Our House Has Been on the Market 5 Days and This is What I've Learned

Our house went on the market officially Tuesday.
We've been scrubbing and decluttering for two weeks leading up to this.
But still there's more to do and here's what I learned right off the bat.
1.  A blank slate is better when selling your house.
Buyers won't appreciate my wonderful accessories.
I was told to remove the pretty kitchen rug I just bought and my cup towels.
All of this is so they will not be confused by my decor.
2.  Laundry baskets are very handy!
The one hour notice we are supposed to get before showing the house can actually be 15 minutes and the call can come while I'm cooking supper.    Did you know that you can throw everything into a laundry basket and run to the car with it? Crazy times but worth the effort!
3.  Not everyone knows about Fixer Upper or has any familiarity with shiplap.
Do we take it down? Oh I hope not!!
4.  Bloggers love dried hydrangeas. I love dried hydrangeas. 
My husband and son broke out into song when we were discussing them. 
Something about "You Can Send Me Dead Flowers" by the Rolling Stones. 
The hydrangeas are gone now and we did have a good laugh.
5.  Love. 
If a house can impart feelings of love and laughter to someone this one can. 
In four short years we've had huge family gatherings, hosted 40 people for Bunko a couple of times, and had a fabulous large baby shower.  Entertaining people we love in this house is a breeze.
Apparently it's best to remove red from a house too.
Oh well!!
Fingers crossed for a quick sell y'all. 
Have a wonderful weekend!
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  1. You have a lovely home, Stacey...hoping for a quick sale!

  2. Oh I'm so sorry. I would have thought they would be wild about ship lap. They must have been under a rock to have missed the popularity of it.
    Best of luck to you.

  3. Great tips! I used the laundry basket method myself when we were selling our home last year. :)

  4. Stacey, your home is beautiful and the special design touches (who would not love your kitchen!) are wonderful. Hope that perfect buyer comes by soon.

  5. Good luck, Stacey! I hope it sells very fast.

    (Blake Hill House)

  6. Yes, and some don't like carpet in the living room and some won't buy a house without carpet in the living room. So LOVE stainless steel appliances and some HATE stainless steel appliances. Some love white kitchen cabinet and some only want dark wood kitchen cabinets. It is a crap shoot selling a home. I am right there with you! Wishing us both luck!

  7. There is a South Texas tradition of burying a small statue of a saint in the backyard when you are trying to sell your house :) How about if I bury it in MY yard on your behalf!

    It's going to sell this week!!!

  8. Hang in there. I have 3 dear friends selling their long term homes here. One under contract but not before taking a beating. Most say pack up extras and store in your garage and basement. People will overlook clutter/boxes stored there. I have always heard remove "personal" items such as photos. Whatever?!!!! The best compliment I ever received was from a dear friends mom and she said "you have such a happy home and obviously love your girls." Their pics are everywhere!!!!

  9. I found that MOST of what the stagers said was crap.....People can definitely see beyond a damn tea towel! I agree with removing family pictures but I was told to remove "anything with a face"!!!! That meant pictures, artwork, statues etc. I think I know more about staging than the stager did....Go with your gut!

  10. Stacey,
    I guess I missed that you are moving..... Good luck on the sale of your home. Doing all that would drive me crazy.....

  11. Trusting your home will sell quickly! Sounds like you have thought of some great plans to move things quickly when your home is to be shown. Good luck!

  12. I believe in the old saying, "you can please some of the people some of the time, but not all of the people all of the time". I wouldn't get too hung up on the color red as not being acceptable when showing your home. People either like the house or they don't. I would remove kitschy items from your decor, but otherwise, you do need to live in the house while it's on the market. I'm not sure what the home resale situation is in your area, but where we live it can take a year or better to sell a house..... Good luck!!

  13. Your home is so beautiful! I didn't know you were selling. It's crazy what some will say about home decor but I think most people are looking with thoughts of what "they" would do.

    Buy a St. Joseph's statue and bury it in your front yard ~ works every time! :) https://www.amazon.com/Saint-Joseph-Home-Seller-Statue/dp/B002PHYF52/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1471088836&sr=8-1&keywords=st+joseph+home+sale+kit

    My daughter and I have good friends that are devout Catholics. They have St. Joseph on their mantel all the time. When they need to sell a house, he tells St. Joseph something like..."You've got a week to do this or you're going in the ground!" All in jest!


  14. Your house will sell without all that! The HGTV shows and real estate agents annoy me.

    People are smart enough to see your home's features just as you live. Actually, when my daughter was looking for a house my husband made the comment there are no personal items in this house.My daughter could see the house had potential despite his comment. She made an offer that was accepted immediately. I think we could see all the features of the house and visualize her furniture and family needs without them styling to please a realtor. The yard was a mess too but we were smart enough to see that could be fixed.

    I also made the mistake when we sold a former home 16 years ago working myself crazy cleaning things that they ripped out immediately. I learned a valuable lesson. If you receive an offer ask what changes they plan to make before you feel as if you have to deep clean when you move out.

  15. Stacey in spite of the real estate decor rules and looks, your house will sell soon. The right people will come and be totally wowed!!
    Best of luck!!xo

  16. If red is bad then I'm at a loss because it's the color of our trim and the accent color in my kitchen. LOL - all the do's and don't's crack me up. Excited for you and I bet your home will go quick.

    Carole @ Garden Up Green

  17. Good luck Stacey, that sounds brutal :) I'm sure it's not fun to hear from your realtor that you have to get rid of stuff you love!

  18. Your home is beautiful and despite what the realtors say, I think most people can see past personal items. Actually, I think seeing personal decor choices helps people visualize themselves in a warm and loving home. Here's to a quick sale with or without hydrangeas! ♡

  19. Oh, not the shiplap! I really hope someone that loves shiplap buys it!It is silly what Realtors put you through to sell your house! My neighbor had a very tough time selling hers because every room was wallpapered....it was beautiful! Her Realtor told her to remove all the curtains on the side that faced my gardens, to use the view as a selling point. And, being a single woman in her 60's, was told to put children's toys in her yard...she had to borrow my grandkids stuff. I think your house will sell quickly despite the red!

  20. I wish you luck Stacey in selling your home! It was interesting to learn you and your husband wanted less house and more outdoor living areas. We wanted just the opposite when buying our last home. This is our forever home as we have moved alot in our 44 years of marriage. It is almost like "not living" in your home while it's on the market...being ready at a minutes notice sometimes. The magic is to ensure it's priced right from the beginning and stage it to perfection! Think positive!

  21. I know exactly what you mean. I learned that with the last house we lived in. I was just talking to David about what we will have to do when we sell this house in a few years ago. Good Luck on the sale.

  22. So true Stacey! With just selling and buying not too long ago you do learn that buyers cannot see past your decor or style. One thing I will share with you is that when the right buyer comes along everything will fall into place. Hang in there😜

  23. To each their own. Buyers don't expect anyone to remove every personal item from the home. Photos, yes! Decluttering is alwyays important. Your home is beautiful and functional. Good luck with the sale.

  24. You do have a beautiful home and I hope it sells quickly for you with no complications. My husband owned a home inspection business before he retired and I was always amazed at how filthy and crowded some homes for sale were. Clean, fresh and uncluttered will usually do the trick...I agree with Miss Kris...it takes the right person walking through the door. Good Luck!

  25. It's funny but back when we bought this house, I had to look past all the owners' stuff and decor. While an uncluttered space makes sense (and neutral walls), seeing how someone staged a space was always fun. (Think model home- they're decorated). I wouldn't think your rugs would detract from your home. Funny to think there are people out there who don't know about shiplap. I think it adds character. Wow, needing to throw things in a laundry basket - fun. I hope it sells fast so you won't have to deal with short notices, removal of beloved decor, and the stress for long. Hang in there!

  26. I know that's not fun to remove your pretty decor items, but at least they'll already be packed away for the move. :) And yay for laundry baskets to the rescue! Good luck with selling!

  27. Well, I don't agree with the red carpet being removed at all! Every decorator says a room should have something red in it. It is the most cheerful and homey of colors and easy to live with. I can see why red walls might not go over with everyone, but red accessories? Poppycock! Keep your confidence!

  28. I live in fear of moving! Losing the red area rug in the living room would be the least of my problems!

    This is a terrific post, though I'm sorry you have to deal with the less pleasant mechanics of moving. Your home is so lovely, I, for one, would prefer to see it full. But I know I'm probably the exception to the rule! Good luck! Hope it will all fall together soon. And thanks for the laundry basket tip -- that's good on any number of levels, not just moving!

  29. Such a lovely home Stacey. It is always stressful selling, just getting the house like the realtors want it. Hope it sells quickly for you to prevent those dashes to the car with the hamper.............

  30. Your home is beautiful with lots of love, buyers will love it! Pam @ Everyday Living

  31. I hear very often that you need to strip down your personal touches when selling but I know different from my experience when buying the lakehouse. The owner's personality and warmth was everywhere. Some of the wallpaper was not my cup of tea but I saw potential and the rest I simply loved. I actually wanted some of her furniture!!

    Good luck!


  32. You have such a lovely home my friend...I know someone else will want to live there too. And trust your own judgement for decorating too. You have wonderful style that everyone will appreciate. Hugs Diane

  33. Good luck selling your home! I love the idea of taking everything to the car in a laundry basket. I'm afraid that the way we live, we'd have to take so many baskets to the car that we'd never make it in time.

  34. Dried Hydrangeas are my favourite!!! And, I can't believe everyone doesn't love shiplap! Your house is so pretty. We are in our forever home, but my daughter is just starting her house hunting journey, but homes in our area are going anywhere from 10,000 to 50,000 over the asking, so it is making it difficult to find one that actually sells in her price range! I am sure yours will sell in a flash!

  35. Wow, it seems like you just moved! I had no idea you were listing your house and moving! I'm s out of the loop. Your house will sell quickly: It is beautiful!

    Our house is so personalized a realtor would walk into our home and walk right back out! HA!


  36. HI Stacey
    As a recovering real estate agent this is what I tell people:

    1. Remove as many rugs as possible- shows off the floors
    2. Hide any and all toiletries, shampoos etc. People don't want to know your bathroom routine. Including trashcans.

    3. The first 3 weeks are the most important before the listing goes stale. Second showings are like being the maid of honor-it's your chance to get your home to be the bride!

    Good luck! Remember any feedback you receive after showings just add the line "for the price" at the end of the feedback. "We loved the house, but the bathroom was too small... means ... for the price. And, that's okay-it's your home!
    Good luck. I guess I can get the girl out of real estate, but I can't take real estate out of the girl! xo xo laura
    P.S. The St. Joseph statue is a blessing (no pun intended)!

  37. P.S. I always joke my most difficult seller will be my husband! ha! good luck! Buyers recognize "good bones."


  38. Because of my hand issues, I have been staying away from the computer so I am way behind.

    Whaaat? Your selling your house after installing that fabulous fountain!

    When my daughter and I first looked at our house, she didn't like it. We actually purchased a different house on our lane because of the garden and cottage decor, but the starts didn't align on that one. When I showed Steve this house he couldn't imagine why it wasn't the only house I showed him. The reason KC hated this house at first was the furniture and carpeting. She just couldn't separate the look from the house.

    Good luck! I hope it sells quickly. Where are you headed?

  39. You have a beautiful home, Stacey, and one reason for that is your (and my) love of RED! I've READ that RED is a stimulating hue so don't be so quick to remove it from your decor! Best of luck!

  40. Stacey...bless your heart, and I really mean that. You have a great attitude and sense of humor it seems, so hold on to that during this transition time. I love laundry baskets...very useful. Sheila

  41. Realtors always tell you to remove all family photos from the house so the buyers can see it as their own. Funny story: I left one small family picture on our entry table. At the closing, the buyers said that it had sealed the deal for them. They were surprised when they found out that our kids were ten years older than they had been in the photo. (We had left the playfort in the yard, etc. so I can see why they were confused.)
    Someone is going to grab your beautiful home very soon!

  42. So strange, the little extras that in our eyes make our homes beautiful can turn a buyer off. Well, I guess it gives you a head start on packing up all those lovely accessories for the next place! Keeping our fingers crossed for you~!

  43. Goodness! Picky buyers :) and I agree with Katie, they must have been under a rock if they don't know about shiplap! Your home is utterly gorgeous and I just know it will sell quickly!! xo!

  44. Good luck with the sale! I remember the laundry basket trick and one evening that say me, the children with their supper on plates and all the extraneous dinnerware piled into the car to drive away just as the realtor arrived with clients. So much for the one hour warning!

  45. Stacy...your home and gardens are gorgeous....so it shall be sold quickly!...Do you have a place or home in mind of where you want to live?

  46. Stacey, I think you need to follow your own instincts on this. I totally agree with Pinky. Realtors don't always know. I think they expect your house to look as if no one lives there. For me, that would be a turn off. It would make the space seem cold and unwelcoming.
    Good luck! I know your beautiful home will sell.


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