Shout Out Saturday

Good morning and happy Saturday. Do you have big plans this weekend?
We have plans in the yard and around the house but it all depends on the weather.
I'm so glad you are here for Shout Out Saturday. This is a time to share a few neat things that caught my attention this week.

Shout Out Saturday at Poofing the Pillows. A time to recognize things that caught my eye on the web this week.

First I want to say Thank You to my friend Patty at Lemon Lane Style. We are doing Shout Out Saturday together and she made me this pretty graphic to include. 
Some people really have all the best skills!

Kelly at Talk of the House has done it again in her kitchen and dining room! She switches out curtains and accessories for the seasons and each time it's absolutely perfect.
The girl thinks of every detail. 

Cyndi Spivey always makes me want to fix my hair and look cute. 
This outfit is one that I would copy from head to toe. 

Tammy at Patina and Paint linked her beautiful fireplace mantel with Thoughts of Home on Thursday. I love the way she added the flowers to give a touch of spring.

Lisa at Texas Decor shared this recipe which I made and it was a hit! 
This is delicious with a capital D!

If you are a worrier like me, read this post by Gwen Moss. Just pure wisdom here!!

Last one, my friend Anita came though town this past week and we had so much fun together!
There's nothing better than time with a wonderful friend. 

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  1. Fun shout outs! And you are so right about spending time with a friend. It's definitely the best!

  2. Thanks so much for the shout out! I'm glad y'all liked that recipe. I think I need to make it again next week. :) Enjoy your weekend. We're just doing things around the house and I might go to a Spring craft fair.

  3. Thanks for the links! Heading out to visit a few. Have a wonderful Saturday.

  4. Stacey... what a cute pic of you and Anita! You are so lucky to have plans in your yard. The only yard plans we have is for tomorrow doing some shoveling. Yup, first day of Spring and we're having snow. Love all your shout outs and will check out some of the blogs that I am not familiar with. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  5. I would love to get out in the yard, but with rain coming and the gosh awful pollen, not happening. I am hoping the rain will help get rid of some of the pollen.
    Great features. Looking forward to following some new to me bloggers.

  6. Thanks for the shout out links. Love your graphic! Sheila

  7. That's a great pic of you and your friend! Thanks for sharing all of these great posts. I will have to go check them out.

  8. Nice picks, Stacey. I'm on my way to check them out. I love that mantel and changing out decor with the seasons appeals to me now that we have such a small cottage. Not much of a worrier these days, but it's always great to read wise words. Hope you have a happy super Sunday.

  9. We did some yard work too! Boy is it exhausting! Such a great idea for a post. Off to check out the links. Thank you for sharing!!

  10. A lovely selection, Stacey. I've just come back from a weekend away, with photos :-)

  11. Hi Stacey and I love the shout outs! We have so many talented bloggers, don't we? Hope you're doing well and thank you for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  12. What a great post with great features! Going over to check out the recipe!

  13. The graphic is so cute. Love your shout out Saturday. Wonderful ideas.
    Happy Sunday.

  14. All look wonderful! The picture of you and Rita is just darling!

  15. Lovely post! Not sure how I landed here, but I am glad I did. Very inspirational...and don't be a worrier...Aloha!

  16. This is such a great round up! I can't wait to check them out. I hope your weekend was a fun one. There is nothing better than spending time with the people you love. Sending you hugs for a happy day, Coco


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