Friday Funday

Hi girls! Let's just chat today. :)
The green highlighted words are links if you want to jump over.

Thanks for all the input you've shared about guest rooms.
Seems like we are on the right track here at our house but
we sure have some closet cleaning to do. Ugh.

Went to Canton yesterday with my sister in law. Canton is a once a month awesome flea market extravaganza. My favorite part of all is Laurie Anna's Vintage Home.  
I could spend my very last dime there!!  I bought some really fun things which are still in my car.
Do you do that?

Speaking of Laurie Anna, do you see the pictures of her house on Facebook?
Go to Cupola Ridge and be prepared to swoon.  She's living the dream in her farmhouse.

I wanted to brag on Rebekah who does the decorating and behind the scenes
blog work here. She's the smart girl who made Poofing the Pillows pretty and did the code work
to change over to .com. Seriously, I don't even know what that all means. 
Any time I send her an email she's quick to answer and seems to read my mind.
That's a wonderful thing. 

Sherry at Thrift My House is having the neatest give away at her blog.
Sherry is a long time, sweet blog friend. ♥
Just a hint about the give away...beautiful Thanksgiving decorating items.
You want to go over there and follow her. I promise.

We have our candy ready for the trick or treaters. 
There are about a zillion kids in our neighborhood and we love to see them.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
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  1. We have our candy ready, too...altho it's Fruit Rollups...:) Since we live in the back of son's house, we tale our treats up to THE BIG HOUSE and have so much fun with all the little kids coming by.

  2. Thanks for the links, I just visited Sherry and I'm adding her to my bloglovin' list. What a great blog! Happy Halloween :)

  3. Oh, Canton sounds like so much fun! I bet you got some real goodies there! Hope you have a fun Halloween...we're going to be drenched over here. Rain, rain, rain. :)

  4. Rebekah did my blog too!!She is the best, and so sweet!! I am going to check out face book now and visit sherry. Thanks!!


  5. What a fun share today, Stacey! I just got lost on those sites for a bit! We are ready with candy too, although I haven't set it out in the bowl yet. Once those bags are open, they are fair game and I have a zillion kids in my hood, as well! Enjoy the weekend!

  6. I can't wait to click on your links. It's Fall Break! So happy playing on blogs...Happy Halloween!!!!

  7. Okay...I'm seriously jealous!! I wanted to go to Canton this month, but it didn't/isn't going to happen :^( Too many other things going on.
    Hope you are escaping this DOWNpour we are having!!! I nearly drowned going to Michael's for things I just HAD to have :^) (their fall stuff is 70% off!!)and yes, I DO "store" things in my car. The stuff that is "waiting in the wings".
    Have a GREAT weekend!

  8. I was at Laurie Anna's yesterday too :) I hope it clears up for the trick or treaters (so I don't end up eating all the candy!) Have a fun weekend.

  9. The candy is ready to hand out but I'm not sure if any trick-or-treaters will find me here at my hidden hideaway house! Uh oh, that might mean I will end up eating all the candy.....

  10. Hi Stacey! We lived in central Texas for 10 years and I kept intending to go to Canton...never did! Thanks for popping in to see me and your blog is very lovely!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  11. I've heard of Canton, you lucky gal! And I used to follow Laurie Anna, not sure how the blog fell off my feed.

    Thanks for the links, I love Sherry and I will check out your friend who designed your blog.

    Happy Weekend!

    Jane x

  12. Happy Halloween. It's still raining here so I hope it stops for the kids tonight. We get around 200 kiddos in our neighborhood from God knows where!!
    I love Canton too and this time of year is the best to go since it's cooler.
    Thanks for sharing the links. Have a great night. xo

  13. I love your post today, Stacey. You've introduced me to a new blog I signed up for, as well as the Cupola!s FB page. She should write a book or have a blog on her gorgeous home.

  14. Thanks for the great links, Stacey! Love them! Oh, how I miss trips to Canton! Such fun girl time! I practically decorated our entire first home with treasures I found at Canton. :) Great memories! Happy Halloween!!

  15. I'll be sure and check out the links! Our candy is ready and waiting at the door though the neighborhood kids have all grown up so we don't get as many as previously.
    I've heard of the Canton event but have never been there. Too far! ;(
    Would love to have you join my FREE "Live Your Dream Life" online workshop on my new blog at A Giveaway is included! Have fun giving away candy to kiddos!

  16. Stacey,
    It's been years since I went to Canton and have never been to Laurie Anna's Vintage Home. That sounds like a place I would love.

    For some reason your last comment on my blog did not show up in my email, just in the comments section of the blog. To answer your question: Almost all of the walls in my house are light periwinkle blue which tends to look lavender at different times of the day with different lighting. Lavender-colored items to very well with it.


  17. Stacey, you are the sweetest! Thanks for the shout out! I'm about to visit everyone else :-)

  18. You always have the best links Stacey!!!! I know Canton was a blast! Especially Laurianne's! I have been following Cupola Ridge on Instagram but not Facebook so that was a special treat. So many great ideas!
    Thanks Friend.;-)

  19. Canton looks like an amazingly dreamy place...and a dangerous one for the wallet! ;)
    And Cupola Ridge, now that visit was dreamy too, so pretty!
    I visited Sherry at Thrift My House - I had never been too her blog before and spent quite a bit of time there.
    Thanks for the links.
    We had rain here yesterday for Halloween, and it was cool too...but we still had a lot of kiddos! It was a busy night.
    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  20. Did you see evidence of the fire? I heard about it on the news. I love Laurie Anna's. Such pretty stuff.


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