If It's OK, I'll Take My Time

Friends this is really a pep talk for myself but maybe you need it too...

Today the panic hit me as it does just about every year.
You see, I've seen so many beautiful blog homes all decorated for Fall this week.
I said I would keep up this year...promised myself, in fact.

But here's the truth....
it's still Summer here in Dallas.

The air conditioner can still barely rest.
The bees and butterflies are busy on the flowers.
And my puppy dog is madly chasing toads.

I was almost envious of those of you who are pulling out the blankets and
drinking pumpkin spice coffee. I know it's cooler where you are.

But if it's OK with you, I'm going to have another Diet Coke
and enjoy these last beautiful days of summer.

The pumpkins just have to wait a little bit.
And when the first day of Fall hits I'm with you ...
even if  it's still 99 degrees and I'm faking it. :)

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  1. I have pulled my pumpkins out, but trust me...the A/C is still going strong here in Houston! I also loved your last post about trying to wear fall fashions when it's still hot out. I love the look of scarves and cardigans, but there are really only about 2 months when I can wear them here. Have a great weekend!

  2. I don't blame you one bit, Stacey! We have some large trees in our front yard that start dropping their leaves very early but it goes up and down between 60's and low 80's here. And summer is never long enough, in my opinion! Enjoy your summer as long as you can!
    love and blessings~ Have a great weekend!
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  3. It is still Summer here...I have dressed one room and one porch for Fall....This year, I am trying to keep it simple (well as simple as I get)....I know what you mean...but sometimes The Land of Blog is a bit ahead of the season to give their readers some inspiration for their homes moving into the next season. It has truly been a hot summer here too...and so looking forward to the day when I can turn off the AC, but not the Heat...Love the beautiful print!....Have a great weekend!!!

  4. I agree. I'm not wearing "fall" clothes yet, my front door isn't wearing fall flowers yet, and that's O.K. The first time I can open a door without letting out a/c, I will pull out the pumpkins!

  5. You're so right, it's hard to get into "fall mode" when the temps are saying otherwise. I had planned to have mine up by now. Have a lot of it done, but it was too cloudy to take pictures this week anyhow... good excuse, huh :) ~Rhonda

  6. So true, Stacey! I'm posting a fall decorating post today but sure had to dig for motivation and inspiration!! Funny, cause I'm talking about how you could never tell it was fall in Texas growing up! And you still can't! Not that it's much cooler up here in KC! Xoxo

  7. I totally get where you're coming from, especially when your flowers and landscapes look so green and lush. I feel like blogland is kind of like retail...always ahead of the actual season. Can I just say...I'm already tired of seeing pumpkins...Yikes, that's probably not PC! :-)
    We had a couple of cool days that got me in the mood to decorate for fall...otherwise I think I'd skip fall and go right to Christmas!
    Mary Alice

  8. It's hot here too, Stacey. It's been close to 100 hazy, hot and humid all week long. Fall has been faked in only one room of my house and with the ac cranking, it almost feels chilly. I like summer though. It is carefree, the kids are home, there are ice pops, late nights, sandy feet and cook outs. I am just not ready to let all of that go just yet...at least not until the calendar forces me to! ;-)

  9. I hear you...if it was summer here, I'd still be celebrating it! Especially when I know what is coming all too soon here...WINTER.

  10. Stacy, I'm in Houston so it's still summer here too. However, there's another good reason for you to delay. Last year I set my fall stuff out around now and was sick of it before Thanksgiving/December when it was time to get out the holiday stuff. You're in good company waiting a bit longer, especially in Texas!

  11. LMAO Stacey, I'm right there with you. I'm not in any rush, either….

    I think I'll ease into autumn by keeping the pumpkins in storage a little longer and take out a few apples….yep ease into autumn with apples, maybe! ;P

    We're headed to the lake this weekend for another SUMMER weekend because yes its still summer here in Central Alabama!

    BTW one of the few things I dislike about blogging: Peer pressure with "pushing" the seasons….

    *steps off soapbox*

    Have a great weekend!

  12. Fall has not arrived here in PA either. Not outdoors, nor in. I getting a thrill from my zinnias...many just starting to bloom. Still have tomatoes growing. Considering that when I DO decorate for fall I have to look at it until after Thanksgiving, I am in no hurry either!

    Your garden is lovely. Enjoy it : )

  13. I hear ya, sister! The thing is, if I pull out ALL my fall decor now, I'll have it up until Thanksgiving. That's 2 1/2 months! I would probably get tired of it by then. I did pull out those few things, but that's all. I try to wait until October to get all of it out, but then I miss out on linking up to all the fall parties, etc. Oh well. I honestly can't imagine having my fall wreath on my door right now when it's in the upper 90's. Lol!

  14. You and I would be such great friends in real life. I am right with you. We are supposed to be in the 80's next week so maybe I'll think about it then. btw...I couldn't resist a couple of new things from Loft either. I'll show you mine if you show me yours (when they get here of course).

  15. I am totally with you! It was 91 degrees here in SC yesterday. I am enjoying every moment of summer left.

  16. Stacey - Our weather here in Oklahoma just changed and I think that is the only reason I got inspired to do Fall. Those 100+ days just don't inspire you to do anything at all!! LOL


  17. Hah...I'm even slower.....at least you have ONE pumpkin out....I'm still just..... ahem....."planning" :^)
    I'll share that diet Coke with you and we'll plan some fall d├ęcor.....
    I have, however, really enjoyed the fall blog tours.
    Blessings to you, and have a GREAT weekend,

  18. I've been pinning lots of autumn decorating ideas today. Hoping the decorating bug will bite me soon. I like your white pumpkin.


  19. Exactly like that here ad well.....still enjoying summer!! Fall will come...we are still swimming here. And running the air full time...and sweating on our walks! Lol

  20. I am so done with this heat :-( I thought if I started decorating for Fall somehow I would hurry it along..Hee, hee, hee. Doesn't seem to be working, today we hare having another hot one. Happy Weekend.


  21. Stacey,

    I have put a few things out but overall, I will definitely tone it down this year.

    I think it is totally okay to do your 'own thing.' It works for me.

    Have a happy weekend.


  22. Stacey,
    Since we are practically over-the-fence neighbors (I'm just south of Mansfield), we share the same weather. We had a little rain 3-4 nights ago, and I was so happy to hear it in the night. I did have that little Fall arrangement on my counter, but no pumpkins. It will be a long time before we will get pumpkins in our stores. I'm not complaining about the heat, though, because the past 5-6 winters have been harsh for us. Too many days of ice and snow with frigid temperatures.

    Sometime in October I will probably have another Fall post, but no promises.


  23. Enjoy it for as long as you want! Summers in Texas are long and fall doesn't arrive until Thanksgiving! :-)

  24. I'm with you sister! Dallas/Phoenix - same - it's still summer! Blessings for a wonderful weekend! Cindy xoxo

  25. Your yard looks so pretty!!! No matter how hard I try, I cannot keep my pretty through August! It is starting to perk up a little now and it will be pretty again after it cools off. We usually have flowers right up until Christmas - if we are lucky!

  26. Hi Stacey,
    I am right there with you just not quite motivated for fall just yet. Summer is hanging on here in Illinois too.
    Hoping next week to find my fall mojo!!! Have a great week end.

  27. Hi Stacey, maybe today we will have a cool down. I sure hope so. In spite of the heat we are having here in Dallas, my faux pumpkins were begging to come out of the hot attic and make an early appearance.
    I have started my fall spruce ups thinking the weather would change and be cooler like last year this time, but the heat just hangs on. No pumpkins on the porch though, I was sure my neighbors would confirm, I was crazy. LOL
    Great post! I wish the follow by email wasn't a day late all the time!!
    Happy Weekend, cm

  28. I'm still enjoying Fallmer around here...wearing capris, sandals, and sleeveless tops to work...sleeping with the windows open. My yard, however, is behaving like it's autumn. I have a bumper crop of pumpkins going like gangbusters! I keep trying to tell them to wait a month, but they're not convinced. :-)

  29. In Indiana we don't have a choice, but think about Fall. I had to get the kids' sweatshirts out. : - ((

  30. I'm with you and I know a lot of ladies feel the same. if I were in a home tour or something I would be a little more jazzed up but for now I've just moved some of my really summery pieces (starfish, blue candles, beach signs, etc) down to storage. I hear you on the heat...we were in the 90's last weekend but we dropped down to the 60's yesterday. It's really cool, I had to put socks on tonight but I refuse to let Hubby turn on the heat!

    Stay cool! And oh, your puppy always makes me smile!

    Jane x

  31. I'm not sure it is much cooler in many places right now, Stacey, and it is still very much Summer here in Ohio. We are just finally getting a break this weekend from the heat and humidity. Don't feel bad, I haven't put anything Fall related out yet either. : )

    I really want to buy some mums, but they are already flowering at the stores and I would love to have some last me into actual Fall (October, anyway). I expect I will pull some decorations out next week, but won't be getting out any throws until there is an actual chill in the air.

  32. I'm with you Stacey. It is cooling off a little at night but still very summery here in South Carolina. Since one of the reasons we moved South was for the sunshine I'm making the most of these days. On Semptember 21st you'll see the Fall decor going up at my house!
    Blessings to you,

  33. Well, I am one of the minority here, even though it is still Hot-but not this morning!! Yipee! Doesn't it just feel delicious outside?? I have my spice candle burning. Even though we are in our apartment I am turning it into an Autumn retreat. Call me crazy!
    Hubby is out in your neck of the woods this morning cleaning up around the house and I am about to go to Church.
    Happy Sunday!

  34. OK Stacey! I fixed the link.;-)

  35. I'm just a bit west of you and yes, I'm right there with you re: the fall decorating! Even though we've had a bit of cooler air, it's still hot and yes, my a/c is still on. I'm sure it will be until October...or November...who knows in Texas! :)

    Your blog is so pretty!

  36. hahhaa, same here, Stacey...94 today, I think...we still have several more weekends for the pool and decorating for fall is a million miles away for me...not one bit interested...I'd just as soon skip right on thru to Christmas.

    I was on another blog awhile ago and noticed the design...thought, that might be the same lady designer as Stacey's so .....came over and sure enuf...same one. She really does nice work.

  37. I think this might be the first time I can understand the dilemma the Southern bloggers have! It has been unusually hot here in NY lately. (with the exception of today) Anyway, it was a challenge to decorate for Fall when it was still very much Summer outside. Then it hit me...this is what you girs must go through every year!

  38. That should say "girls". I hate typos!

  39. Ha! I only started pulling out a few things in hopes that it would finally cool off here. Well, it did, for a whole two days. And, even then it is still in the 70s!! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. That was the first time we had cooked with short ribs as well. We just asked for them at the meat counter at our local Whole Foods, nothing special.

  40. I know what you mean. It's been nice to feel the coolness here in the mountains though....HOT in FL!

  41. I am with you sister...it is just too hot over here in Seymour too. The cool front this weekend has been nice but not quite enough to drag the fall leaves out yet...maybe after our beach side vacation next week...

  42. Stacey, I'm totally with you it's been hard to get into the swing of Fall because it's so hot outside. I'm saving the pumpkins for later. Just give me apples right now and let me ease into the season :) Hope your day has been a happy one, CoCo

  43. So pleased for you to have this terrific number of comments. I have been following you for a bit and never have anything profound to say that hasn't been said already. Just want to tell you this post touched me. Thank you for the reminder to slow down. Seems like we are always trying to look ahead and rush today to get to tomorrow. XO Leslie @onceuponatimehappilyeverafter.com


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