A Fresh Look at Our Family Room

Good Morning Friends!
It's definitely that time of year when we want to refresh things around the house.
Our family room has gone through a metamorphosis since you were here last time.
One change we made was a big deal while the rest are small but special.

For those of you who've been with me for awhile...do you see anything different?
We have a different couch! 
Yes, it's the third one since we've lived here for the last 3 1/2 years and there's a very legitimate reason for that which I will explain in another post.  Suffice it to say, it's not that we are that spendy!

I decided to simplify our pillows on the couch for awhile.  Two large red pillows and a smaller spotted pillow are making me smile these days. The photograph above was taken from the staircase and gives a great shot of the Karastan wool rug that we've had for about 15 years. 
Trends in rugs come and go but this one stays with us because it's beautiful and very soft.
The lamp on the end table was purchased for about $40 right before Christmas at Kirkland's. I'm really happy with its taller proportions and shape.

The bird lamp reflects beautifully now over on the side console table.
Of course, the mirrors were brought into this room a few months ago from another spot in the house.

You all saw the mantel as it currently is a couple of weeks ago.
I stare at the Emily Jeffords print all the time. I love it!! The colors are so rich and deep
that you really feel like you are gazing into a sky.

These tulips are fading away now.
We had them all over the house when I hosted the baby shower two weekends ago.
Even though they are not perfect anymore, they are still pretty to me.

So that's our room refresh for the beginning of this year. This room serves us so very well. 
We have room for lots of people when we host parties and the flow is wonderful from the entry and into the kitchen.

I feel very blessed to have this home. It's a place where we welcome family and friends every chance we get. It's a place to make memories now and in the future.

Do you feel that way too?

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Thank you Jennifer for this wonderful link up.
Can't wait to go see the other participants and their homes.

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  1. Oh be still my heart, that lamp is fantastic!

  2. I love your bird lamp Stacey! Lovely! What a comfortable looking family room you have! Thanks for sharing today!

  3. Your family room is beautiful.....love the new sofa!

  4. I love the sofa. We purchased an off white sofa last Spring and I haven't regretted it once. I can change out the look so easily with pillows and throws and it hasn't been hard to keep clean at all. We use it constantly! Your living room looks great, fresh and pretty. My next project for our living room is making it look like Spring. I'll tackle that in a couple weeks. Thanks for sharing your space :)

  5. So beautiful! Looks so cozy and inviting!!

  6. Pretty, Stacey! That print over your mantle is so gorgeous!

  7. Sofas and I have a love/ hate relationship, I just seem to choose the wrong ones. Like the one I have now!
    Your couch is perfect and oh my this lamp!

  8. Your new sofa looks great in the space! The lines are nice and clean so you will be able to get lots of looks with it. I love your little dotty pillow. Super cute!

  9. Love this refreshed space, Stacey, it looks really good. I'm totally with you and in nesting mode as of late. Hugs for an awesome day, CoCo

  10. What a beautiful and fresh room. I love the sky painting over the mantel and the color pops in the room. Looks so inviting and gives me more inspiration to do something new in our family room. Kirklands does have the prettiest lamps.. I have to use great restraint when shopping there because everything is so pretty! :)

  11. Stacey- I want to come sit on that couch so I can ask you about everything you have done!
    It is all so beautiful!


  12. Love your bird lamp, Stacey! Kirkland's has the best deals! Yes, I love to switch things up from time-to-time...it's like a new start!

  13. Love the new sofa, and all the new additions. The bird lamp is perfect.

  14. I absolutely adore the pretty lamp with the gorgeous bird shade! And the couch looks great in your space! Such a nice, neutral piece! Beautiful space... yes, you are blessed! :) ~Rhonda

  15. I really like the sofa! That lamp sure is pretty too and I also like the table it's on. Beautiful room!

  16. I can see why you still have the rug. It is beautiful and a classic. I really love the mirrors and bird lamp.

  17. This is lovely, Stacey! Love your new sofa, and my favorites are the beautiful mirrors!

  18. Your living room surely does look fresh and so inviting, Stacey! Moving around accessories is a great way to change up and freshen up a room.
    Mary Alice

  19. Just gorgeous Stacey. Love everything and I am swooning over the bird lamp. Thanks for sharing.
    So much inspiration here!! xo

  20. Your room looks great! I like the switch-ups and it all feels fresh and soothing.

  21. I cannot wait to read about the sofas. My mind is wondering what is up with that. Lol! I love fresh flowers and tend to hold on to them as well. Maybe you could drop those bulbs in the ground soon and enjoy them again next year. Thanks you for sharing your living room, love seeing more of your home!

  22. Hi Sweet Friend, wow what a lovely home. I love area rugs they warm up a room with wood floors..in my home they stay. Lovely touches. I enjoy glazing into your beautiful home.

  23. Everything looks really lovely. I especially like that wonderful bird lamp shade! I enjoyed reading about all the ways you have changed things up around your living area, Stacey!

  24. Hi Stacey,
    Your room is just beautiful! I love everything...including that sofa!
    That rug is gorgeous and it is truly something that will never go out of style!
    Enjoy the rest of your week! Hugs, Kimberley

  25. What a nice open family room you have, with lots of wonderful details. Thanks for sharing your space and for hosting Thoughts of Home on Thursday.

  26. Your family room is just lovely. So airy and simply beautiful! So nice to visit your home!

  27. What a beautiful family room you have! It looks like such a cozy place. I just love those mirrors.


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