Seven Fall Gardening Tasks

7 Fall Gardening Tasks To Do

Don't give up on your gardens now!!
It might be tempting to walk away now and just move on to the next season but there are things you can do now to make your gardens prettier in the future. 

Of course, it all depends on where you live and your climate but here are 7 things on my to do list right now.  

 1. Clean up and mulch. 

A few weeks ago, I worked in the front flower beds pulling out spent summer plants.
In an instant the bed began to look better in my eyes!
Then I applied bags and bags of mulch to the front beds.
Mulch is great for water retention, cold protection, and your muscles girls. :)

2. Take out plants that don't make you happy.

Remember me telling you that I removed 6 Drift Rose bushes?
It was a hard decision because we spent good money on those bushes.
But truthfully they were ugly. The end.

3. Think about next spring. It's time to get your bulbs. 

Here in the Dallas area we have to purchase bulbs and refrigerate them for a few weeks before planting. That might not be the case where you are but either way..
buy your bulbs for next spring. You'll be so happy you did. :)

7 Fall Gardening Tasks

4. Plant trees and bushes.

Again this is for my gardening Zone about yours?
We plant trees and bushes now to give them a chance for a nice 
start before extreme weather hits.

 5. Plant fall to winter flowers.

In our area we can plant pansies, cabbages, and kale that will last all winter.
Cyclamen and some other beauties live with a minimum low temp of 32. 

6. Fertilize 

Apply the appropriate fertilizer to your grass and flower beds for your area.
Don't guess or take my word for it.
Ask a nursery man in your area.

7 Fall Gardening Tasks

7.  Leaves

Decide what to do with all the excess leaves. They make great insulators for your plants if you
leave them on the ground for the winter.

One more thing....


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  1. Great tips. We were out working this weekend, there is still a lot to do this time of year.
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY.

  2. Well, watering is a problem for us - not supposed to water.

    And, I know that it's time for me to get the bulbs planted.

  3. Great Gardening post Stacey. At least we got a good start to the watering with all our rain. More on the way by Halloween. Enjoy the week and working in your garden. Thanks for sharing this list! cm

  4. We need to rip out three hydrangeas I our front yard. They aren't happy. We need to get busy but in the meantime were in DIY hell over here!

    Helpful post, Stacey.

  5. Great tips! I am thinking about planting some lettuce and chard in my containers that I pulled the tomato and basil from.

  6. Lots of good tips here! I plan on buying some pansies soon. So far, my mums are still holding strong and hopefully I'll get another round of blooms from them. Mulch is such a good thing. Love a freshly mulched bed. I use Preen to keep the weeds away. Works like a charm. :)

  7. Good reminders! I need to spend some quality time with a few trunkloads of mulch and some MiracleGro :) Wasn't all the rain wonderful? I feel like I could actually dig into our garden now to get something planted, instead of the concrete we had before. Great post, and Happy Monday! xo

  8. Great tips Stacey. I have been slowing taking out the summer and winterizing my gardens too. With our mild fall I still have plants hanging on even after we had a frost. Crazy!!! Have a great week ahead.

  9. We are in the process now of cleaning up the garden, throwing out potted plants, and mulching for the winter. Zone 5 here and there is pretty much nothing left of the garden. Thanks for the tips, there are a few I needed reminders on!

  10. I want to try some bulbs this year. Thanks for reminding me that I need to buy them in time to refrigerate them. Great list.

  11. I planted 240 bulbs a couple of weeks ago, right before the first hard frost. And I'm finding holes all over my garden where the little brats of critters are digging them up and eating the bulbs!!!! It will be interesting to see what I actually end up with for flowers in the spring....if anything.

  12. I have been doing most of all these things to our yard in the last few weeks. I am hoping that next spring our yard will be pretty. I still need to buy several new bushes for one of our side yards, but that will wait until spring.

  13. These are all such great tips, Stacey! I need to cut my knock out roses back before the first frost hits. I love kale and pansies, they're my favorite winter combination. I should probably move my hydrangea too but I'm a little scared I may lose it. Hugs, Coco

  14. These are great tips and I really do need to get busy on some of these in our beds. I've neglected them horribly and need to trim, weed, add mulch and some pretty flowers for the winter months! Thank you for reminding me to do so!! Hugs!

  15. We saw a huge stack of huge palm trees today at a nursery that were getting ready to be hauled off. Must be time to plant them here in Florida. Can we add that to the list? heehee! Hugs!

  16. Wonderful gardening tips, Stacey. Thank you for sharing good advice and helping remind me it's time to get to work outside! Xoxo

  17. Beautiful photography, Stacey! I spent some time in the backyard this weekend but didn't make a dent in the long to-do list. Thanks for all the great tips and inspiration!

  18. Hi Stacey :)

    I really need to get out there and get some yard work done before the snow hits.

    Great tips!


  19. Wonderful advice and I love your pics!!

    Jane x

  20. I do leave the leaves...the blow around and end up in the neighbor's tree leaves, the spring I gather up the excess ones but I think many of them decompose and help the soil :)

  21. I have a personal gardener so
    I will pass these tips on to him {husband} :)

  22. Great tips, Stacey.

    We're waiting for a bit more of a cool down and then we are attacking our beds for the winter season. I love working in the dirt and then coming in and washing it all off. Ha.


  23. These are great reminders, Stacey. Interesting that in the Dallas area you refrigerate your bulbs before planting them. I've never thought about that before. We're enjoying the peak New England foliage, now.

  24. Great suggestions even though I don't have a lawn or garden. I'm thinking of doing some cabbages & kale on my balcony. Wanna come over and work here? :)


  25. Some really great tips!
    Hoping our weather is good this weekend so that I can get to your list! ;)
    I need to get some more mulch to put over the 1000000 little berries that have fallen in my flower beds! Ugh.
    Have a wonderful rest of your week!

  26. Great tips, Stacey! I am not a gardener, but the hubby is and he does do a lot of these things. I would love to plant bulbs. I guess that now's the time!

  27. Thanks for the great tips Stacey....We need to adhere to your mulch tip....I am always anxious to see if some of my plants survive the freeze...never thought to add more mulch for protection....This Florida girl needs lots of "winter prep" tips!

  28. Good Morning~
    What great tips for everyone and every region, I am so anxious to get gardening again and I am putting in a ton of daffodils bulbs!

  29. Great tips and reminders, Stacey...I know your garden will look amazing next spring and far, here at the "new" place, mostly we are doing container little corner garden with several rose bushes and grape vines. We need to mulch that area....

  30. You caught me- It is so tempting to just walk away! We are in a new house and I'm excited to see what will come up in the spring. Best wishes!

  31. Lots of good stuff going in the ground around here, since God did the 8th thing for us :^):^)
    I have to get stuff "poofed" for company coming at the end of next week, so it is a sort of whirlwind around here. "Never do today what can be put off until day after tomorrow" :^)
    Blessings to you,


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