A Proud Day in Decorating History

I've been thinking lately.
There are a bazillion amazing blogs these days. 
Seriously, my bohiney could sit in this chair all day long and look at all the beauty out there. 
Sometimes I do just that and you know what the result is?

Front porch 2014 part 2

I start to feel inadequate.
I get mad at myself for not thinking of sitting a pumpkin in that planter.
Or I wonder, why I didn't think to tie a bow on that jar like she did?
Or I contemplate buying another pillow from Pottery Barn that I shouldn't buy.

This fall though, I've remembered a day way back when I was in college 
and lived with my parents.
In our neighborhood, I don't remember people decorating for seasons or holidays other than Christmas. There was an occasional jack-o-lantern but you know ....
the kids carved it the day before Halloween.

20 Things to Love About Fall

Anyway, on that day, I took myself to the nearby Marshall Pottery store and bought things to make a door decoration for our house. As I recall, it was a broom and I attached ribbons and fall flowers.

I remember how proud I was!
I remember taking my time to pick out each little part
and hanging it on the door with
a big smile. :)

My round about point in this post is that 
I hope you feel proud of your home.

Whether it's tiny and a work in progress or large with an unlimited budget.
I think there's so much to see these days that all of us can feel inadequate
from time to time.

Remember that your home is yours.
It shelters the people you love and it is where your memories are made.
Be proud of what you do in your home.

That's my tiny little grain of wisdom today friends.

Front porch 2014   

Today I'd love to know what you're proud of in your home.

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  1. Great post Stacey. It's true, seeing some of the grand homes online can make us look around and think our own home just doesn't measure up. hen I feel that green eyed monster on my back I shrug it off. I love our home! We have put our own stamp on it over the years and we will probably never be finished, but I love that when people come into our house they look around and tell me how cozy and beautiful my home is. It's different, and I like that too. I sometimes think that bogs and Pinterest make us think we have to hand make everything, switch things around constantly and keep spending on new d├ęcor. What is really important is to make sure our homes make us happy, not overwhelmed with projects.

  2. Very wise! i do enjoy adding seasonal decor to my home. Makes me feel like I am redecorating! We moved to our current home 2 years ago. It was built in the 50s. The owner did a fantastic job updating it and still the feel of the home. Finally my inherited furniture looks at home! I truly love everything about my home and enjoy fluffing my nest?...

  3. I completely agree, Stacey! When we were little, we used to use scotch tape to stick a few Halloween cutouts to the window and that was that! Today, it's an extravaganza. Sometimes, I get in the decorating mood, sometimes, not, but like you said, it's my house and I do what makes me happy! The days are short, my kids are only home for little bits and pieces now and there are so many other things I'd rather be doing with my time and money than endlessly decorating...somedays anyway! ;)

  4. Great post, Stacey! Yes - I agree decorating is such a hot topic today! I decorate my home to make me feel happy and comfortable and cozy. I love to decorate but it is not one of my obsessions! I love other things in life such as gardening and travelling abroad. I don't worry or fret upon the big homes that we see in magazines/pinterest, etc. I am happy with my cozy and cute home that I happened to decorate myself.

  5. You are so right Stacey. SO right! Pinterest and all the blogs out there can easily make me feel like I should be doing more. It's great to use them for inspiration but not for a measuring stick for my own life. Thanks for reminding us! :)

  6. Very wise words, Stacey. It's so easy to get caught up wishing for more money or more talent after a blog stalking binge! But fall is a perfect time to be thankful your own uniqueness and blessed surroundings. Thanks for the reminder :)! Xoxo Mary

  7. Super post Stacey. I remember the carved pumpkin on our doorstep, my mother would hang a large cardboard image of Frankenstein on the front door and boom...all the decorating was done. It is so easy to feel inadequate with all of the decorating beauty out there on the internet and in those gorgeous Cottage magazines. But you are right, your home is where your family is protected, feels loved and where life's most beautiful memories are made.
    XO Barbara

  8. Truer words were never spoken! It's like you feel judged if you don't go all kamikaze for every single holiday. Ive put so much pressure on ourselves to measure up to near professionals. I've just decided to do what makes my heart sing and leave the rest to the youngsters that have more energy.LOL
    It's great to have sweet blog friends like you who cheer us on no matter what we do.
    Have a great day Stacey and thanks for a great post.

  9. I am with you Stacey. I know I post about decorating, but mostly my stuff is recycled from home to home without much new being added. Before blogging I used to purchase tons of decorating magazines and drool over the perfect rooms. I think design blogs and DIY blogs have taken their place. Just like back when I used to read the magazines, I didn't feel the need to go buy a whole new living room or even a PB pillow then and I don't now. I think of these beautiful blogs as free entertainment. A lot cheaper than a magazine subscription :-)

  10. Love this, Miss Stacey!

    I do love our home and appreciate it every day. We are so blessed.

    Since returning to blogging, I have been amazed at the time it requires. During my long break, I had forgotten about that part. But....I set aside a certain time for blogging and it all works out.


  11. Great advice! I think we all feel that way sometimes. It's easy to get caught up in the hoopla and go decor crazy. You know, I don't remember my childhood neighborhood getting all decked out for the holidays either (except for Christmas and maybe Halloween) It seems like seasonal decorating has been taken to a new high. :) I think I'm most proud of our diy projects in our home. We've saved thousands of dollars by doing things ourselves and shopping for bargains. I will always appreciate a good bargain! :)

  12. I love this post, but I was hoping for a pic of that door decoration you made years ago.

    What I am most proud of about our house is that we have put our stamp on it. The house was a beach house for a couple who lived inland and if the rumors are correct, the husband used it as a "love shack with a different bimbo each weekend" - not my words! The house was functional, but impersonal and in fact, our daughter couldn't get beyond the decor to see the potential the house had.

    Our house is small and quite limited as to where furniture can be placed, but it is filled with items we love and it is our FINAL home.

  13. Very honest, heartfelt post, Stacey! I completely agree, and since I have not been home, on the island, but here, with Liberty in her rented condo, I have found that the best decorating is not comprised of expensive purchases, but is completely free, and comes from the heart. Love is what makes a house a home, warms its space, and brightens its rooms.

    Have a lovely day!


  14. I think the magic word here is 'Cozy'--we all want that--I just moved 2 months ago from NY state to Florida--but did bring some of my 'country' decorations with me though I got rid of lots of it, knowing that here I would need a new look--and after years of country--feel it is time for a new look--yet I can't seem to do much in decorating--and I think some it is--I want cozy--but have no idea how to do that yet???
    and I too remember when the only Halloween decoration we had was a carved pumpkin on the porch a day or two before the day--
    and mainly a Christmas tree and stockings hung for Christmas--and I don't ever remember a centerpiece on the table--though we did have tablecloths on the table--memories!!
    thanks for your post--
    smiles, di

  15. Great post Stacey. I agree, do what makes you happy in your home, ho ever little or much that might be and if you're like me that can change from season to season. I love our dining room best in our home. It is big enough to gather ten around if need be but cozy enough for just two.

  16. Great reminder as I've struggled today to get something perfect. Thank you.

  17. I really enjoyed reading this. I guess I'm proud of the fact that I've come up with ideas to make a little one bedroom apartment feel like a home. For some reason I don't feel inadequate when I look at those photos on Pinterest. I just think: They have more money than me. But I like my little home. That's the secret to happiness. Love where you are.

  18. Great post Stacey. I drool over the tablescapes some bloggers show. Then I price 8 placemats, 8 napkins, etc. Heck no. I still love the inspiration of looking at what everyone else is doing:)

  19. Great words, sweet friend! I get the same way from time to time but have to remember I'm so blessed and I thank God for everything He's done for us.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  20. Great post Stacey and a good reminder to do the best that you can with what you have (money, time, etc.).

  21. Like you, I adore perusing blogs, pinterest and instagram for inspiration, but then create what I love and is functional for our family. Great reminder for us all, Stacey and happy Thursday!

  22. Hi Stacey, what a beautiful post. It is easy to feel inadequate when we visit around blogland and see all the awesome decor designed in homes. I am thankful for what I have and the blessings I've been given to make our house a home. I'm more appreciative and thankful then proud, and for me, I try and reflect that in my decor for my family. It's the little things that make it special. Great post and one to remember!! xo

  23. The internet has bumped up the competition in all things holiday! I am proud and happy that my home is comfortable and cozy. I am proud that I got my Fall decorations all into one orange plastic tub for storage. I am content knowing that will never happen for Christmas decorations. I am proud and in love with my husband that never says one word about the changing look of the house or how many times I move the furniture around!

  24. Hi Stacey,
    I have always felt if you surround yourself with things you love the it is perfect decor. With our home up for sale I have had to cut way back on my decor crazy so just adding a few things here and there to add a cozy feel is where I am at with decor. I did more Halloween when my daughters were little but now being empty nesters I just do a little fall here and there.

  25. Stacey,
    Seems as though you have stuck a chord here and what great conversations have ensued because of your topic!
    I feel like this is the first time in my life that I have totally been able to embrace decorating, and feel comfortable and confident doing so! Between 4 children, multiple moves across the country and cancer I feel as though I am really in the here and now. Even though there is so much grandeur around us, I have finally found my own decorating style-simple, natural and soothing.
    I think secretly I'd like to live in a Tree House with bluebirds!

  26. I think your words of wisdom are perfect. We live in our homes and choose the things we enjoy to reside in our homes with us. Looking at all of the other blogs is wonderful, I do a lot of that myself and think I need to be doing something different. Then, I pop myself in the head and remember that my home is full of all of the things I enjoy and they are changed when I feel like changing them! Hugs!

  27. Great post Stacey! Sometimes I forget just what it is that I really like, because everything everyone else has looks so great!

  28. I love the message of this post. You're absolutely right about feeling inadequate after viewing some blogs or instagram. One good thing about looking at them is it's saving me money on magazines! I don't see near as much inspiration there as I do with social media. But with that said, we do have to remember that everyone's lifestyle is different and budget is different. So, you really shouldn't try to compare yourself to others but rather just be inspired by them and use that within your own means. I don't compare my home to other peoples homes now as much as I used too. I think that comes with getting older and being more comfortable with the choices that I've made.

  29. I can totally relate! It's so easy to begin to compare your home to those of others. I enjoy getting inspired by all the beautiful decor I see online but I also enjoy just creating my own comfy home in my own way. I am actually more inspired by the homes that look amazing with little money spent but just being creative.

  30. Perfect timing for this post. Today, as I've just home from a hospital stay and my son has been placed in a behavioral health facility, I'm feeling pretty down on myself as a parent and homemaker in general. I'm going to attempt to take these words to heart in a big way! Blessings, Cindy xoxo

  31. Your "tiny little grain" is the most important wisdom anyone could impart....about EVERY facet of our lives. Be thankful and proud for whatever life has offered you, spouse, family, home, job, car, sight (as you know, that is one of my most important things) and anything else you might throw into the list. God has blessed us so richly, but all too often we get in the mode of "wishin'"
    Thank you for the reminder, and be sure you remember that YOU are important to US and we are thankful!!!

  32. It may be a tiny grain of wisdom, but it is the big impact kind of wisdom! I try never to compare myself to anyone else, because I know that each and everyone of us has something that we are dealing with. Even those who appear to have perfect homes, perfect bodies, perfect children....they have their issues, too. It may be to a lesser or greater extent than yours or mine, but they have them. I think it's important to find joy and contentment in what we have as well as in what we don't have. I love getting ideas from my fellow bloggers and on Pinterest, but none of the ideas get used unless they fit in with my family's needs and how we live and find joy in our home.

  33. Your little grain of wisdom is quite inspiring. We have recently moved from a 4 bedroom Victorian home to a 2 bedroom ranch. Inspiration is coming slowly but surely.

  34. Awesome post, Stacey! Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts that so many of us agree with. :) I've had times that I've felt inadequate and that's really ridiculous! I am very blessed and very grateful. "I've been there, done that" so to speak, as far as a larger home and having more $$$ to decorate it with. My kids are both married, I'm retired and I now have 1 bedroom vs 4! :) It's what we do to whatever space we have that makes the difference and makes us happy!

    Have a wonderful weekend ~

  35. Stacey, I couldn't agree more. I guess I'm most proud of how far I've come with my decorating. I feel like I've come a long way since my first apartment many years ago. I've also learned that filling your home with pieces you love will bring a smile to your face every time... :)

  36. You are right, Stacey! I have become much more grateful for what I do have over the years. For some I do think it's finding your look and knowing that is what makes you happy. Trends come and go but if you stick with what you love it doesn't affect you nearly as much.

  37. Great post! I can't imagine you ever feeling inadequate! Your home is beautiful and you have such a keen eye for decorating! But I can so relate! It's easy to get caught up in comparisons and feel you don't measure up! But I have become much more appreciative of what I do have over the years, even the imperfections. And I know my style isn't always of the trend... but it creates a home which my family loves and feels comfortable in. That's what most important to me, and I'm at peace! :) ~Rhonda

  38. You are SO smart, but I knew that!
    What a perfect message at just the right time.
    Have a wonderful week,

  39. Stacey, love this post lady! I'm saying amen to everything you said because it's all so true. Thanks for bringing us back to what's most important. You're the best, CoCo

  40. I am with you about just doing what makes you happy with your home and decorating!

  41. Such a great post, Stacey! It's very easy to get caught up in the comparison game while visiting other blogs. I'm just so thankful that we have a comfortable home.

    P.s. able to view your blog on my tablet with no issues!

  42. Hi Stacey! I am visiting you from Benita's blog...
    I really enjoyed reading this post!
    I truly believe that blogging is not about who has the best home, or who has the best camera or photo editing software! I want blogging to be about the friendships that are made.
    And having a little photo visit into 'a friends' home makes it more meaningful than just looking at pretty pictures!
    Your fall wreath and displays are beautiful.
    I am most proud of the renovations we have done to our home.

  43. Isn't it something how we can feel inadequate rather than grateful...we all have so much compared to so many. Beautiful post and thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  44. This is such a great post, Stacey. I agree, all of us feel inadequate when we look at the perfect world of " online", I know I struggle with that sometimes. I have to remind myself that I'm so grateful and blessed. ❤️

  45. Lovely thoughts Stacey, and clearly something that many bloggers have felt.

    I'm proud of the fact that even though my home isn't 'my style', I'm happy and content. Being grateful for what you have is paramount, and I always remember that comparison is truly the thief of joy.

    (Thank you for your visit, and congratulations on becoming a .com.)


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