The Best Part Lately

Poofing the Pillows Christmas decorations - mercury glass ornaments in a bowl

There are many of us are working feverishly right now preparing for our Christmas in Texas Blog Hop which is next week, December 7-11. A project like this is exciting but stressful!

It's so much fun to play carols and work on my house.
I love making it pretty because my family enjoys it too.
Do you know what the best part has been though?

Behind the scenes there have been many emails back and forth with this Texas group. 
These ladies are so supportive of one another.
In our group of 26 bloggers, we've had sick kids, company that has stayed a long time, leaky roofs, you name it! Isn't that how life is? Just when you think you can concentrate on one thing...there's a  curve ball right there for you to hop over. Or in some cases it's construction workers to walk around.

Christmas is for JOY!

To all my Texas blogging friends, thank you for building each other up.
I have no doubt that your posts next week will be amazing and remember...
it's just for fun. :)

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  1. Stacey, you are beautiful inside and out! I'm so appreciative of your kind spirit. Thank you for organizing the Texas Blog Hop. I've had a fun time creating my post and am eager to see what others will share. It has been very special to connect with other bloggers here in TX. Thank you!

  2. Stacey,
    You are one of the kindest in blogland and I know you put your heart into everything you do. Blog tours are a lot of work and I know this tour of all the Texas bloggers is going to be awesome. I cannot wait to be inspired!

  3. I'm looking so forward to seeing what all you lovely ladies down south have been up to!! xo

  4. It's going to be great Stacey! Thanks for putting all this together!
    PS Your sneak peak is adorable with those mercury glass ornies.:-)

  5. Stacy what a great blessing to have all these bloggers in your life. I agree you are one of the sweetest in blog land. Blessed to have found you!


  6. Everything usually takes a LOT longer than it appears, doesn't it? I know when I did the Fall Home Tour, it was all-consuming, so I can only imagine how it is for you ladies.

    I'm so looking forward to all the prettiness though. It will be totally worth it!



  7. We all need someone to encourage us from time to time

    I just love going to Christmas open houses at shops and not one in my city is having this

    I need to be in Texas

  8. Looking forward to a fun blog hop. Life always seem to throw you curves when you least expect it.
    Mary Alice

  9. I believe there is truth in these words, but not just for Texas bloggers. Most bloggers, in general, are such wonderful, sweet and kind people, always willing to share an encouraging word, prayers or cyber hugs. I love bloggers!! Blessings, Cindy Looking forward to Texas Week!!

  10. Thank you for including me! I have been reading all the emails back and forth and have loved every encouraging word! I hope I don't make you nervous but I'm still not sure how to pull this off! I will be waiting in anticipation for that first group on Dec. 7th!!!

  11. It's a lot of work to get the house ready, take the pictures, edit, retake pictures, write the post ...

    I am looking forward to the tour.

  12. Hi Stacey! I am so looking forward to the Texas blog hop - I know you all are going to rock it! Jane

  13. You are so right... Christmas is for Joy! Good luck as you make final preparations for the blog hop! Looking forward to it! :) ~Have a great weekend! Rhonda

  14. You are a sweetie! I look forward to visiting Texas through all of the great bloggers you've got on board!

  15. Wonderful Stacey! This is going to be wonderful time visiting the holiday homes of Texas bloggers! I am so excited to meet new bloggers and get a peek inside their festive homes! Thank you so much for hosting!!

  16. I am so excited to see all of the Texas homes!! I wish I could join you all, but alas, a blog is not for me. HOWEVER.....I will be here with bells on to admire all of the hard work that I KNOW will be done. Decorating for Christmas is never easy, but so enjoyable and such a lovely way to honor the Savior's birthday!!!
    Hurry up December 7th :^)

  17. Thanks for all your hard work on this Stacey. I am looking forward to seeing it all come together!

  18. I'm so excited and cannot wait to see it all!! I know you have had such fun!! :-D

  19. Camaraderie is the best. It makes even a bad day better! Can't wait to see what ladies all come up with!

  20. Looking forward to lots of ideas and beautiful homes! Sheila


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