It's Hard to Look Cute When You're Sweating - A Fall Fashion Post

Every now and then I get the urge for a little girl talk and today is one of those days. 
See if you can stick with me here and offer your thoughts. ;)

You see, I love being a girl. Always have.
I love girly things.

I wasn't raised to be overly foofooey but make-up, a curling iron, and hairspray 
are important parts of each day.
I don't skip those things unless there's a fever involved.
Do you?

(All tops in collage are from Loft. My favorite shopping spot.)

It's so hard to look cute when you're sweating though.
Whether it's from a hot day in Texas when it's supposed to be Fall or a poorly timed hotflash, 
it's just really a challenge!

Nothing stops me from trying and right now I'm dreaming of cute fall fashions.
Are you?

High fashion revolves around jeans in my world and I'm so glad.
Add a cute top and the appropriate shoes and you're good to go!

Are you a jeans girl too?

Are you sweating too?
No don't answer that. :)

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  1. I am a jeans girl too, and even though I am in Michigan I tend to wear capris and sleeveless tops well into November. I'll throw on a cardigan, but at some point it usually comes off. I try to remember make-up, as I get older I require a bit more effort ;) but lots of days find me bare faced or minimally made up with a quick tinted moisturizer and a swipe of mascara. I love the tops you show here, especially the red sleeveless tank. So me. I'm looking forward to freshening up my wardrobe for fall. The heat wave here finally broke last night and this morning I woke up to open windows and temps of 49. The cool weather feels so good!

  2. I am a girly girl, too, Stacey. I love all things fashion, make up and hair. I am starting to get the fall fashion bug, but the 100 degree, humidity laden weather is not helping my cause. I, like you, am too hot for jeans! Maybe soon!

  3. Loft is a favorite store of mine too. I am not such a girly girl. I wear makeup if going out some place nice, but not to the grocery store. I do get a pedicure once a month, but that is as girly as I get. I am trying to lose about 15 pounds, before buying new fall/winter clothes. The good news is that it stays warm here in SC for another month or two.

  4. Loft is one of my favorites, too! I am so ready to start wearing fall clothes. I love to layer! But other than white pants, which I retired after Labor Day, of course, lol... I'm still sporting my summer duds! Just too hot and humid, and I don't do well with heat and "glistening" (sweat)! :) ~Rhonda

  5. Girly, girl here and jeans wearer with a cute top too! I don't always do my hair and makeup if I'm going to be cleaning or painting or something like that but I always feel so much better when I do. I just ordered a few things for winter so I hope they work out - it's always a challenge for me to find things I like that also fit well.

  6. I work from home and still put on make up everyday. Yesterday, a new long sleeved v-neck sweater came in the mail for me from Nordstorms. (gee, I don't know how that delivery man know my size, jeans came with it too!) Working from home can be hard on a girl's online shopping budget! Bring on the cooler temps, thanks to yesterdays rain, my walk this morning was coolish.

  7. Nothing beats jeans and a cute shirt and shoes! This in-between season time is so hard! You don't want to look too summery but most of the fall stuff is just too heavy. You picked some gorgeous tops though! Perfect colors. I need to get to Anne Taylor's! HaHa

  8. I love jeans and a cute top.

    My "go to" outfit this summer was a pair of teal JCrew pants and a periwinkle Pure sweater with periwinkle sandals - I will continue to wear it through fall.

    My uniform since I retired is Patagonia shorts (the headquarters are in Ventura), a tee and flip flops. That has been year round, but they are predicting heavy rains this winter so I may have to buy some new jeans!

    Bad news for me - we had to back out of our trip to Austin. Unfortunately, life happens and the timing of the workshop just didn't work with some family commitments. Not a day goes by now that something about Austin or Texas doesn't pop up in my computer world to remind me of what I will miss!

  9. I'm totally a jeans girl too! Makeup, curling irons, and hair straightening cream are definitely used every single day around here. :) Like, I literally put makeup on every day and won't even go through a drive thru or the school pick up line without it. Lol! I love these choices for fall. I can't wait until I can wear some sweaters again without sweating. :)

  10. I'm a girly girl! I do not like to sweat or get dirty or have my nails messed up. I don't wear a lot of make up unless we are going to church or out to a social function. However, I do put on eyeliner and mascara and some faint lipstick daily. Cute shirt, cute shoes and jeans are a must!! Love the photos!!

  11. Hi Stacey! Low maintenance girl here. No make up unless I'm leaving the house. Jeans and a t-shirt usually. And yes... NC is humid! Sweat happens ;-)

  12. I am a jeans girl, and we are sweating!

  13. I am a jeans kind of girl but it has been SO HOT I haven't worn jeans in the longest time. Seriously, it's 105 out right now. #i'mdying

  14. No hair spray here- my allergies would kick in. Jeans in the colder weather are always comfy. Our 1st heat wave was these past 3 days, so it's shorts weather.

  15. We would get along perfectly, Stacey! I'm a girly-girly too that lives in jeans! We're cooling down here but it's also been very hot and humid for a few weeks. And I agree!! It's hard to look cute when you're sweating!
    Have a great weekend!
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  16. I am definitely in the mood for fall will be a high of 62 here tomorrow. And yes...I am a jeans girl, and leggings, too...all about comfort!

  17. Yes, yes and yes. I love fashion and especially fall fashion but we are at 104 today in Southern California and lets not get started on glowing at the most inappropriate times. I'm a jean girl and a Loft girl as well. I just ordered something from Glamor Farms so I'll let you know what I think. Please hurry fall weather, I want to look cute again!

  18. Amen! It was hot this past weekend. Cute outfits.

  19. Well, since I reside in Phoenix, HOT AZ, sweat is just a part of daily living! Here, we run from AC building to AC building to AC car as quickly as a roadrunner but it all catches up to you. I can't wear jeans to work but still try to dress cute and stylish. Do you need to be careful of certain fabrics? I do!! Loft is definitely a fun store! Be cool! Blessings, Cindy

  20. Love the Loft! And what about those flash sales!! Gotta love it! I have way too many pairs of jeans in my closet. Just can't seem to feel comfortable in any thing else! Thanks for sharing! Xoxo

  21. Oh Stacey, I can so relate. I had to smile about trying to wear the cute clothes and it's still so hot here. I have a luncheon today and probably still have to wear capris. Jeans and a cute top with scarf will be too hot!!!
    I'm a girly girl too. Makeup, curling iron and hairspray are my friends too.
    Great pics. So ready for fall outfits.
    Have a great weekend. cm

  22. UGH.......and that's all I've got to say!!!
    Hopefully it will cool off this weekend, but then it will probably go back to the bazillion degrees again :^(

  23. Haha! Well I will answer your question anyway and yes, I am still sweating. We went to a porch birthday party last night and I wanted to wear a new Fall blouse, long sleeved, silky (hot) fabric. Not a good idea. You make me smile :)

  24. I so much prefer Fall clothing over Summer clothing. I just love a warm, cozy sweater. The Loft is one of my favorite stores too.


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