My Entryway Bugs Me

Our entry is beautiful but challenging. 
I've said that before and I'll say it again.

The other day I rounded the corner and looked at our entry table
and realized it was just wrong!

The lamp is glass.
The cloche is glass.
The mirror is large and the frame is silvery white.
The furniture is white with mirrors in it.

The area looked naked.

This happened kind of on purpose in my effort to lighten up a dark area.
Stark was not the look I was after!

We have several pieces of artwork that rotate in that spot throughout the year but on this particular day there was nothing. Just naked.
To please myself momentarily I grabbed the red tray and put it in the back there.
I like it.

There's something about this bugging me though.
A week or so ago, Miss Mustard Seed said she realized she was reusing something in her decor because she didn't know what else to do.  
Can you imagine? 
I'm being sarcastic here because oh. my. goodness. her home is beautiful!

So let me just say that the cloche in this exact arrangement has been with me for probably 5 years.
Just like this at the last house..white urn on red transferware...little plant...keys hanging.

I'm a smart girl!
I have a million and one pictures on Pinterest!
But still the same cloche.

What would you do?

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  1. Looks pretty good to me. Love your cloche on the red transferware.


  2. It looks nice but you could probably put it somewhere else and place a nice big arrangement of flowers in that spot. I keep walking by and seeing three candles in my arrangement by the front door, that have to go...maybe today! I've enjoyed the red candles but I'm tired of them. Hugs, Diane

  3. Oh I am trying to figure out the same problem with some of my vignettes. They have been the same for years. I like the idea of a florwer arrangement and maybe a lamp in brass or a color and candles could be nice too. Greenery is always a winner, so that is an option also.

  4. I like the cloche. I would add something like a green plant to the table..kind of spilling over. And..maybe a tassel on the lamp for color.

  5. I think it looks lovely, Stacey, but I get it when something doesn't sit right. I agree with Terry, that green plant would be nice...a real pop of contrasting color and an anchor, but still airy. Just my two cents!

  6. Love that the mirrors bring more light in, it's a trick I use over here too! And the red tray looks so good that it makes me think you might not regret it if you painted the mirror frame red. Red frame, green plant, yellow printed lampshade . . . just sayin' :)

  7. I love your entry and the cloche, but sometimes our eyes just get tired of the same look. I would go to pinterest and look for something I had the ingredients for and do something different for a season. Maybe a different plant to bring some more life to that area, or maybe a touch more color or texture.

  8. Mirror down, add a print?? Leave only books and lamp. Less is more, maybe a try to catch keys and mail?

  9. Mirror down, add a print?? Leave only books and lamp. Less is more, maybe a try to catch keys and mail?

  10. Stacey I think this vignette looks very pretty! I love the plate and plant under the cloche and how you added the keys around the top!

  11. I do the same thing. Look at things I think looked great then look at the photos and change my mind. Sometimes I get it though.
    Right now I am looking at an antler chandelabra on the wall that so needs to be moved! I don't even have a cloche. I am sure in time you'll get it just like you want it. I am with you. We have to rotate artwork too. I have to rotate my dishes. Sometimes its just a chore. It's easier to look at other
    beautiful homes. Thanks for sharing at Cozy House. Have a great 4th.

  12. I like what you have, but maybe if you feel you need a change you could go with a solid lamp or shade. Good luck figuring out what to do. I can't wait to see what you come up with.

  13. I really do like it the way it is, but I also know that I get tired of things too.
    ... so here's what I would do. Find a vignette on Pinterest and copy it! :)
    I love the idea of taking the mirror down and putting up a print... then maybe
    a big ivy?


  14. Add some texture...Baskets are what I turn to. I think your glass is fine...but maybe the texture issue would make it all go down better by adding some baskets, or old wood, or old keys, books, etc. Just play wiith it. Your entry is very pretty! Sheila

  15. Hi Stacey, well it looks great to me. Sometime we see something over and over and suddenly it's not right. We just get tired of it.
    For another options, you could place the plate with cloche right on the tray then angle it on the chest. Add a few smaller books maybe topped with a candle. Working in odd numbers helps for a pleasing look too. Have fun.
    Thank you for stopping by and your kind comment on my guys retirement.
    Hugs, cm

  16. Oh gosh, you are asking a gal who gets tired of her stuff All. Of. The. Time. and am always changing things up a bit..a tiny bit.

    I like your vignette. It is very pretty, but it is nice to change things up when you get tired of it. How about adding a cast iron urn - a juxtaposition to the glass lamp. Something wide and shorter than the height of the lamp. Fill it with flowers - silks would be fine, with pops of white and red. Maybe even put the urn on top of the white tray or add a nice colorful runner underneath everything.

    I feel your


  17. My home is simple...can't help you there.
    No matter what you do it will be beautiful.

  18. I love it already!
    Maybe place your transferware dish & clochet in the red tray.
    Tilt the books with the lamp and hang a pretty tassel from your lamp on/off switch for a bit of color.
    Be sure to show us what you do! :)

  19. I agree with Cindy, but with a slightly different arrange. Lay the tray flat and put the cloche on it but without the plate under the cloche. Stand the plate up next to the cloche on a small stand in the tray as well. I also like the idea of adding more greenery too though! Regardless, its still a very beautiful space you have there. Love all the elements!

  20. How about some of the blue and white porcelain - like a vase or jar?
    I just added a photo on instagram of 2 pieces I found recently.I have them in our living room. It is such a pretty look.

  21. Maybe artwork instead of mirror? Or a darker console? But I do love the cloche and the hint of red! That's your signature color!

  22. I actually like it just like it is! You're probably just tired of it though. one way that I warm up a space that is feeling too stark (since I have a lot of white in my home) is to bring in texture. you could place a larger plant there (without the cloche). A pretty fern would do the trick. Or, a basket with a nubby texture. that would contrast nicely with the white. You could also fill a vase with some sort of floral branches perhaps. there are many fake ones that look real. there are lots of possibilities. I'm sure you will come up with something just right.

  23. I like it just how it is. The red tray adds a nice touch of color and if you wanted, you could always swap out the lamp shade for a more colorful one. I've been looking at lamp shades lately too, but the problem I keep running into is that the ones I like cost almost as much as an entire lamp.

  24. You certainly have a beautiful beginning! Your white mirrored chest is stunning along with the mirror and lamp. I have read that a mirror should reflect something pretty. The red tray can not be reflected as is. The cloche adds more glass. I agree with other commenters that a green plant would add life and reflect nicely. Add a touch of color and some bling to pick up the pretty silver frame of the mirror. A small tray could be a catch all for keys.

    My changes are always trial and error. Sometimes with too much error!

  25. Well I'm pretty much in the same boat. I just can't seem to get some areas of my home the way I want them. I think your entry looks pretty. Maybe add some greenery or flowers that someone else suggested.


  26. Choose more colorful books to go under your lamp - maybe brighter colors or all different shades of one color, like blues or turquoise. Also turn the books on a slight angle and then place your lamp back on them. A more colorful lamp might help, too. Love the tray placement!

  27. My humble advice?

    Keep everything as is - but trade out the lamp. It's too shiny and competes with the mirror.

    I'd get a faded thick heavy washed wood that looks like driftwood but in a nice turned chubby style, and with a slightly wider shade.

    Your lamp is gorgeous and I know you could easily find the perfect spot in your gorgeous home for it....but I think adding a touch more warm neutral and natural juxtaposition would do the trick.

  28. Stacy, Hi I think your home is beautiful and I like your arrangement. The only ideas I have is to replace the cloche with a flowing arrangement of natural flowers or some sort of filler to give it height with the glass mirror behind. I will try to find a picture of what I mean. I love Cloches though so cool, you could change your plate color to plain red or place it on some old books to give it interest. I do like the mirror though that looks good. Thank you also for your comment on my blog (:

  29. Okay I found something I like on your friends blogs Life On Shady Grove on her june 7th post on her island she has a white vase with flowers, those are what I am thinking would look cute. Her ideas are amazing!!

  30. I love how light and sparkly it is but if it isn't you...
    Maybe a different mirror or something beside the cloche that isn't glass.
    Good Luck.

  31. Do you like it, Stacey?

    If so, don't worry about how long it has been there.

    Happy July 4th, sweet girl.


  32. I think it looks pretty just the way it is.

    Have a lovely 4th of July... :)

  33. Looks good to me....stick a bouquet of daisies with an American flag or two in it, and call it done!!!!
    or else send me the red and white plate and the tray, and then you can start over ;^)
    Have a lovely weekend!!

  34. I like the cloche arrangement ....I would keep it but if you are tired of it there use it somewhere else?

  35. Stacey I think it looks a splash of red anywhere!
    Happy Safe fourth!


  36. Hi Stacey, the red tray is the perfect pop! But then again, I love red. lol! I reuse things that I have had for years. All of my cloches are very old, but still love using them! Happy 4th to you and your family!

  37. I think it looks good but tweak away until it just feels right to you!

  38. LOL! My entry hall is torn apart as I read this. I do the same thing in my house, walk past things with a critical eye and then start rearranging. Your display looks nice as is but you've been given some great ideas above, greenery, colored books under the lamp, a tassel on the lamp... Who need Pinterest with friends like these? Keep puttering and you'll find just the look you love!

  39. Looks fabulous!! Ours always starts looking it's best just when we leave on vacation. Darn it...

    Have a great day!


  40. It looks pretty, but maybe change the lamp into something less translucent. Something a little heavier or "dense" to counter the mirror and cloche might give you a different perspective. Have a great day!


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