Biscuits and a Good Book

For today's post I had planned to share with you the most wonderful biscuit recipe that is one of the many ways to my husband's heart. 

I made the dough and took pretty pictures of said dough.

I was feeling all proud. Apparently too proud because I walked away and completely 
burned the biscuits.  
Come back later this week for a biscuit recipe. :)

Now onto this subject.

Shh. Don't tell the love of my life but sometimes when he's going out of town, 
I get a little bit excited.
Why? Well, I can leave the lights on and read as late as I want!

was a gift I received from our book club's Christmas book exchange. When I opened the package there was an uh oh moment because historical fiction isn't usually what I pick. Everyone in the group had already read it though and they were all saying it was their favorite book EVER! That's a strong statement to make so of course, I had to read it.

What did I think?
It was wonderful and it was heart wrenching.

Angel was born into a life of prostitution. Michael Hosea is the farmer who spotted her while riding through town. God spoke to him and told him to marry her. The story goes from there with Michael loving her unconditionally and Angel struggling with her past. This is a love story based on the Bible story of Gomer and Hosea. I'll warn you that there are parts of this book that are disturbing as you might guess from Angel's past.  I would definitely say read it if the story line calls to you. 

Have you read Redeeming Love?
What did you think?

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  1. OMG Redeeming Love is one of my favorite books ever! Enjoy it!

  2. What a bummer about the biscuits! I'm Queen of multi-tasking when cooking, which often results in too toasty food! ha! I look forward to reading more about them later in the week! I need a good biscuit recipe! Thanks for the recommendation on the book. It sounds wonderful... will have to add it to my lineup! ~Rhonda

  3. That is a wonderful book. I put off reading it for a long time, but it is one of my favorites. I tried another book by the author and didn't like it, but this one is definitely worth reading.
    Can't wait to see your biscuits.

  4. We had takeout twice over the weekend. We never eat out. But I have so much on my plate that I ruined what was planned...twice. :)

    I've pinned this book to my must read list.

  5. Sounds like such a wonderful read! I totally understand about burning the biscuits, just yesterday I had chicken in the oven on the wrong degrees because that's what I had cinnamon rolls in for the morning, I caught it in time and improvised but the older I get, The more it happens! Lol. Can't wait for the recipe!!

  6. Yes I have read this! Read it in connection with a bible study. It really is a beautiful story of unconditional love. Francine Rivers is a wonderful author and I love her writing style.
    PS Sorry about your biscuits.;-(

  7. I love love love reading Historical fictions, especially Regency and Highland...and I definitely need to check this out, love the story line! Thanks for the share! Hugs, Poppy

  8. As much as I love my hubby, I, too, sometimes love when he has to go out of town for a night or two. No having to plan a big dinner and I can be in charge of the remote. ;)

  9. That's funny, Stacey 'cuz historical fiction IS my very favorite genre these days. It used to be horror in my youth (yikes) then tempered to the macabre, then mysteries (kinda) and then it's been historical fiction for a very long time. I have only read a couple romance novels in my life, but they were historical fiction with much more than the hot-n-steamy stuff (Outlander comes to mind, so good - book not film.)

    Anyway, thanks for the recommendation!

    Have a wonderful week of love! ♥♥♥

  10. UGH, hate when that happens. Francine Rivers books are wonderful. I will have to pick this one up.

  11. With all of these tantalizing book reviews, you might just convert this nonfiction girl into a full-blown fiction reader!

  12. The book sounds good. I love historical fiction, so I'll have to take a look at it.

    Sorry about the biscuits. That's happen to me more than once... ugh.

    Thank you for sharing your dad's old home with me. It is definitely gorgeous and a lot like I wanted my old foursquare to end up looking like. Great kitchen too!! Sorry he had to sell it, but it's understandable. I hope he's doing well :)


  13. Hi Stacey, I can't tell you how many times I've burned the biscuits. lol
    The book sounds so good. I will have to look for this one!
    See you soon. xo

  14. Thanks for the recommendation, I'm going to look for this at the library. Looking forward to the biscuit recipe too :)

  15. oh boy, a new Thursday link party. :)
    I would make a pattern of my bird place cards if I'd not lost them when we moved.

  16. Oh no, not the biscuits...darn...I've burnt a few things too, it happens!
    I hadn't heard of that book before, I have added it to my list...I have a pile here that I am trying to get through! ;)
    Can't wait for your new link party! So exciting!
    Hugs, KImberley

  17. That's too bad about the biscuits. I'm looking forward to seeing the recipe soon. I love a good biscuit recipe. I thought the same thing about historical fiction...I didn't have any interest in it. Then a friend gave me the first book in the "Gaslight Mysteries" by Victoria Thompson and I was hooked!

  18. Will be looking forward to your biscuit recipe! I hate it when I get distracted and end up burning something. The book sounds good!

  19. Not sure exactly how I got to your blog, but I DO know that Francine Rivers is one of my favorites! You might get a copy of The Scarlet Thread, also hers, and wonderful.

    Boy does a good homemade biscuit sound good right now! It's been way too long. :)



  20. I too love when my husband goes out of town every so often..... has not happened in a while, but I am now wondering if husbands feel the same way when we are gone for a day or two? Do they celebrate? Read books? Eat biscuits? LOL Oh to be a fly on the wall.

  21. I've always loved biscuits! My mother made them every morning when we were growing up. Anxious to see your recipe!


  22. I've never made a successful biscuit so I can't judge you on that, for sure!! Can't wait to see your recipe and I hope it's one I can be successful with. I'll have to look up this book on Amazon and add it to my ever growing list - I do love a good read!!

  23. Well, you're very honest about your baking mistakes. I look forward to the recipe! The book sounds good, too. I have a pile. :(



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