Precious Babies

Sweet Babies

These sweet little baby mockingbirds are nesting in the jasmine right by our garage.
I love knowing they are hiding in there. 
The mama works so hard to feed them and she's always around. 
We love seeing nature's magic. :)

Did you know Mockingbirds are the Texas State Bird?

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  1. I get all of your comments Stacey, but they do come to my junk folder.

  2. I get your comments. I want to ask: Do you get this EXACT message every time? Because it's mentioning Yahoo and you said you're on AOL, didn't you? So that seems kinda odd. I would think the Yahoo refers to the other person?

  3. I get this message too and I've checked with bloggers and they have gotten my comment. Strange. I'm on AOL, could be their issue. Are you on AOL?


  4. I get this comment when I leave a comment on your blog too. When I check however the comment is on your blog. Hmmm...I'm stumped! BTW your sweet baby birds are so adorable...well they will be when their feathers come in! We were in Austin this weekend...I just love Texas! Just as a test let me know if you get my comment.

  5. Love your precious babies. No problems on my end.

    Jane x

  6. Hi Stacey, Oh how precious the babies are.
    I know too well about this blog glitch as I've been struggling with this for 2 years. In fact I did a post all about it. No solution and no help from blogger. I have email with yahoo and some have added an address using gmail and things seemed to fix. I tried a gmail address and it did nothing but give me even more problems.
    I know many bloggers are not seeing my comments and I get the non delivery every time I comment but have looked and my comment is there.

    I do give a few pointers of what I have learned to do in that post I did here if you want to check it out.

    It is very frustrating but so far no fixes in sight since they added google plus!
    I don't think blogger likes yahoo!!
    Hugs, CM

  7. Sweet little birdies! And I'm no help at all on anything technical, maybe I should blog again and we'll see what happens when you leave me a comment. (I actually have a couple of posts half-written, believe it or not!) Have a good week!

  8. I get that message all the time too. When I check my message IS on the blog, but I have noticed with your messages that while they show up on my blog they do NOT come through to my email like the rest of my messages do. I wish I knew how to fix this because I seem to have the same problem. Because I have a couple blog friends that this happens to, I always check my comment section on the blog for your messages, so I do see them :)

  9. I get your comments so I don't know how to help.

  10. Since you and I talked about this last night, I probably don't have too much to add. It's frustrating, isn't it? It really does seem to be a problem with AOL and Yahoo comments not coming through to a gmail account. At least now your comments are publishing on my blog and I can see them that way. I just added another email address to have my comments emailed to (in addition to my gmail address) so we'll see if the next time you comment if it'll also be emailed to my new account. Fingers crossed! :) Do let me know if you find out any more info.

  11. I'm always happy to see a reply from you and I'm getting them all!


  12. Stacey,
    I got my first comment from you today and it went to my junk folder..but I did get it!
    Love, Mona

  13. HI Stacey,
    As I have told you I get your comment on my post but it does not come into my email account. Someone told me that this was a problem between blogger and AOL and Yahoo. I get almost everyone that leaves me a comment into my email except for a few of you. So it does appear on my post but does not come into the email. So not sure how to correct that. I hope you get this fixed so when I check my emails I know that you have left a comment.
    Ughhhh it is always something!!!!

  14. I love mocking birds...they sing beautifully. Don't know how to help with your problem...

  15. I think you've had some good advice. I don't think there is anything you can's a blogger issue. And it means your comment did not get sent to their email account, it still got published though. Hugs!

  16. I know nada about computers, but your sweet comments come through every time in my g-mail account!!
    We have mocker cousins in the bush beside our garage as well. They like to be near their chosen family, and the Dad will sit on top of the bush and sing his little heart out if we are working outside!
    We also have a wren family on our back porch...Mama sings to hubster when he sits outside in the evening...I call her his "other" girlfriend :^)
    Be blessed,

  17. Everything seems to be fine on this end. I love to watch the mocking birds torture our cat... or maybe it's the other way around LOL... they have a special friendship.


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