair of jeans from Nordstrom called Absolution. They help make my stomach look flatter. They really work!
    I skip any kind of soft drink, even the diet ones. That seems to help:)

  5. Love these!
    1) Revlon Super Lustrous in Plum Baby
    2) I would love a gas fireplace in my kitchen and an ocean view outside
    3) Lucky Jeans
    4) Stress- works every time ;)

  6. Good morning, Stacey! Here're my answers to your questions:
    1. I LOVE Cover Girl Smoochies Lip Balms. They have choices with slight colors and they always leave my lips moist.
    2. I'd always love to have a waterfall and pond.
    3. I love Lee Easy Fit skinny jeans. They are so comfy and have a slight stretch.
    4. I watch my carbs, and make sure I have enough protein in my diet. This past year, I've been drinking a Bragg's vinegar with honey in warm water before lunch to see if it lowered my cholesterol, but In the process, I've lost pounds!

  7. 1. Mary Kay pinks, tans
    2. A sun room for my miniature fruit trees, houseplants, & seeds I'm planting.
    3. Lee
    4. Use wrap instead of bread. I can eat without mayo.

  8. 1. Mary Kay Raisinberry
    2. Outdoor fireplace
    3. Big Star jeans or The Loft
    4. Less carbs, low on the white sugar and more exercise

  9. 1. Bubbles by Bare Minerals, great nude
    2. Combined kitchen and dining room with fireplace
    3. NYDJ
    4. Cut out dairy, or really most of the top 7 common allergens

  10. I am not a girly girl and I rarely remember lipstick, but the lipstick in my bag is Mac and I love Levi's.

    I would love an ocean view and all I need to do to drop a few pounds is to stop eating flour. Dropping the flour tends to eliminate sugar. So, why can't I stay away from bread?

  11. I love reading everyone's answers. Good questions, Stacey!
    !. I use Estee Lauder Confident 490
    2. Love others ideas about jeans- I can truly say I don't have a pair that is comfortable.
    3. I would have a window over my kitchen sink and windows in my garage doors for more light.
    4. I have not had success with losing weight so I will be back to read everyone's comments.

  12. What fun questions Stacey!
    #! Favorite lipstick: L'oreal Colour Riche
    #2. New home wish item: A Big Chill 6-burner range
    #3. Favorite brand of jeans: Soft Surroundings and Chico
    #4. Secret for losing 5 lbs..grapefruit juice for breakfast and lunch!

  13. Fun questions.
    #1 I love Clinique Raspberry Glace', but I am a brunette turned silver fox, so it might be a little dark for you:)
    #2 This is a very hard question. Inside- I love my sewing room. It is all mine and I don't have to share it with anyone. Outside- a great porch.
    #3 I have two favorites --both are a different kind of look. From Talbots - I love the boyfriend jeans. So comfy and great for around the house or to the grocery store. From J Jill, I have a pair that a little more dressy.
    J Jill stuff is really.....comfy.
    #4 I lost 27 pounds this past year for health reasons. The first big push came from a 30 day detox. The closest thing I have seen on the Internet is the 30 day whole foods thing. Give up gluten or breads and pasta!!!!!!!! Didn't say it was easy.

  14. 1. M.A.C. Viva Glam V
    2. Conservatory or greenhouse
    3. Wrangler® Ultimate Riding Jean - Q-Baby......these fit like a glove and are so comfy
    4. Eat normal breakfast and lunch but only a large apple and herbal tea for dinner ....and walk more....
    (10,000 steps)

  15. Stacey, great questions!
    1) I use only lip balms, and my favorite is Chapstik. LOL
    2) If I move, I would like a home with a large, bright kitchen. We love to cook!
    3) Lucky Brand jeans are my fav. They fit me well.
    4) My secret is to eat fresh, organic veggies (plain) and walk.

  16. Fun questions, Stacey! :)
    1. Favorite lipstick: L'Oreal Colour Riche & Chanel ~ which I don't buy now.
    2. I just received my lease renewal and my head hurts trying to decide! If I moved, I would love a gas fireplace and a maid.
    3. Lee jeans, Nine West and Chico
    4. I should be doing this but...eliminate carbs and walk a LOT! Eating raw veggies is a great snack and drink a ton of water.


  17. P.S. I honestly haven't found a lipstick that will stay on. I tried some of the long lasting, however, they're too drying. If anyone has found a brand or color that will stay, please advise!

  18. Hi Stacey,
    1, I use Revlon Fushcia. It's a pinkish red and goes with everything and does last for me.
    2, Inside the house I would love to have a sunroom and outside I'd have to have a pool again.
    3, I love Lee jeans and Bandilio cause I can wear a size smaller, haha. Not sure that is the spelling.
    4, When I want to lose 5 pounds (like right now) haha I do the quick start program from Weight Watchers. It really works!!!!!!

    This was fun Stacey. Have a great evening and rest of the week. xo

  19. Forgot to say, that quick start program from WW was from the 80's but it still works today and easy to do. Let me know if you want a copy! xo

  20. Revlon 510
    I'd love a patio or four season room -- and lots of light!
    My favorite jeans are whatever fits
    And please share the best of the five pound secrets!

    A fun diversion!

  21. Great questions!
    1. I rarely use lipstick since I retired, but when I do it is Revlon.
    2. I would love a white picket fence with loads of flowers.
    3. I rarely wear jeans, but admire them on others.
    4. If I walk and stay away from the pop and sweets I can usually lose.
    I have enjoyed reading what others have written!

  22. 1. The only lipstick that truly stays and doesn't feel dry is Channel's Double Intensite lip color and lip gloss.I use the color Violet Sapphire which is not violet-it is more of a fall reddish color. Most of the time though,I wear lipsticks that need reapplying. Bobbi Brown Desert Plum is awesome.

    2. I have a vanity area in my bathroom with drawers where I can sit to do my makeup or hair, and I would really miss that if I didn't have it. It's a game changer.

    3. NYDJ or Jones New York ankle/boyfriend length with stretch. Amazing.

    4. Three meals a day, no flour or sugar, nothing in between- or Weight Watchers hard core.

  23. Great questions so here we go..
    1. My lip color is by Nicole Miller more of a lip gloss - Red Poppy.

    2. I don't want anything from my home inside or out - just time to let someone else enjoy what we've done here.

    3. Love Levis

    4. Exercise - Any Leslie Sansone walk video exercise - I did a post on exercise not long ago and it's really not about losing 5 pounds it's about living healthier. Once you embrace that and apply it to your everyday life, the pounds come off, you have more energy and you feel so much better about everything.

    That was fun Stacy -

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  24. Fun questions, Stacey

    1. LancĂ´me, I change colors often
    2. A large front porch
    3. J Crew jeans
    4. Cut down on carbs

    Have a wonderful day, Pam @ Everyday Living

  25. Good morning, Stacey.
    1. I like Burt's Bees lip balms
    2. Oh my goodness, that's a hard one. A wrap around porch or a library room.
    3. I love Loft jeans but Old Navy works too.
    4. Eat more vegetables and cut out the junk!

    Have a wonderful day, my friend!

  26. Ooh I love this Stacey.
    1: I like to try different ones for sure but my two favs would be Cover Girl Outlast Longwear and I love the color Plum Fury. I love, love, love Mary Kay-Raisinberry.
    2: Oh several things would be on my list. But the main one would be a large back porch and attached to it would be a sun room and a separate patio area.
    3. Brand doesn't matter to me as long as they fit me well. But Levi's is at the top of my list if they are on sale! LOL!
    4. Well, I guess I should worry about that sometimes but the truth of the matter is (it is what it is) Dang one month I might be 5 lbs lighter and don't even know how I done that and some times I am 5 lbs heavier and I ALWAYS know how I done that one! LOL! Back in my younger days when I was truly trying to be a weight watcher and I needed to drop a few pounds counting calories always worked for me.

    This was fun. I am so enjoying reading everyone's answers and have gotten some great ideas of other lipsticks to try!

    Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  27. Fun post!
    1- I have only used Revlon lipstick for years so I don't know anything else!
    2- I would love to have a rustic barn door somewhere in my house
    3- My favorite jeans are The Flirt by Old Navy. They fit perfectly the minute I tried them on.
    4 - To lose any amount of weight, I follow the 3 day rule. Meaning that it takes 3 days for your body to process the food you've eaten and show up on the scale. If I watch what I eat for 3 days, the next day when I weigh myself, it will be 1-2 pounds down. Also if I indulge on something fattening or eat too much, I eat really light for the next few days to compensate...that helps to maintain what I've lost.

  28. 1. For years I used Revlon or Mary Kay. Recently when I want lipstick that stays on I use LipSence. It can be drying if you don't apply the lip gloss or lip balm, but great if you want the color without the worry.
    2.I either have to have a workshop for both the Hubs and I, or I would love a screened in porch!
    3. I like Levi's although lately I'm not thrilled with the fact that they put so much spandex in them. I want to wear jeans not leggings!
    4. As for the weight loss thing, please let me know when you figure it out! lol!

  29. Cute post Stacey:)
    1. Mac lipstick
    2. Potting Shed/Greenhouse
    3. Gap jeans
    4. Walk till I drop and no sweets:(

  30. Hi Stacey,
    Fun post!
    1. Bobbi Brown lipstick- I wear the pinkish brown colors, but the original Brown is my all time favorite. I love the Art Sticks, too.
    2. Wrap around porch
    3.JCrew jeans in boyfriend cut
    4. I have no secret for losing weight- I wish I did!

  31. I haven't found one that stays. :(
    I need windows, windows and more windows.
    Liverpool jeans
    I CAN"T get rid of those last 5 pounds.

  32. Loved reading everyone's answers, got some great tips!

    Nars Lip Gloss in Dolce Vita (a brownish rose)

    A Wolf stove or sunroom

    Gap Jeans

    Portion Control

    Jane x

  33. Fun post Stacey.
    I love Loreal's wine color lipsticks.
    I would love a fire place in my next home and a big sunken jet tub in the bathroom.
    I love Dress Barn's boyfriend cut jeans. Fit my curves and get softer with each wash.
    Losing 5 lbs is hard. Just moving more seems to work for me.
    Happy Week.

  34. Hi!
    1. I wear Dusty Rose from Mary Kay if I can get my hands on some!
    2. I have only owned 1 home in my adult life and have lived in it for almost 22 years now. If I were to purchase a new home I would LOVE to have a large kitchen with all the bells and whistles plus a 'real' dishwasher (instead of hand washing).
    3. I don't wear jeans, I am too 'fluffy' and they don't look good.
    4. If I had the answer to #4, maybe I would wear jeans - LOL
    Have a Blessed rest of your week, Cindy xo

  35. I like Revlon lipstick and like mauve or dark berry type colors as they compliment my complexion.

    I wish we had a hot tub in my backyard so I'd chose that--not sure that would be practical in your climate

    I like gap jeans or Gloria Vanderbilt jeans

    Power walking over 10,000 steps a day! My FitBit helps me stay on track. I also try to cut back on carbs as much as possible which is hard as we love pasta!

  36. 1. Revlon Creme #130 Rose Velvet. I find the "creme" ones stay on a lot longer than the "pearl."

    2. I would want an extra living room or game room for family to gather.

    3. They're not jeans, but I'm loving the Old Navy Pixie Pants.

    4. Counting calories. I lost over 10 lbs. recently by counting calories. Basically, 1200 calories a day. 300 for each meal, and two 150 calorie snacks a day.

  37. 1. burgundies 2. Southern / Hayes Town style 3. Absolution too from Nordstroms 4. Remove carbs and sugar for a week. (darn that includes wine!

  38. Stacey, This is so fun!
    !. Lancome Dusty Rose. I'm looking for another color, so I'll be checking everyone's suggestions. This one does stay on fairly good.
    2. I miss our screen porch, so I guess a screen porch or 4 season porch.
    3. skinny jeans from Chicos, they have stretch and are so comfortable.
    4. My go to is the South Beach diet. It's healthy and good and I'm on it right now.

  39. fun post Stacey!
    1. I'm a slob and don't wear lipstick. I lick it off too fast, so I settle for chapstick now and then.
    2. I have to have a good size porch, not just a step out one. :)
    3. Any jeans that are comfy.
    4. I would like to be thinner, but don't concentrate on it. best thing for me to do is to stay busy.
    Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  40. I had to think about these.
    1. Rosy Pinks
    2. A Front Porch
    3. NYDJ
    4. Wine, no bread

  41. Oh, this is fun! Nude lip gloss, a gigantic kitchen with lots of counter space, whatever jeans fit, and eat lots of good nonprocessed foods, don't drop your calories too low, indulge in your faves moderately and don't be in a rush. Thank you for sharing with us this week at Celebrate Your Story, have a great week.


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