Super Cute and Comfortable Sandal Alert

There's a strange truth behind the way I found these adorable sandals. 
And because we are all girls here, I'll share my story. Guys...walk away.
 I took my husband to the airport a few days ago and from our house it's a one hour drive. 
So I drove him there drinking iced tea and then drove towards home drinking iced tea. 

(Yes, I know I have boney geezer feet)

Do you know where this story is going?

I suddenly had to stop - pronto!! 
The closest stop was going to be at the Dillard's I was passing. It's true...I'm not making this up.

These sandals called to me as I was doing what my best friend calls
"the tee tee walk" towards the bathroom.
(Please tell me you do the tee tee walk too.)
They said we are leopard and we have comfortable padding and we are on sale!!

I heard them loud and clear and I'm not sorry.
Just goes to show that you never know when the perfect sandals might call out your name.

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  1. I love the sandals, and Dillards too! Actually I love anything with a leopard print.......Yes, I don't blame you for the purchase! Adorable!

  2. They are very cute, Stacey!!! I don't own anything leopard print. I think that needs to change.

  3. They really are adorable! So is that a good place to stop? heehee...or tee tee! Tea or coffee both have that effect on me. Love your new sandals though! Hugs, Diane

  4. Thank you for the giggle this morning! Love your sandals!

  5. Good thing you listened! They are gorgeous and the nail polish really works.

  6. cute story, cute sandals! They called your name, from afar! :)

  7. So cute! And cute feet. Now I need a pedicure! (and some new leopard sandals)

  8. They suddenly meet the criteria. Enjoy those cute appropriate sandals!

  9. Isn't it amazing how things like those gorgeous sandals just jump out at you and you have no choice but to take them home? Happens to me all the time!


  10. So cute! It was clearly meant to be. Good thinking stopping at a department store rather than a gas station ;)

  11. They are super cute!! I usually "stop" at the library when necessary. Nothing good there, but books...that I have to return. Clearly, I have to start using the facilities elsewhere! ;)

  12., love those shoes...glad you had to make a pit stop!!

  13. Love your new sandals! Nice pedi too! Summer is here!

  14. Hi Stacey, thanks for the morning smile. Love those sandals.
    So worth the tee tee walk!!
    Have a nice weekend. Hugs, CM

  15. Great story! been there, done that! LOL Love the sandals! xxx Mara

  16. That is a cute story!
    I love anything leopard print. Very pretty!

  17. Hi Stacey! Love your new sandals! Can you believe there are no Dillards up here? Wah! there are Macy's but no Dillards, and man I miss that store. Yep, I know the tee tee walk very personally! :) Enjoy your home tours this weekend. Aren't they just wonderful?
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  18. Well it was so worth the walk!

  19. Just proof that iced tea leads to good things. :) Love the leopard print and they look really comfy too. Enjoy your weekend!

  20. You are so cute!! I love them! And please tell me you just got a pedi and that your feet don't always look this perfect!

    Jane x

  21. Ha-ha...been there and done that!
    The sandals are had me at "comfortable padding".
    A question for you....does the Dillard's outlet still exist in DFW? It used to be out there off 360 between 20 and the airport.
    Have a great weekend!

  22. Well, the next time I have to stop when I am on a long drive, I will stop at a department store. I always just go to gas stations.

    Cute sandsls!

  23. cute as can be...
    i do the drawn-up tee tee walk quite often...
    i see you are boss in your family as i've always heard that if your 2nd toe was longer than the big one, you were boss....of anyone..
    and here you didn't even know that.

  24. I love these, I think I will get a pair!!


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