Christmas in Texas Blog Hop Day 1

Christmas in Texas Blog Hop December 7-11, 2015 Hosted by Poofing the Pillows

The first day of our
Christmas in Texas Blog Hop 
has finally arrived and I'm so excited!!

This week 25 bloggers who live in the Lone Star State will be sharing their creative decorating ideas, crafts, recipes, traditions and even some beautiful fashions.

We are starting with my kitchen and dining room which I'm sure will be quickly forgotten once you click along to see what the others are sharing. This is such a talented group of ladies and I'm thrilled that we've collaborated for this special project.

Christmas in the kitchen at Poofing the Pillows

Christmas in the kitchen at Poofing the Pillows, Christmas in Texas Blog Hop 2015

Christmas in the kitchen, Christmas in Texas Blog Hop hosted by Poofing the Pillows

In our dining room we added this new little white tree this year.
I am a in love with it kind of looks like a person with the hat on.
Don't they make creepy movies about things like that?

Poofing the Pillows Christmas Tour Dining Room

Christmas in Texas blog hop hosted by Poofing the Pillows

Christmas apothecary jars, Christmas in Texas blog hop hosted by Poofing the Pillows

red and white transferware, Christmas in Texas blog hop hosted by Poofing the Pillows

 Following me today you will go visit
  Katie at Blessed by 3 Miracles.
Katie's blog is all about her adorable kids, her gorgeous home, and all the
fun activities of a young family.

Blessed by 3 Miracles blog

After Katie you'll visit
Sarah from Hyacinth for the Soul 
Sarah specializes in stunning tablescapes and beautiful decor.
Her home will make you green with envy but today she is sharing some inspiration
from friends.

Hyacinth for the Soul blog

Then on to 
Judith from Botanic Bleu
Judith has an amazing french country style that is right at home here in Texas.
She incorporates lots of beautiful blues in her dream home along with
unbelievable gardening.

Botanic Bleu blog

Last you'll visit
Julie at Lilacs and Longhorns.
Julie has done what all of us would love to do.
She has managed to make a charming home that incorporates her pretty
style but pleases her husband with touches of masculine.

I hope you'll go visit these women and leave them some Christmas comment love so they will know you were there.
Don't forget to come back tomorrow for Day 2.

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  1. Good Morning Stacey, Love your kitchen and dining decor and your adorable white tree. Everything is so festive and inviting. Love your teapot and I happen to know that Santa is bringing me one just like it this year. LOL I have the red metal basket too but didn't use it this time. Love how you have it filled with towels. Your home is lovely!!
    Thanks for hosting and all you did to create a great week.
    Have fun! xo

  2. Stacey, your home is full of charm. Your photos make me long to see more of your beautiful kitchen.
    Thanks for hosting and organizing this fun hop. My post didn't go live as scheduled, but it's live now. I'm off to see what the others have shared. Thanks again for all the hard work putting this together.
    Merry Texas Christmas!

  3. Love your white tree with red ornaments next to your red and white china. Everything looks ready for Santa's visit (and he can use one of the cute straws to keep from getting milk on his beard!)

  4. Love, love, love your pops of red and beautiful Christmas touches! I also have my Christmas kitchen towels in a basket but can't see them as well as yours -- that's the perfect basket!
    Thank you so much for putting this tour together -- such a great idea! Can't wait to see you at the cookie exchange!

  5. It's all so lovely, Stacey! You know how much I love your pretty kitchen. :) Can't wait to visit some of the other ladies!

  6. Hi Stacey! I love your kitchen period but with the Christmas touches I really love it! Your little white tree is so cute. Now you just need a couple of black balls for eyes! LOL I just love all of the Christmas home tours and are amazed at all of the creativity we have in blogland. Hope you're doing well, friend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  7. Stacey it's all so beautiful and so YOU! I see your sweet polka pitcher peeking out with those cute straws. And I love that white feather tree. Adorable! Thanks for sharing your beautiful home with us! And thanks for organizing this amazing blog hop!

  8. Hi Stacey! Your home is absolutely festive and fun with all the red and white! I see you have that darling piece of Debbie Mum....I have dessert plates in that pattern! I know your family must enjoy all those holiday treasures! Great job and I thank you for sharing and for hosting all of us Texas gals! Blessings for a beautiful week!

  9. Stacey you have brought me such Christmas joy this morning! I smiled wide when I saw your darling dining room tree. It does indeed look like a jolly fellow. I will be featuring it on my Saturday roundup post! :)

    Now onto the next tour!

  10. I love it all from the boots to your gorgeous trees. Lol I just put a post up of our hot drink station and I have the same polka dotted jug but in blue and with straws. Great minds think alike.

  11. Looks beautiful...and I love the santa hat!

  12. What a fun tour! I don't think I've been to one from only Texas homes before. You are so funny describing your white tree in the dining room. I love all of your classic red and white touches.

  13. Howdy, Stacey,
    Your kitchen is filled with Christmas cheer. I love your basket filled with seasonal kitchen towels and just may be stealing (rustling) that look. I am having such a great time this morning seeing all the Christmas in Texas posts and am Pinning away on my Pinterest board dedicated to Christmas in Texas.

    Off to see more incredible Christmas ideas!

    Thank you for hosting and for inviting Botanic Bleu to be a part of the 1st Annual (I hope) Christmas in Texas blog hop.


  14. Certainly not forgotten, Stacey! Your home is a classic and your elegant style is always tops on my list! I have already visited some of your friends and I am so impressed. Lovely. Merry Christmas!!

  15. Good morning!! I am already enjoying this Christmas in Texas Blog Hop!!!
    Thank you for doing this!

    You are so clever the way you sprinkled a little Christmas all over your kitchen! It is just beautiful!!

  16. Everything looks so festive and beautiful....
    thanks so much for the fun.....I'm still scared.....:)
    Thanks so much for inviting me in with all you creative bloggers.xoxo

  17. I love all the touches of red in your Christmas decorating. It is the cheeriest color and I just can't seem to have Christmas without it somewhere in my decorating! I love the white tree, it does look a little like a person with the hat, and there is a bulb right where the nose would be, but it's so pretty. I love how white trees glow when the lights are lit! Thank you for getting this together Stacey, the tours are one of my favorite things to visit and I know this one will be fun!

  18. Hey Wonderful lady, everything came together so nicely. Thank you for inviting me to your Christmas Blog tour that was so kind of you. Your home looks absolutely amazing. Such a sweet kind person to go with that beautiful home of yours!!

  19. So beautiful, Stacey! I love red so I thoroughly enjoyed seeing your kitchen and dining area. The "Santa tree" is adorable! You have so many beautiful, unique touches and it all feels very warm and welcoming. Thanks for all your hard work with this endeavor!


  20. I love all your charming Christmas touches! This is such a fun tour. Thanks so much for organizing it and bringing so many of us Texas gals together!!

    Big Texas Hugs,
    Susan and Bentley

  21. Pretty Christmas in your very pretty kitchen!
    I just bet you are on top of Santa's list!


  22. Love your Christmas decorations, especially that little white tree! I had a white tree a few years ago and absolutely loved it! Those apothecary jars are just too cute and what a great idea for the holidays!!

  23. I love all of the red and white you have in your kitchen. So pretty and festive!

  24. Such a beautiful home and a wonderful Texas tour! You are so gracious to host us all! Thanks for the invite friend!!!

  25. Hi Stacey,
    Your kitchen and dining room look so festive and cheery! I LOVE your red transferware...I'm sighing!
    I read your comment on Celeste's blog that you tried to email me about the Texas tour. I'm sorry to say that I never received the emails. I wonder if they could've gone to my spam or something?? Anyway, I would so love to join the Texas tour next year. I appreciate knowing that you tried to contact me. I wonder if you could try emailing me again sometime, to see if I receive it? Sometimes I find that people's comments are never emailed to me, but I actually have to see them in the comments section on my post...CrAzY!!!
    Merry Christmas!

  26. I am excited that I will be able to meet so many bloggers that I had yet to discover during this special blog hop. May you enjoy the blessings that are Christmas. Cindy xo

  27. Stacey, your kitchen is so beautiful and welcoming! I love the pops of red and the basket your Christmas towels are nestled in is just perfect! Love! Thank you for organizing the tour!! Feel free to share it at Make it Pretty Monday which goes live tonight at 8:00PM CST. Have a gorgeous afternoon, my friend! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  28. Thank you, Stacey for organizing this fun blog hop. Your red dishes in the dining room are just gorgeous. I love your white tree. So cute.
    I'm off to visit the other bloggers.
    Let's Add Sprinkles

  29. Stacey, it's always such a treat to see how other people I admire decorate for Christmas. Loved seeing your home, and can't wait to visit everyone on your tour. I am putting the finishing touches on our own home today and tomorrow, for upcoming blog posts, love this season! xo Lidy

  30. Absolutely beautiful! I love all the red and white accents through your decor and that tree is simply magical! I also like that cute red basket holding all the kitchen pretty! Merry Christmas! Hugs, Poppy

  31. Beautiful holiday touches to your kitchen & dining room! I love the white tree.

  32. Stacey, your kitchen and dining room look so Christmasy and festive! Love that you use reds which I never tire of at Christmastime!
    Mary Alice

  33. Stacey!
    I need that white tree!
    Everything looks beautiful and welcoming (just like you).

    I am off to do some visiting.

    Woohoo to today's Texas bloggers.

  34. I just love all the festive pops of red in your kitchen! Your dining room is such a gorgeous room and I love the new tree! Thanks so much for putting together this blog hop! I know it's been a lot of work!

  35. Your home is lovely and there are so many elements that I love! Where on earth did you find a skinny white tree. I mustfind one. Of course, the fireplace screams, "TEXAS." Awesome.

  36. Hi Stacey,
    Your kitchen is just beautiful, I love the pops of red! And I think that your decorating is just gorgeous!
    I love the white tree, and that is such a creative idea to use a Santa hat as a tree topper!
    I hope you are having a wonderful week!
    Hugs, Kimberley

  37. I have been looking forward to this also. I am familiar with all except Katie so I am headed there now.

    I just wish it was a real tour instead of virtual!

  38. Beautiful decorations! I love the basket with Christmas hand towels in the kitchen. Great idea.

  39. I love red & white in the kitchen, and you've added some pretty accents to yours! Love the polka dot pitcher (I've got a pail that is similar) and I need to find one for myself!

  40. Hi Stacey! I love your happy, holiday kitchen. And if you go missing,we will blame your white tree, lol. You are my first stop on the fun Texas tour. Jane

  41. Girl you are off to a lovely start..... I am off to read all of the other posts, but I had to tell you how much I love your red and white dishes. Absolutely beautiful...all of it!
    Blessings she shouts as she races out the door to visit everyone else.................................

  42. Hi Stacey,
    Your girls in Texas know how to do Holiday just right. Sooooo pretty and so much inspiration. Loving this tour.
    Love your home Stacey. Looks so pretty for the holidays.

  43. Stacey, what a bright and cheery home you've created! I love your white tree and that Santa hat on top is so creative. All of the touches you've added make your home beautiful. Love it all, hugs, CoCo

  44. Your home is cozy and beautiful, Stacey! And oh my, that Dr. Pepper story - I would have cursed up a storm and then sat in the sticky puddle and cried!! Love your beautiful festive decorations!

  45. The kitchen is lovely and the slim white tree is perfect! So fun to see what other Texans are up to. The tree in your foyer is just stunning, Stacey!

  46. I love all of your decorations and can't wait to check out the other ladies' decor as well. And the white tree is my favorite with the santa hat on. My tree here at the office is decorated the same with the hat and one of mine at home has a snowman hat on it and is full of snowman ornaments. Thanks for sharing! :)

  47. Stacey, you are so funny and your kitchen decor is adorable! Love the spooky tree with the hat on LOL! Seriously, it's cute as pie. I know you're working so hard on this Christmas tour, you rock!!!

  48. Hi Stacey. We are on vacation in Florida so now I have the luxury of taking my time and enjoying every one of the houses on your Christmas house tour. Yours looks so delightful. Love the new tree. By the way, I got my comment problem fixed. One of my friends was able to fix the problem. Thanks for trying to help! Now on to the next house :)

  49. Stacey the blog hop is so eclectic. I really enjoyed the tree that was made with antlers. That one left me with my mouth opened. It is strange but beautiful at the same time. Thanks for putting this hop together and letting us see what folks down in Texas are up to.

  50. You have a very beautiful home! Thanks for sharing!

  51. So beautiful and festive looking. I love it all!....Christine

  52. Ok, I'm absolutely excited to go through this Texas party! I love finding others from Texas so this is going to be a blast. Thank you for hosting it. Your kitchen is so pretty with all of its festive touches. Your tree does kind of look like a person...that red ball on top looks like it's nose. Lol. It's cute as can be...not scary at all. I'm now following you and I'm off to the next home.

  53. Hi Stacey,
    Your home is so warm and inviting full of Texas love. I love your Red and White with all the wonderful details that make a beautiful home. Thanks for such a lovely tour with so many special homes,I sure hope it works out for me to be a part of it next year.
    Merry Christmas!
    Miz Helen

  54. Your home is lovely Stacy and those cowboy boots hung by the fire are anything but forgettable! Thank you for sharing this Texas tour of homes sweet lady.


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