Some Messes are So Worth It!

This is a mess! 
 You won't often find messes in my dining room because that's not how we roll.
But this mess is a blessing.

This mess is a sign of perseverance and pride and dreams that don't give up.

This mess is being made by our son who started college 5 years ago but got sick and had to stop.
He has worked his way back to healthy and is at it again.

We are so proud of him!!
Life doesn't always take the path you think it will take.
But most of the time something great is around the corner if you look for it and expect it.

We love you T!!

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  1. I have tears in my eyes reading this proud mama moment. :-) Resilience and persistence are beautiful things, aren't they?

    P.S. We've had struggles with that very same illness, too. You're not alone.

  2. So happy to hear your son is feeling better and is back on track!
    love and blessings~
    Lynda @ Gates of Crystal

  3. God Bless. What a blessing and I would love a messy table too.

  4. awwww! YAY for him! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. ;)

  5. That is not a mess, that is called perseverance and success! Glad he's feeling better, Stacey, and I am sure that makes you feel better, too! Good luck on those exams! ps- still love those chairs!

  6. That is a beautiful mess in every sense of the word. :) Glad he's feeling better! I'm sure you're one proud mama. :)

  7. What a beautiful and uplifting post, Stacey.

    I love it. Blessings to your son.


  8. Good for him! I see we have some things in common, among them a love of bacon and bright sharpie markers :>) Best of luck to him as he finishes his degree!

  9. A blessed Mess, heart felt post sweet of you to share it.

  10. It took my girl 10 years to finish college. She graduated two years ago (along with her hubby) and debt free.

    So thrilled for your son! PROUD MOMMA for sure!!!!


  11. I am struggling with health and had a rough dr. Visit today. Thank God for the progress of your precious son!

  12. What a wonderful tribute.
    How proud you must be-
    These are the special moments, right?

  13. What precious times for him and for your family. What a feat. Thanks for sharing such a precious time with us. Congratulations to your amazing son.

  14. That truly is a good mess. Congratulation to him and you.
    Carolyn - Desire Empire Blog

  15. Hi Stacey, what a great mess!! So happy for your son working hard to reach his dream. Glad he is back to good health too.
    Beautiful photo. Congrats to him and you the proud mom!!

  16. Yep, and I am sure you wouldn't have it any other way!

  17. Yep, and I am sure you wouldn't have it any other way!

  18. So glad he's back at it and feeling better! You're right...that's the kind of mess that is a welcome sight! :)

  19. I'm so happy for all of you---I know how proud you must be. Prayers, hopes and dreams go a long way. Bravo!

    Jane x

  20. Yaaaayy for your son!!! It's a blessing to see things get better for your kiddos and to see them go on and excel in their field! Give him a hug for us and tell him WAY TO GO!!
    Blessings to all of you,


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