Family Room Refresh for the New Year

Good Morning Friends. 
 What are you up to today? 
 I'm working on a little family room refreshing for the new year.

Above the mantel artwork by Emily Jeffords at Poofing the Pillows.

I know that some of you are socked in by a long snowy winter.
We are having an unusually beautiful winter and truth be told,
some days it feels like spring already. They say the cold and rain is coming
though so let's all just look at this beautiful blue sky. :)

I've shared before that I try to change out the artwork above the fireplace several times per year.
I recently spotted the Instagram feed of Emily Jeffords and was instantly taken with her beautiful work. Fortunately, she sells prints so this one came to me. :)

What you see above is just a little peek of the art because the sunny glare and my camera aren't getting along today. 

There's also some lamp shuffling going on...a cute pillow that Santa brought me...and
a few other things that make me smile.

What goes into a room refresh for you?
Of course, the main things all stay but little things get moved around and it all feels new.

Today I'm off to meet Jemma of At Home with Jemma and Eilis of My Heart Lives Here for lunch. 
Woo hoo!!

Happy Friday to you.

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  1. The print looks lovely, I like the bit of yellow I can see in the corner.

  2. What pretty artwork! I know that looks beautiful in your room! Have fun at lunch you wild Rockwall girls!

  3. Beautiful colors in the print! I usually try to change the colors and textures when I reset a room. I like to swap out plants and candles for a fresh look.

  4. Lovely print. I'm taking a cloud painting workshop next month, and I'm really looking forward to it!

  5. Fabulous print. Awaiting some new pillow covers and adding a bit of green with fresh plants. A little bit of change makes a huge difference.

  6. Looking forward to seeing your room refresh! It's always fun to shuffle things around and add in a few pops of color. I just refreshed my living room with new pillow covers and some decorative plates for the mantel. Happy Friday!

  7. Hope you guys had a great time at lunch. I was emailing with Jemma and she said she was off to see you.

  8. Thanks for planning our lunch outing. I enjoyed it very much! I am currently obsessing over wanting to paint our family room a lighter color. Hubby (who likes it how it is) just told me he will be out of town three days next week. Hmmm....

  9. Your room refresh sounds great and so does the lunch.
    How fun.

  10. Stacey, this watercolor is beautiful. Even though we haven't had any snow we've had a ton of rain so this sweet little piece of sunshine would be a welcome sight. Hope your weekend is fantastic, CoCo

  11. Good Morning Stacey,
    Looking forward to new and refreshing inspiration from your home.

    I so enjoyed meeting you and Ellis yesterday, it was perfect weather for lunch and shopping.
    I have already placed my loaf of homemade bread in my bread box:). And now I'm trying to decide where to put those Christmas ornaments-so I don't forget to use them next year.

    Happy Saturday,

  12. Hi Stacey, your refresh start looks beautiful. Love the pretty sky. How fun you met up with Jemma and Eilis for lunch. It was the perfect day! See you in February. Have a nice weekend and stay warm.

  13. Love the blue sky...I'm sure you're going to really enjoy having this above your mantel. It feels good to do a little refreshing and rearranging, right?

    I'm so glad you 3 were able to meet for lunch! Fun times ~ :)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  14. Beautiful print above your fireplace, Stacey! Love how changing that out can give a whole new vibe in your room.
    Mary Alice

  15. Love the print--hope to see more soon!

    Jane x

  16. Beautiful artwork! It's always fun to rearrange. Stay warm and dry! xoxo

  17. I love how refreshing a room can make it feel brand new. Whether it's changing a piece of art work or rearranging a vignette. Lovely print by the way. Happy Sunday.


  18. Oh I just love the colors in that print. What a way to refresh the room!! I can't wait to see the whole room. What a fun afternoon you had planned, with such sweet ladies. I am sure it was a blast!! :)

  19. I bet your lunch was wonderful! Love the painting, so pretty!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  20. The painting looks beautiful Stacy! Nothing like a gorgeous blue sky. How fun that you got to lunch with Jemma and Ellis (not familiar with her), will have to hop over and say 'hi'. Hope it was wonderful!

  21. I hope you all had a most wonderful lunch!! I hope to be in TX the first part of March and would like to meet you girls for lunch! On refreshing a room, for me, it's all about moving the small stuff around and making it feel more warm, inviting and cozy! I will let you know when I can get that worked out in this house...LOL Hugs!


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