Hello from the Outside

I know that's very corny but I just couldn't resist.


It is absolutely springy here. :)
Today it was cool and overcast so I went out to play with my camera.
There's so much to learn with photography and it's fun!

Carolina Jessamine

When your subject is flowers, you can not control all the factors.
Like wind.
It's fun to stand out there and try though and I'm sure it keeps the neighbors wondering.


These photos taken with 50 mm lens.
1/200   f3.5   ISO 200


My husband and I were talking about life yesterday and we both commented that we never want to stop learning. I'm going to have fun learning more photography and always more gardening.

What do you want to learn?
Please tell me because I might want to add it to my list.

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  1. I'm a lifelong learner also! I'm always curious about the mind and its connection to the body. (Mind/body connection) So I read a lot and study a lot about that. Maybe weird but...oh well.

    But I would also like to learn photography, how to paint, how to write a book and I could go on and on. I'm going to have to live to be 100 in order to do it all!

  2. I'm with you...I love to learn new things. :) If we stop growing and keeping our minds alert then we get bored and quite frankly boring. ;)

  3. Pretty shots! I want to continue improving my photography skills and I always love learning new cooking techniques. I use to water color and stopped many years ago. I am planning on taking that back up again.

  4. I bought a new camera before Christmas and haven't taken a single picture with it. It's one of my goals for this year! ha! Your photos are lovely and I agree - it's great to learn new things!

  5. You photos are beautiful. I would also like to learn how to "really" use my camera. I usually leave it on automatic...

  6. So pretty...it will be awhile before we have flowers like that here! I always want to learn and try new things, too!

  7. I, too, definitely want to learn more about photography and taking my camera 'off' auto!! I also want become more free in what little artistic ability has been given to me. May you enjoy 'learning'! Blessings, Cindy xo

  8. Your pictures are gorgeous. I can't believe you have an Iris already. My hyacinths just started blooming today. Your Jasmine is gorgeous. Mine is going crazy too.
    Enjoy playing with your new camera. I wonder what kind of lens I have?
    I guess I should learn.

  9. I love to learn new things. I want to learn to take better photo's, write a book, memorize more scriptures. I am sure there are many more things I would love to learn. Your flowers are beautiful...Have a wonderful week.

  10. Just like you Stacey, I am having fun with my camera! Gorgeous photos and aren't we having the best weather.

  11. Stacey,
    I am on the steep learning curve for a new DSLR camera. So far, only 3-4 photos because I've had to spend days and days upgrading my computer's operating system, but had to install more hard drive memory before doing that. Then had to upgrade my iPhoto software, but lo, and behold, iPhoto no longer exists. It's been replaced by simply Photo with a different look and a couple of my most used features in iPhoto missing. On and on it goes. One day I will be in a position to actually take photos with my new camera. Fingers crossed all the upgrades are in place for me to upload the photos from the camera to the computer.

    Loving our beautiful north Texas spring weather even with the rain and a little cooler temps forecast. The trees actually have little green leaves, and I saw my first redbud tree in full bloom today while driving in town. :)


  12. I love learning too. At the moment I'm improving my photograf tecnique .
    Love your flowers!
    Have a nice day

  13. Your pictures are gorgeous... great job! I want to learn more about photography. Considering a night class at our local community college! :) ~Rhonda

  14. So pretty and I can hardly wait for the first signs of Spring in our area... fingers crossed it's soon!

  15. Looks like you're learning quite fast! You took some beautiful pictures I must say :-) I can never get enough of flowers!!

  16. Beautiful pics!!! My pink jasmine hasn't bloomed yet, but my Loropetalum and Bridal Wreath have just started. I love spring blooms in the garden! I need to make a trip to the garden center and pick up some spring flowers for my patio (and about 45 bags of mulch) It's time to refresh our mulch. Ugh.

  17. Hi Stacey, what pretty photos! I guess one of the things I need to learn is how not be a No Reply Blogger, since apparently that's what I am right now. Any tips would be most welcome (melddc2@gmail.com). I'm also slowly learning to become a better photographer, which takes lots of practice.

  18. Soooooo beautiful! Nothing is blooming around here yet. I'm sure things will start popping up in about a month though?!?!

  19. I need to be learning photography with you! Your photos are looking so beautiful! I do love caroline jessamine...especially climbing on a fence. It's so pretty and smells so good!

  20. Life is always about learning and growing. I never want to stop....Photography would be good for me to learn. Beautiful photos Stacy. We have our plum trees in bloom now, along with daffodils.

  21. You already have blooming spring?
    I am jealous over here.

    I would like to learn anything art. :)

  22. Stacey your garden is giving us a glimpse of spring. So pretty and your photos are lovely. I'm with you about learning. I'm always striving to learn more within my art, painting and designing and the piano. Gardening is right up there too. Well heck, it's just fun to continue learning all that we can!!
    Thanks for sharing. Stay warm today. Love the rain!! xo

  23. Gorgeous photos! I would love to learn photography but I don't have a fabulous camera at the moment. I'm older than most of you and I feel it's imperative to continually strive to learn. It's said that we don't use our brain to its max capacity and we need to keep those neurons firing! Lumosity is a great online resource for puzzles, word challenges, etc. I never want to stop learning ~ :)


  24. Lovely photos Stacey! Everyone seems ready for spring to arrive! Enjoy your gardens!

  25. OH my goodness, are those blooms in your yard already? Wow! I have nothing blooming yet. I am so jelly! I love learning new things too, especially with the embroidery now. I have to tell you I really tried to learn more on photography awhile back but it was just so complicated to me. You are doing great because your photos are beautiful!

  26. Your photos are so pretty, Stacey! I'd like to learn to take better photos, but I guess I'm too lazy! I just grab my iPhone...I know, sad, but true. I so love learning and never want to quit, either. I guess sewing, crocheting and trying new recipes keeps me learning new things.
    Brrrr, it's chilly here today!!

  27. Stacey- your photographs are lovely!
    And thank you for including the settings you used. I have a 50 mm lens that I need to use more often.

    I want to learn more about the back side of blogging: seo, having my blogger settings at their best-

    But I also want to write what I want to write about when I want to!

    And that is how I roll-

    Oh, and I want to learn the best recipe for white cake with yummy icing-
    And I want to learn how to do my eyebrows better-



  28. Beautiful Stacey! I really need to experiment with my camera more. I'm counting the days till we have flowers. The snow is almost completely melted off of our back lawn and gosh, we have Vole trails everywhere. UGH! It looks so bad! Never had it like that before. But then we had a real winter this year.

  29. Sigh. Pansies are one of my favorites!

    I'm trying desperately to learn to paint a bit better and somewhere along the way find my own style. I came to realize it is like playing an instrument -- you have to do the scales, play the same piece over and over till you get it right. But no, I never want to stop learning either! Too much out there I haven't already found!

  30. Your photography is so good, Stacey! Any signs of spring I can get and I'm over the moon! Like you, I want to learn more about photography...one thing I enjoy so much!

  31. Lovely spring shots. We had a break of a day or two that went up to 60 degrees and a thunderstorm on Wednesday evening. Hard to believe I was out on my front porch bundled up a bit enjoying a thunderstorm in FEB! Snow today though; back to normal :)

  32. your photography is amazing! i just picked up an SLR this past summer and I love using it. I have so much to learn!

  33. You are quite the photographer, Stacy. The pic's are just beautiful. I can't wait until spring!

  34. It's great to see your spring flowers! I just covered my iris with some snow yesterday to protect them from any ice we were expecting. It'll be a while before they flower ;) Learning new things is what keeps us interesting ourselves don't you think?

  35. Lovely flowers! It is still cold here in NC, and it is snowing right now!

  36. Your photos are beautiful, Stacy! We are already having warm Spring weather here in the AZ desert, and I am yearning to do some planting. Pansies are my hubby's fave, so they are definitely on the "must plant" list.

    I do love learning new things, but the past seven months have been filled with learning things I never expected or wanted to learn about....cancer! I'm doing fine, and I am in the final treatment-stage, radiation. During this time, I have pursued learning to crochet -- lots of idle time! I cannot say I've mastered crochet, but I can crochet the heck out of hats! I was even able to make a few to donate to my cancer centers Boutique of Hope....great feeling! I think what I've learned the most is taking one day at a time, accepting both the good and bad, and always staying positive. Sometimes life-lessons are the most difficult but also the most rewarding.

    Warm hugs,

  37. That Carolina Jasmine is beautiful!
    Like you, I want to keep learning. I'd like to learn to use the camera fully. I'd like to learn to hook rugs, upholstery furniture, speak Mandarin, sail a boat.....

  38. Your flowers are gorgeous. Isn't it nice to have color popping up all over the garden.

    Thanks for hosting.


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