Bluebonnet Blog Hop: Making Garden Plans on a Rainy Day

The calendar may not say Spring yet but here in Texas it couldn't be more springy if we begged for it! The temperatures have been warmer than normal and everything is waking up outside.
Yesterday we had torrential rains and then the sun came out. :)

Making spring gardening plans in Texas.

Belle and I ventured out to see what we could spy after the rains stopped.
She's always watching the greenbelt behind the house for critters. Last week there was a skunk marching around out there that sure had her attention and ours!

Spring is the time for making big plans in the gardens.  We don't have huge spaces in our yard at this house but that won't stop me from beautifying something every year.

Making spring gardening plans in Texas.

This year I'm hoping to add some trees that will bring a little privacy on one side of the yard.
You know, nothing too big and hopefully evergreen.

Making spring gardening plans in Texas.

My biggest hope this year is a pond. If you've been with me long enough to remember the pond from our last house, it won't be anything like that! Our yard at this house isn't much bigger than that pond was. We are sketching and planning and doing some numbers to see if it's possible.

Fingers crossed!

Making spring gardening plans in Texas.

I'm planning to add more pot plants this year. I love big pots because it's easy to put a variety of plants in them and to control the water situation on hot days.  

Making spring gardening plans in Texas.

We are also continuing to care for the birds. 
We just put up another new feeder filled with sunflower seeds. 

This is a bluebird house on the fence. Have I shown you this before? 
$10 and about 5 days later and Mama and Papa Bluebird had moved in. Bluebirds like open spaces because they eat worms and bugs. From the fence they can survey and forage easily. They also have a little protection in our flower beds with the crepe myrtles and foliage. 

Making spring gardening plans in Texas.

I did trespass today to show you what's inside the bluebird house right now. 
Doesn't this just make you smile? This is the real deal!

What are your gardening plans this year?

My Texas girlfriends and I are joining together for the Bluebonnet Blog Hop.
Grab your coffee and join us for a little spring inspiration. 

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  1. Stacey, spring is almost here too in Italy!
    I can't wait to see the trees in blooming!
    Have a lovely Friday

  2. Rainy spring this week! '-)
    I look forward to seeing what you plan for your new home. I know it will be lovely. Thanks for organizing the hop. It's a perfect day to hop about. '-)

  3. Your bluebird nest is amazing! I hope you get your pond. It sounds so peaceful.

  4. There is nothing better than seeing the signs of new life. When we lived in AZ a mother hummingbird nested in our outdoor patio chandelier. Not once, but twice. She became used to us and we could peek in the nest to see 2 tiny eggs that later hatched. It's one of my children's favorite memories. Happy Spring!

  5. Oh boy does this make me start itching to dig my hands in the dirt! Already thinking about my flower scheme for the year, my mom and I always go the first week in May to gather up all our posies! I hope you have a beautiful weekend

  6. Hi Stacey, Your garden plans sound wonderful. Looks like you are off to a great start. Love seeing the nest and eggs. Yes, the real deal. Love your pond idea. Thanks for the inspiration and all the planning for this blog hop.
    Have fun!! xo

  7. Love the peek at your garden! We have a bluebird house up too, and the bluebirds have already claimed it. Since we have a long fence facing the back pasture, I want to put up a couple more houses. They are such beautiful birds!
    Good luck with the planning. Hope you share as your garden grows!

  8. It's going to be beautiful, Stacey. I love the bluebird house. Have fun planning your pond. Can't wait to see it progress. Thanks for setting up this Bluebonnet Hop. So much fun!

  9. Hi Stacy,
    We are hoping to add more trees this year, one can never plant enough trees. You are doing what we are right now just walking around the property in the water. It is so much fun sharing the Bluebonnet Hop with you!
    Happy Spring!
    Miz Helen

  10. It's fun to plan and dream about changes to your yard. I have a small waterfall in my little yard, and I just love it. I loved seeing the blue bird house and the eggs inside. I passed my birdhouse last year,whiile taking out the trash, saw something peeking out. Hmmmm, I thought, that's the strangest looking bird! Only it wasn't a bird. Guess what it was?? I snake! Eek!!!
    Thanks for all your hard work in putting together this Texas blogging sister's blog hop! We appreciate it!

  11. Stacey,
    I just love this time of the year, my very favorite!
    Your Spring dreams and thoughts are so inspiring!
    Thank you my dear, for gathering us together for this Texas Bloghop!

  12. Hi Stacey! A pond? That would be a lovely addition I am sure! Are you planning on any goldfish? I look forward to seeing what you come up with....just have fun with it! Happy spring love!

  13. We had a lot of that rain too. Now the sun is out and I'm going to spend some time in my garden. So many things are just bursting with blooms. :) Can't wait to see your pond! How exciting!

  14. Hi Stacey, love your signs of spring in the garden! I captured a similar nest & egg photo a few years back and it has remained one of my favorites. Great job organizing the blog hop--I am enjoying visiting and look forward to participating in the next one!

  15. Stacey,
    Love the REAL bird's nest and eggs in your birdhouse. Fingers crossed that you get your pond this year. A water source like a pond is so helpful for birds, bees, butterflies, and other wildlife.

    Thank you for asking Botanic Bleu to be a part of the Bluebonnet Blog Hop. I love Spring and bluebonnets!


  16. Wow, that is an amazing sight...a real bird's nest with eggs? The closest I have ever come has been to find some shells after the birds have hatched. Can't wait to see how the pond all comes together!!

  17. What a joy for the heart to see the first flowers popping up, they're the sign of Spring coming, the miracle of Life which renews itself year after year !

    Thank you for this so lovely post, dearest Stacey,
    may your weekend be blessed with joy
    sending love to you

  18. I was here this morning visiting but had to leave in a hurry to get to Fort Worth! I wanted to drop back by and say you are inspiring me to get out and get busy!!! Now - before it gets HOT!!! It's supposed to be near 80 on Sunday!!!

  19. Sorry I missed your Bluebonnet Blog Hop. I've been under the weather. It's going to be a beautiful weekend so I hope to do some gardening. I will follow your lead about the pots. I am still getting used to what to plant under our hot, hot and humid days.

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  20. Is that water behind the birdhouse photo? I do remember your pond, it was gorgeous. I so miss mine.

  21. New blooms and the nests and eggs really make us think of spring and new beginnings. Beautiful pics, Stacey! Looking forward to a bit more 'life' here!


  22. Stacey,
    I found a little nest the other day too! It was very low to the ground and empty. Couldn't help but wonder why they didn't build's wonderful that there are eggs in your nest and you'll be able to keep an eye on it and watch it all happen. So glad spring is here! Happy Spring!

  23. Stacey, thank you for leading the Bluebonnet Blog Hop. What great posts. I love you garden ideas.

  24. Love all your garden plans! And those sweet eggs. Nature is the best decorator of all! Happy spring!

  25. The buds are out on the trees & bushes here in MA! Way earlier than usual. One day this week we rocked the shorts in 80°F weather. Big pots filled with flowers are great, Stacey! Enjoy planning!

  26. Stacey, My husband cleaned our bluebird houses last week. They will be here any time now. Hopefully the wren don't take over the houses. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

  27. I love blue birds! It's neat seeing their blue eggs! I have a bird house outside my kitchen window on the side of our house that always attracts them. I've never seen their eggs though. Sounds like you have mapped out your plans well for your yard. You might enjoy having a smaller yard to deal with this year.

  28. I see your pond is full! Ours was overflowing. Our road overflows into our yard because I have dirt filled ditches. My husband plans our gardens every year. Now our lettuce is still growing, blueberries blooming, new canes on blackberry & raspberry bushes, on the roses, too. My irises aren't budding, yet. But our neighbor's cows tropes through them yesterday. Hopefully the roses are okay. We have 15 raised beds, a lily bed, 5 rose beds with antique plants, & 2 iris beds. We have bluebird houses, too. Bird baths. Birds, squirrels, roadrunners, possums, skunks, wild turkeys, deer, hummingbirds, bluejays, finches, swallows, woodpeckers, frogs, a greenhouse, & an empty hen house. I only need to keep the bunnies out of the garden. The cat thinks they are mice. My yard is huge. Only about 1/4 I'd used for gardening. A large stock pound with frogs, toads, mud turtles, & snakes at times. My excitement comes watching the hummers. We have a big festival in my town for the Blubirds. I'm looking forward to it this year.

  29. Hi Stacey... You are my first stop on the blog hop. Your pics are great. Love the little nest. We usually get at least one nest in the gutter of our barn. I always breathe a sign of relief when I hear the chirping. Can't wait to watch your pond progress. Have a great week.

  30. What type of trees are you planting? I'm worried that we might need to plant trees because I'm afraid we're losing the leland cypress trees in the four corners of our property.

    I love your little bluebird house! They are fun to watch!

  31. Your photography skills are becoming quite impressive! I love your pictures! Thank you for sharing!

  32. That's so neat that you have a nest of bluebirds. xoxo Su


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