In Our Kitchen Today

A cute little bird nest rests on a cookbook.
 I don't remember where I bought this one but I ♥ it.

Sophie soaks up the sun and warm breeze on a warm January day.
She and I hate to rub it in but it's 78 degrees here today.

Perfect little cups have a spot in the glass front cabinet.
Thank you Glenda.

Somebody left their keys on the counter.
That same somebody swears he never loses anything and he puts everything away.

What's happening in your kitchen today?


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Porch Presents

Thank you, thank you!! I can't say it enough to you or my family and friends.
I've talked enough about the big H but I want to share something that I learned from this experience.

The very minute I had surgery loved ones started taking care of us with calls, visits, food, etc. 

Every single bit of it was needed and appreciated.

It was awkward though because we've never had to be the recipient. Anyway...

Guess what I never expected.....PORCH PRESENTS.

I'm calling them porch presents because wonderful helpful things landed on our porch
the day I came home from the hospital and for several days after. 

The doorbell never rang but we would receive a text saying...check your porch.

We found cake, cookies, flowers, and cards out there.
Who would have thought?!

Those things were wonderful and boosted my spirit.
The best part was that I didn't feel like visiting at the time and 
somehow those people just knew it.

Today a friend of mine shared this article on Facebook:

The gist of it is that we often tell someone, "Let me know if you need something". 
However, they never tell us and we don't always follow through even though we intend to.

I'm here to tell you that one answer might be Porch Presents. :)

Please tell me your great ideas of things we could give someone in need just by sneaking
by and leaving it on their porch. I'm going to practice this kindness.

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Ten Things After the Hysterectomy

First let me say THANK YOU all of your kind messages and emails in the last few days.
You people are nice!!

Now let me describe what it's been like.

1. Went in thinking I would have laparoscopic surgery.  Came out with a 6" incision. 
Surgery didn't go exactly as planned.

2. Most importantly, no cancer. Thank You God! I was scared.

3. No ovaries all the sudden means I might laugh or cry at any given moment.
And that happens all day long.

4. Hideous amount of air in your abdominal cavity after surgery. 
Hurts, makes you burp and pass gas...I wasn't raised that way! 
Makes me cry.

5. Nobody told me there would be strange swelling that makes me look unhuman.

6.  Our friends and family have provided driving, food, flowers, plants, and lots of love and prayers.

6. I've decided not to look at myself in the mirror because strange swelling.....
Frankenstein....makes me cry.

7. For some reason I didn't realize that I wouldn't be able to wear clothes. 
I packed a cute outfit to wear home from the hospital that I might not wear again
 until March....makes me cry.

8. It's cold!! 
Today I have on a balloon type dress with my husband's sweatshirt and socks.
Lovely image, right?
I was moaning about my legs being cold and Paul proceeded to describe something to me.
He said, "I have just what you need." He went on to tell me about this whole body suit he has 
that goes from your feet to your neck and zips so you can go to the bathroom.
I said, "You mean like Elmer Fudd?"
Well, yes! That might be what I wear tomorrow.

9.  Ya just have to laugh when you can and cry if you need to.

10. Naps are wonderful. 

11. I couldn't be more lucky or blessed.
Can't believe I'm writing about this.

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Junky Drawers, Sticky Floors, and a Hysterectomy

I see how you all are getting organized! 
Throwing things out...putting things in rows...and promising yourself to do better this year. :) 
I'm right there with ya and it feels good!

 However, the cleaning process after Christmas has been slower than usual
 because the expiration date on some of my girl parts has arrived.
I know we are supposed to whisper about these subjects but what the heck.
It's just a girl thing and we're all in this together. 

Yes, I've been straightening drawers. One or two per day. 

Yes, I used my dadgum screwdriver to remove some sticky unknown things from the tile floor. 

Yes, I've been waging war on dog hair!

 But only a little each day and then I lay in the chair and watch hours of TV because gravity is not my friend right now and apparently I'm a big baby.

Yes, I'm a little bit sad because wasn't it just yesterday that we couldn't wait to have babies?
Oh wait, I have to cry a little because that's what girls do sometimes.

1987 permed hair, pleated jeans, and the love of my life

So carry on girls!  
Organize your shelves, put things in baskets, and I'll rejoin you next week.:)

P.S. The hysterectomy is tomorrow.

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A Master Bedroom Color Change

Good Morning and Happy New Year!

I'm starting off the year with an earth shattering color change 
in the master bedroom that is long over due.

For years now I've been loving the robin's egg blue that some of you use so freely.
I've been adding it slowly but surely around our house.

Well, a few weeks ago a friend and I attended the McKinney Holiday Tour of Homes
and one house in Tucker Hill inspired me so much that seriously, I could have moved right
in there. Anyway, I knew after seeing her master bedroom that I had to make a change.
Her walls were painted a beautiful bluish green with all cream bedding. 

I'm not about to start painting the walls in our 11' tall bedroom so the color has to come from bedding. We ran across these gorgeous linen shams at Laurie Anna's on Saturday.
The love of my life thought they were perfect too so HELLO new color scheme. :)
And perfect mirror hanging on the wall above the display come home with me too.

I'm swooning and this change was so easy with just a couple of pillows, a mirror, 
and a pitcher that I already had. :) 
Still need maybe one more pillow with a little pattern on it and the search is on!

My decorating mojo is rejuvenated by a beautiful color.
What's exciting you lately?

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Happy 2015!!

Happy New Year Friends! 

I hope you are off to a wonderful start. 
We are staying warm and planning a dinner of pork chops, cabbage, and black eyed peas. 
Of course, there's cornbread too. :)

Here's a little look back at popular and favorite posts of 2014.

Without a doubt, the most visited post was

That post was my way of thinking over my dad's recovery from leukemia and saying good-bye
to an awesome old house. I'm happy to say that a young couple bought the house last summer
 and the girl (they are in their 20s) is an interior designer.  I'd love to see what they do with 
this Texas historic home.  

The best part of the story is that my dad settled in a smaller home about two blocks away.
He's well and fit as a fiddle!

I'm glad this post was visited the most times. :)

I guess we are all looking for inspiration in the fall.
It's the time of year that nesting really kicks in to full gear.
My porch is little so I'm pleased that so many came to visit.
I'll continue looking for ways to make this spot inviting.

Going backwards on the calendar now to March....

If you came to visit me, I'd bring you in this room and hand you a Diet Coke.
You'd be welcome to put your feet up and stay awhile.
Be warned that you'll be wearing a little dog hair by the time you leave. 

Spring in the Entry was a popular post too. 
This is the single hardest space in my house to photograph.
It's also been the hardest part of the house to love for me. 
Lately, my appreciation has grown though.

I'll end with the fifth most popular post
I'm not surprised that a lot of people read this one.
The space above the kitchen cabinets is hard.
Do you go empty or do you add a little? 
It's an age old nagging question. :)

I'm flattered that y'all visit me and really enjoy the conversations that go back and forth.
That's what it's about to me so THANKS!

Wishing you well in 2015!!

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