Shout Out Saturday

Hey y'all, it's been awhile since I've done a Shout Out Saturday so I thought I'd pop in here today and share a few.   The seasons seem to be changing for many of you.  

I guess it really is here in Texas too but it's subtle. 

Really subtle. 

 It's definitely just about time to celebrate fall in all its glory so I'm showing you a few of the posts shared at Thoughts of Home and a few of my oldies that give a nod to fall.

In the fall we all turn our thoughts to apple recipes.
 This recipe was shared at TOHOT and it looks yummy!

Fall banners are always popular and Manuela at A Cultivated Nest shared a round up with lots of cute options.

One of my favorite things about fall weather is definitely the fashion!
That took some research and I see several boots on there that look like winners.

Last year I shared Seven Fall Gardening Tasks. I wrote that post in October which was perfect timing for us but I realize it was a little late for some of you. Here's that info if you would like to take a peek.

One more thing...

Have a wonderful weekend. Come back Monday for a really great 
Pillow Giveaway!!

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  1. Good morning, Stacey! Love the nod to autumn inspiration. So far, I haven't seen any touch of fall in my neck of the woods, but I am sure it will arrive! Blessings, Pam @ Everyday Living

  2. Hi Stacy! Thanks for featuring my Fall Banner Round-up. I appreciate the shout out!


  3. Lovely post Stacey. Love the Autumn looks and the banner is darling. Happy Sunday.

  4. Hi Stacey. Happy Sunday. I am thinking about fall too but just not ready to let go of summer just yet. I know fall is coming but the flowers are still blooming and it is still hot here in the midwest. So this summer girl is hanging on a little longer to summer. I cannot wait to see the fall pillow. Wooo Hooo!

  5. the apple rolls look so good for fall weather!

  6. I can't speak for Texas, but here in PA I have had it with Summer and our 100 degree days!!! I put all interior summer stuff away and I'm bringing out my apple stuff-hopefully that'll help and I'll be able to go outside again🙂 As for fall garden tasks, it will involve removing dead as door nails plants-there's no way to keep things alive with no rain insight for the next 15 days and there's barely been any in the last 15 days...

    But football started so things are looking up!

  7. Our best summer days are ahead of us and all I wear are flip flops so there is NO fall decor around our house.

    But, I'll be back to see the giveaway!

  8. I am so looking forward to all the Fall things you mention here. Can't wait for cooler weather. Great collection of boots :-)

  9. Oh I wish I had one of those yummy apple treats! :)

  10. Good shout outs! I need to check out that gardening link!


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