A Wonderful Sign and Blog Talking

We have two or three signs in our house that have the word wonderful on them. 
I guess I've liked that word for a long time.
This sign is definitely my favorite and it hangs in our grown son's room. 
He doesn't live here but I like to think of it as his room anyway. 
I've been asked a couple of times lately where this came from. 
I ordered it from Between You & Me.  You can get yours too. :)

Now can we talk about blogging for just a sec? 

I was informed recently that Google Friends is making changes and that you may not be updated about blog posts any longer if that is the way you follow Poofing the Pillows.

Consider following by Email.

Would you please consider following by email or on Bloglovin?
You may have some other method you use and that's fine...just don't want to lose anyone. 

The email sign up is right over there on the sidebar.

Also, I really do try to answer your comments but often times your messages are No Reply Emails.
When that happens, I can't find you. Sorry.

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  1. Stopping by from Hospitality Lane. My word is bubbly and I hope to be of good cheer this year. Enjoyed my visit and will follow on BlogLovin. Happy and healthy!

  2. If you have visited my blog recently, you will see a sign on my LR wall which has the last words of that song on it! I love it! Love your sign as well. I have your blog posted on my blog list, so I do get your updates. Blessings, Cindy

  3. I've always loved that song! Life is wonderful!!! I haven't heard this about Google, but I remember the same rumor going around a few years ago and it didn't happen. I will follow by e-mail. Thought I already did, but I'll see.

  4. I love the words in this sign. And I have a sign from this talented couple. They are really great.

    I'm signing up for your blog by email.

    Jane x

  5. I follow by email. I think that's the best way to keep up! I love the word wonderful too. I have it's a wonderful life sign in my living room after the movie.. My favorite!
    I've been sick since Christmas day :-( feeling better, hoping to get back on track here soon. Happy Wednesday!

  6. I have you on my sidebar, so it's easy to follow along and not miss a post!!
    Happy New Year,
    Mary Alice

  7. I love the message on that sign. The words are s beautiful and uplifting. I follow on Bloglovin, no worries :)

  8. Hi Stacey, Happy New Year!! Love the sign. I also follow you by email. I am aware of the blog follower gadget as I lost 38 followers in 15 minutes before Christmas. I did a post about this and tomorrow I also share what I read from blogspot on this issue.
    I am a non reply comment because that was the only way having a yahoo address my comments were arriving to blogs. Hate that, but can't change my address due to the shop.
    Thanks for sharing the link for the great sign. xo

  9. I have a mini canvas with a line from that song but I love your sign. I am having trouble replying to comments on my blog due to noreplyblogger status. Did something change in that regard as well? It seems there are more now than ever.

  10. This has always been one of my favorite songs and I love that you chose "wonderful" as your word for 2016. Thank you so much for visiting my blog. Happy and healthy new year to you and your family!! : )

    ~ Wendy

  11. I am already subscribed by e-mail. :)

    (And I will e-mail you a post of mine that might help with the "no-reply issue. It's a blogger platform issue.)

  12. Love the sign! Although I follow you, I will find you on Bloglovin' also. I think I have one follower there...LOL

  13. Love love love that song and I Love it when Louis sings it! I have loved it since HS!

  14. Hi Stacey. That's a great sign and how I love that song and can hear Louie Armstrong's raspy voice singing it. I follow you on my blog list thingy and so far so good. Thanks for popping in to see me and Happy New Year.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  15. I have you on my blog roll so I won't miss a post.

  16. I've lost 15 followers and thought it was from me not posting for a while, then I started thinking that it was quite a lot to lose all at once and went into blogger and found out that those that didn't have google accounts wouldn't be able to see our blogs. I don't know why they can't leave well enough alone!

    Love the sign too!

  17. Sweet sign, and great song. My favorite version of this song is Iz's. I don't really get this. I have a google account and blogger, but I don't have google plus. I wondered if we have to have google plus or just google? I researched it a bit, and I did not find an answer. xoxo Su

  18. I love that sign and that song! What a wonderful sign to have in your home especially when your word is wonderful. I can't wait to see how many times wonderful pops up in your life. No need to worry about losing me...I love reading your blog and I get it delivered right to my email.

  19. I love this sign of yours. It's so beautiful in the room with all the blue! I will follow by email but you couldn't lose me if you tried. LOL

  20. I like that you've chosen Wonderful as your world for 2016. Great word! And your sign is so cute. I love the lyrics to that song so much! You're on my blog roll, but I can't understand why GFC won't work...is it to force people to use Google + do you think? I also like Bloglovin'. Thanks for this information.

  21. I love that sign! Reminds me that my daughter has a similar one that she's not using...need to check on that!

    It's beautiful here today but I understand the cold is returning by Sat. I will probably remain inside in my pj's. :)


  22. I love that sign. I bought a chalk board recently and wrote 'You Are Loved' on it. Anyone who looks in my kitchen indow will see it.

  23. Your on my sidebar and I love your sign. I have one that I bought on Etsy and looks similar but Mother Teresa's "Do it anyway."

  24. First, I follow you by having you on my blog roll. I have it organized by most recent so your blog will be at the top if you have posted recently.

    And now, to that sign. Ooh ... ahh ... LOVE LOVE LOVE.

    That is the song my son and I danced to at his wedding. There is a cajun restaurant in Santa Barbara called The Palace and midway through a seating, the waiters bring out copies of the lyrics to What A Wonderful World and the entire restaurant joins in to sing the song.

    Thanks for Sharing Your Cup!

  25. One of my all time favorites! Love the song, love the sign, love your blog! Happy New, Stac!Xoxo

  26. Great word for the year! I'm heading over to check out the new blog.

    As far as notification... I just periodically check in on my favs. I don't depend on
    the notifications. .... sorry, that probably doesn't help... :P

    I need to have a word for this year!

  27. This is a great sign indeed. And I like the song as well. Happy 2016, dear Stacey.

  28. That's a great sign and while I was reading, I couldn't help singing along. I've been hearing about these changes with Google, but I also have your blog on my side bar so that should help... :)

  29. Love the sign... it's so "happy!" ...and that's a wonderful thing! :) ~Rhonda

  30. Hi Sweet Stacey! I follow you on Blogger and I think on bloglovin too. Is Blogger changing as well? I get so confused as to if they are one and the same with google. I would love to see a link about the changes they are making if you know it but no big deal if you don't. I love,love,love this sign and even more so the song!

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