A Little Bit Obsessed Right Now

Lately we are in and out the door all day long.
It's not just me! 
My husband and son are with me because we want to be outside as much as possible.

Pentas, Texas gardener, summer sun lovers

Crepe myrtle, sun perennials
Our son stained the fence this week. :)

water garden, ponds, backyard water features, water lilies
Water lilies in the pond are already beginning to bloom!

Saucy Red Salvia, perennial, Proven Winner
Saucy Red Salvia - Proven Winner Perennial

Purple de Oro, perennial
Purple de Oro - Perennial repeat bloomer.

water lilies, perennial, water gardens, backyard ponds
Water lily.

What are you obsessed with right now?

If gardens are your obsession be sure and visit the garden party that is still open to links. :)

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  1. I'm obsessed with "spring cleaning" right now! My daughter is moving back in with us for a couple of months, my MIL is moving to our farm, and the overload of everyone's STUFF, including mine, lol, has me motivated to weed out no longer used belongings... and to clean, clean, clean! Hoping to make headway before I run out of steam! haha! Your yard is gorgeous! Loving the lily pads in your pond! ...See you in the morning at Thoughts of Home! :) ~Rhonda

  2. Lovely, lovely, thank you for sharing at SYC! Jo

  3. I am also very much obsessed with gardening this week. Summer is short in Colorado so I'm trying to get everything planted now that frost danger is over.

  4. We are loving the outdoors too! Isn't this time of the year the best? Beautiful flowers Stacey.

  5. You are doing great and boy, I wish I had that help! I love wrought iron fences. Your flowers are SO pretty!


  6. Your garden is a lovely oasis.

    I had to think about what I am obsessing on right now and it is "getting rid of stuff". I have too much stuff and I'm trying to use things that I've been hoarding, give away things I never use and use other things in new ways.
    It's keeping me busy.

    Thanks for sharing at SYC.

  7. The water lily is so wonderful and your garden is stunning.
    Thanks for sharing!

  8. How wonderful that your son stained the fence! I love your water feature Stacey. I am currently obsessed with pulling weeds - ugh - never ending.

  9. I am obsessed just like you by the gardening bug!
    Your yard looks wonderful, friend:)

  10. Those water lilies are incredible!!

  11. I'm obsessed with all sorts of things right now...outside projects (darn the mosquitos that drive me back inside!), planning indoor projects, purging, and finding things to make my visions come to life! Love your garden! The fence looks great. Enjoy your pretty space!

  12. How nice to have water lilys in your pond! Beautiful pictures! I am obsessed with getting my gardens done and blooming. Soon!

  13. Your son did a great job on the fence.
    I can see why no one wants to stay inside. Your garden is so pretty. I am finding it hard to stay inside also. The heat is coming soon so let's all enjoy. Hasn't it been the nicest spring?
    Have a great Memorial Day Weekend, Stacey!

  14. Stacey, your son did a great job on the fence! Your garden is beautiful! Wishing you a Happy Memorial Day Weekend! Pam @ Everyday Living

  15. Hi Stacey, I'm also obsessed with cleaning out my house of stuff I don't need anymore. Taking care of my gardens too!
    I love your pretty flowers and the lily pond.
    Hope you have a nice holiday weekend.

  16. My garden is keeping me smiling now too, I have that same daylily variety!

  17. I would want to be outside as well, your garden is so so lovely.

  18. I would want to be outside in your garden too! Lovely!

  19. Easy to see why Stacey. Your garden is gorgeous and I love the new pond! We literally live in our garden this time of year as well. Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  20. Your yard is lovely! Thanks for sharing at My Flagstaff Home.


  21. Stacey, your yard is looking beautiful and I know you must be thrilled with your new pond. Looks like a refreshing spot to relax and enjoy our beautiful spring. Thanks for sharing your lovely photography at Your Inspired Design Link Party.

  22. We've been planting away. The herb garden is done, and now I can't wait to plant some more perennials.

  23. Love the stained fence! Your pentas are gorgeous too. Mine are in pots, but are doing pretty well so far. I just planted some angelonia. I've never had it before, so I hope it does well in our heat. Enjoy the long weekend!

  24. And no one can blame you for being obsessed with your garden. It is absolutely gorgeous and I'd also be out there all the time. Your flowers are so unique and one of a kind. I'm a brown thumb so I'm very impressed with anyone who can grow things. Stacey you have given us much sweet inspiration with this garden that is a slice of paradise.


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