The Sun is Shining!

 The sun is out today for a little while and I could not resist the urge to take a few pictures.
The neatest thing has happened though.
Today I saw things through the lens that I didn't notice just looking at the plants and flowers.
Do you ever do that?

Look closely at the daisy.
Do you see the food chain in action?
So cool! That spider is white like the flowers. ;)

Salvia anyone?
I showed you this last summer.
This is Henry Duelberg Salvia that we picked because it does well in North Texas.
Um, it might take over. I'm plucking pieces out and sticking it around the beds.
Works like a charm!

Our very first crepe myrtle bloom of this summer.
Hello beautiful.

And last, let me show you how I'm practicing patience.
Let me confess that keeping plants over the winter isn't something we do much around here.
Too messy in the house and no greenhouse to hide them in.

Last year my neighbor to the south, Lisa at Texas Decor kept her ferns over the winter 
and they came back beautifully.
So this year I decided to see what would happen if we kept the Kimberley Queen Ferns from last year. To begin with, we could we could see a few specks of green when we peeked down into the brown stems. So we started waiting. And waiting.

One has taken off and the other is a slowpoke.
Again, through the lens I saw something that I didn't notice in person.
Do you see the interloper in the right picture?

Dang weed! 
I'll take care of that in a jiffy!

We are so grateful for a little sunshine today. More rain expected in a couple of hours.
Prayers for all of my Texas friends who have experienced flooding. 
If it's not one thing it's another!

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  1. I am not a fan of the spider, but that is a very cool shot. Did you watch it capture its prey? I am glad that you are faring well in the storms and sending prayers to those who are in the direct line. xo

  2. Very interesting looking spider. I wish I could get salvia to do well in my yard. I tried it twice with no luck. Lisa gave great advice with the ferns. I bet you were so happy to see all that green.

  3. I keep looking at my Kimberly fern from last year, hoping for a speck of green. But so far nothing.

  4. I dumped my ferns years ago in the back yard flower beds and they have come back every single year!
    When I married Louis Dean my driveway was lined with white crepe myrtles. I had a huge pink one at the head of the drive and several along the fence line in the back yard.
    For some unknown reason, Louis Dean dislikes this tree and dug them all up!
    That is a mark of my love for this man. I love him MORE than my crepe myrtles!
    However, I was newly married then. He would not get away with that now! 10 years later....

  5. Your ferns look like they're going to make it. Sometimes my weeds grow better than the plants. Looking forward to some sunshine finally here in Texas.

  6. Such beautiful blooms! It is such a welcome sight to see the sun out again. We are in for more grass is green but some of my plants aren't growing. Your fern did great! Enjoy the sunshine!

  7. Such pretty pictures! That photo with the spider is really good -I remember how scary those white spiders were for me as a child when I was roaming in the garden!

  8. Stacey, wow, your pictures are really interesting. A white spider? Yikes.

    I love ferns....they are one of my favorite plantings.

    Hope the rain goes away soon.


  9. That white spider is beautiful and creepy at the same time. Spiders are one of my few phobias, but as long as it's in Texas I'm ok. Lol
    I had no idea you could keep a fern over winter and have it come back! I have had plenty of ferns that looked brown like that and I thought they were quite dead so I threw them out. I'll have to try keeping the current set and see if I can coax them back to life next year!

  10. Love the food chain photo! I usually get 4 ferns for Mother's Day but honestly I hate watering them everyday ...This year I got hydrangeas instead.
    So cool that yours came back this year! I've never tried that. Maybe I'll get just one fern ;-)
    Have a great day friend!

  11. Hi Stacey, your flowers are beautiful and love seeing more through the lens. I would love to try and overwinter our ferns. Yours are coming back beautifully. Where did you keep them? I don't have a lot of space to store flowers over the winter either. Wish I had a little green house. Yes, the sun for a bit yesterday was a nice break before the rains returned last night. More on the way again today. We are okay so far here in my Texas town but our prayers remain with the many all around us that are affected by the flooding. The mosquitoes are terrible here.
    Have a great day.

  12. Your blooms are beautiful!!!!! I am going to try to winter over a few of my plants this year....fingers crossed I don't kill them all!!! LOL We had a storm roll thru early this morning and are expecting more thru out the day. I think we have more than enough rain now!!!!! Stay dry.....

  13. Everything looks so pretty and wasn't that sun just fabulous?! It got a little steamy out there, but it was so nice to see a clear sky for a change. Love that picture of the spider -- very cool!

  14. hope things are a bit dryer for you guys. all that rain is crazy. I never think my ferns will come back each year so I put them in the woods hoping that they will regrow. I think it may get too cold . I usually do boston on the front porch. hope you are having a good week!

  15. Beautiful photos Stacey! ferns...I always look forward to Spring so that I can hang the ferns on the porch.

  16. Your flowers are so pretty! Sending prayers to Texas....

  17. I've never seen a white spider like that! So cool! Your Salvia is beautiful. My mom has tons of it in her yard. Maybe I should sneak a cutting into my garden. :) Your crepe pic made me wonder if any of mine are blooming yet, so I just put on my flip flops and trenched through our water soaked backyard to inspect all five of mine. And you know what? My white Natchez crepe has a tiny little bloom! I had no idea they were starting to bloom already! I read once that the Natchez variety is the biggest variety and so far it seems to be true. It's taller and wider than any of the others.

    And just look at your fern!!! I'm so glad my "wait and see" method worked! We had such a mild winter that mine never even turned brown this year. I just realized I haven't watered it in ages, but then I remembered Mother Nature is taking care of that for me. Actually she's probably over watering it. ;)

  18. I am glad to know you had a break from the rain.

    I love salvia. Mine is doing beautifully in several locations in the garden.

  19. Your flowers are looking beautiful. It is neat to see the action taking place on top of that daisy.
    It looks like your overwintering project was a success. I'm sure by now that weed is long gone :).
    Glad to know that you are safe and sound. The reports from Texas have been so heartbreaking.

  20. Beautiful photo of your blooms, Stacey! I hate spiders, they are too creepy, even in pics! Glad you got some refreshing rain to quench your thirsty pretties!

    Happy weekend!


  21. Gorgeous pics! I love daisies!! I did not know that ferns would come back! I learn so much from my blog friends! I hope you stop by and link up with Charming Friday today! Blessings! Susan

  22. Hi, thanks for stopping by 120 Spring Street and for your sweet comment! I love the look of your blog, great colors and design. I'm afraid I do not have a green thumb at all, this year I planted nothing. But I did buy two faux's today at Ikea :)

    I'll be back to see you again ~


  23. Love your photos Stacey! I love ferns too, however, when I had them hanging in my last home in Beaufort, SC, I always had birds nesting in them.....Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

  24. Stacey, we had rain for three weeks, but now we are getting sunshine and warm temps. I love salvia. Mine is blooming now as well. Well your ferns look like they are coming nicely. That ghost spider is a bit scary! lol! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  25. Your salvia looks like lavender to me? Is it the same thing?
    Hope you all stay safe from all of the flooding...we could sure use some of that rain, but nature doesn't seem to work that way.
    Mary Alice

  26. That spider picture is cool, but creepy, so I couldn't look at it for long LOL

    I love crepe Myrtles, I'm going to look them up and see if they grow here :)


  27. Prayers for all the families in TX. Lovely flowers~


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