My Entryway Bugs Me

Our entry is beautiful but challenging. 
I've said that before and I'll say it again.

The other day I rounded the corner and looked at our entry table
and realized it was just wrong!

The lamp is glass.
The cloche is glass.
The mirror is large and the frame is silvery white.
The furniture is white with mirrors in it.

The area looked naked.

This happened kind of on purpose in my effort to lighten up a dark area.
Stark was not the look I was after!

We have several pieces of artwork that rotate in that spot throughout the year but on this particular day there was nothing. Just naked.
To please myself momentarily I grabbed the red tray and put it in the back there.
I like it.

There's something about this bugging me though.
A week or so ago, Miss Mustard Seed said she realized she was reusing something in her decor because she didn't know what else to do.  
Can you imagine? 
I'm being sarcastic here because oh. my. goodness. her home is beautiful!

So let me just say that the cloche in this exact arrangement has been with me for probably 5 years.
Just like this at the last house..white urn on red transferware...little plant...keys hanging.

I'm a smart girl!
I have a million and one pictures on Pinterest!
But still the same cloche.

What would you do?

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Whistling Past the Graveyard

Good Morning! 

 I'm heading out of town to visit my sweet dad in just a few minutes but wanted to update you on my Summer Reading List.

Just finished reading
Whistling Past the Graveyard 
by Susan Crandall last night.

Oh my goodness!

No kidding this is one of the best books I've ever read.
The story is hard and so heartwarming all at the same time.
The language is incredible!
Susan Crandall knows how to tell a story really make you understand
how the characters feel and what they experience.

The use of similes and metaphors mixed into the southern vernacular 
hooked me from the first 

There are rumors that there could be a movie made from this book.
I can totally imagine it but then again...aren't books so much better than movies?

Read this one y'all!

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Summer Mantel

You all know that I don't change things all the time.
I'm more of a get it the way I like it and leave it for a long time kind of girl.
You inspire me though so this week I tweaked the mantel...just a little. :)

First, I brought out my favorite summery print that I've had for 2 or 3 years. 
I always look forward to putting this out because the colors are so pretty and make me happy. 
Besides who doesn't love the farmers market?

Then on a girlfriend trip to HomeGoods the other day I ran across the 
blue bottle with silver wire on it. I thought the wire would look neat with the galvanized
metal on the lantern.  I think it works and that pop of blue color is amazing.

Thank you for always being an inspiration to me girls.
You are decorating geniuses and I enjoy hanging with you. 

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A Rainy Summer Wednesday

Today has been...

a rain falling....

vignette playing....

kitchen scrubbing...

candle burning....

coffee drinking....

floor mopping....

kitty shooing....

cup towel switching...

happy to be home kind of day.

How has your day been?

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June in our Yard

Welcome to our June garden!

This is our third year in this house and the garden is coming into its own.
We made the front flower bed really large and deep and filled it will lots of  layers.
We are so happy with the way it's all doing now.

Our neighbor across the street told me one day that he thought, 
"it was kind of weird to put in such a big bed in the front yard but it sure looks nice". 
That was a sweet compliment because he has a beautiful yard too.

Our beds are mostly filled with perennials and each year we add in a few annuals.
My favorite cheap trick is to include zinnias planted from seeds.

In the backyard we followed the same general ideas.
Our backyard overlooks a greenbelt that gives us so much natural beauty to soak up.

Belle keeps guard over the bunnies and birds.
She's pretty sure they fear her.
They don't. :)

What's the snout?
We have a concrete pig...don't you?

We love our backyard. It's a place of peace and relaxation.

Thanks for stopping by today.
Hope you are having a wonderful Monday.

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Hello summer sky!
You sure are beautiful.

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Super Cute and Comfortable Sandal Alert

There's a strange truth behind the way I found these adorable sandals. 
And because we are all girls here, I'll share my story. Guys...walk away.
 I took my husband to the airport a few days ago and from our house it's a one hour drive. 
So I drove him there drinking iced tea and then drove towards home drinking iced tea. 

(Yes, I know I have boney geezer feet)

Do you know where this story is going?

I suddenly had to stop - pronto!! 
The closest stop was going to be at the Dillard's I was passing. It's true...I'm not making this up.

These sandals called to me as I was doing what my best friend calls
"the tee tee walk" towards the bathroom.
(Please tell me you do the tee tee walk too.)
They said we are leopard and we have comfortable padding and we are on sale!!

I heard them loud and clear and I'm not sorry.
Just goes to show that you never know when the perfect sandals might call out your name.

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Some Messes are So Worth It!

This is a mess! 
 You won't often find messes in my dining room because that's not how we roll.
But this mess is a blessing.

This mess is a sign of perseverance and pride and dreams that don't give up.

This mess is being made by our son who started college 5 years ago but got sick and had to stop.
He has worked his way back to healthy and is at it again.

We are so proud of him!!
Life doesn't always take the path you think it will take.
But most of the time something great is around the corner if you look for it and expect it.

We love you T!!

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The Honk and Holler Opening Soon

Did you read Where the Heart Is years ago? 

It was such a fantastic book. 

Billie Letts, the author, described scenes in that book that are forever ingrained in my mind.
My sister-in-law and I were talking about Where the Heart Is the other day and when I started to describe a scene in the book she completed my sentences. She remembers the same details!

The Honk and Holler Opening Soon 
was just as wonderful to read!

This book developed and described the characters so well.
If you like to read books about the daily lives of people this one might be for you.
This is about several people who come together unexpectedly and turn into a family.
The story takes place in rural Oklahoma and if you've ever lived in the southwest part of the US, you are going to feel like you know some of the characters.

Now imagine my surprise to realize this book was copyrighted in 1998.
I guess I was living under a rock (in Oklahoma) at the time or raising babies
because it passed me by until recently.
I also just learned that Billie Letts passed away last year.
What a loss!

I really enjoyed this book.
I hope you'll read it too and let me know what you think.

Now, moving on to another book on my reading list. :)

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Little Spots of Happy

As I began creating this post, I realized I've probably done something very similar to this before. Daisies from the grocery store aren't new to me but every day really isn't about something new. 
Is it? 

Life is really about the little things and some of them happen over and over.
Today I'm happy with little bits of daisies and Elvis on Pandora.
That's not new for sure!

Little bits of daisies in my favorite red polka dotted pitcher along with a cup of half caff coffee.
Not new but still great!

Little bits of daisies and lots of dusting to do.
Have a great day y'all and enjoy the little things. :)

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Summer Salad

Happy June!!

We are trying to eat lighter this summer and if you don't mind
a little chopping it's easy.

What is prettier than a fresh summer tomato?
Nothing, that's what.

This salad has romaine, black olives, chopped red and yellow peppers, and green onions.

A little later we'll be adding the tomatoes and this grilled lemon chicken.
Thank you Ina Garten.

What's for supper at your house?

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