Ordinary Days :)

Happy Tuesday Friends. 

 This is just a really normal day today. 
Nothing out of the ordinary happening.  I love days like this. 

Made banana and walnut muffins because the bananas were mushy. :)

Vacuumed dog hair and then watched it fall some more.
She's so worth it!

Sometimes "ordinary" days make me wonder if everybody
else is out there having an exciting out of the ordinary life.

Do you wonder that too?

It's silly really... I am so incredibly grateful for my home and my people.
That includes my dog.

Home is where I want to be.

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  1. I love when I get up in the mornings and look at my day timer and there is nothing on that day's date. A whole day to do as I please!

    Have a great day!


  2. I love days like you describe! And freshly baked muffins make any morning great :-)

  3. I have that same printable from Lucy, love it! Tuesdays are typically my "do nothing" days. Meaning that I don't schedule anything, I try not to clean or do laundry or run errands. It's my day to just stay home, relax, drink coffee/tea, read magazines and blogs, and maybe even watch a movie or two. ;) I LOVE my Tuesdays! Actually, I love ordinary days the best. I'm totally fine with regular mundane days at home. :)

  4. I'd much rather be home, than working! That's for sure! :)

  5. I love being home. I worked so much and traveled a great deal so now that I am retired it's great to be just at home and doing all the ordinary things that need to be done. My short haired dog sheds so much that it is a daily job to swifter that hair up. But I wouldn't trade it for the world.
    Have a great day and enjoy your ordinary day.

  6. I am right there with you, sister!!!
    There is nothing as wonderful as an ordinary day.......

  7. I've really appreciated my nice home these past couple of weeks. And today I worked hard cleaning it. But I love making it comfortable. Enjoy your afternoon my friend. Hugs, Diane

  8. Oh my goodness, I hadn't realized that I was hungry until I saw your muffins . . . They look amazing. I'm off to the kitchen to whip up something yummy. See what you've started:)

  9. I love home! And I have had so many ordinary days I'm in a blogging slump. Still, there is plenty of beauty in ordinary days. Banana muffins and loving on the dog, walking in the yard after a long, cold winter, and just enjoying the day.

  10. Me too...homebody, ordinary and totally content! I baked blueberry muffins today. My bananas weren't mushy! ;) I also made two quiches. One with broccoli and one with spinach. Yum!

  11. Yes, I have recently moved to a home based job and love it. No more office scuttle butt. No commute and I get to bake, clean and just enjoy home!

  12. I too love "nothing out of the ordinary" days.

    I love to bake, but I just bought my Mother of the Groom dress and the rehearsal dinner dress so there will be no baking for 2 months. Except, I have to bake cookies for a party on Saturday. That's going to kill me not getting to eat the dough.

  13. Hi Stacey, I love days like this. Pure home bliss! Your muffins look so good and your fur baby is adorable.
    Enjoy the day!!

  14. Home is exactly where I want to be.
    After teaching all those years, I am so grateful for the chance to decide where I want to be on any given day.

    Have a good week-
    The rain has been something else!

  15. I have not had a dog in 12 years and this past August we added our little Dutch...I seriously can't believe how laid back I have become in 12 years...the dog hair is nothing compared to how much I love that little scamp! All ordinary over here..busy...but ordinary!

  16. I love knowing I have a day where I don't have to be anywhere and I can just do what I please. Especially if the weather is bad, I love to curl up at home and just listen to the wind blow!

    My family hates my banana bread and muffins so they eat up the banana's before I can get to them! Ha!


  17. I love ordinary days and spending time at home. Now I might have to make muffins because yours look soooo yummy!

  18. Hi Stacey,
    I love the ordinary days too. Where the day just unfolds. Nothing major planned and you can just enjoy what you have. Have a great day.
    Kris :)

  19. I'm always grateful to be home. Such a blessing and I love ordinary days, too.


  20. Honestly, home is where I want to be...almost always!! And "ordinary" days are the best! I think we may be kindreds. ;)

    (Thanks for visiting me at Thinking About Home and joining in the discussion. I answered some reader questions in a follow-up post, including more details about the tea cup dessert. They were actually pots de creme...a very easy Pioneer Woman recipe.)

  21. I am definitely the home-body type loving the ordinary day! I think I've had enough excitement for a lifetime since I worked with juvenile offenders spending lots of time with gang kids and becoming known as "gang Mom". The stories I could tell...

  22. Hi Stacey! I love these kinds of days too! Usually when I think I'm going to get one, a wrench gets thrown into it! LOL But if it's grandbabies I do get over it!
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  23. Home is my haven from a cruel world. Home is the only place I want to be. Its a sanctuary for your well being, all that is meaningful to you and comfort. Its is critical for regrouping that we have peace and love in our homes.

  24. Nothing makes me happier than being at home. I'm not one to be out in search of something that may provide temporary satisfaction from boredom. Mine is at home, and it's lasting. Which is not to say I never get out I do. But the home..it's always where I long to return to :-)


  25. Home is the very best place! I love being here amongst my family (including the furry ones) and my things. It just makes me happy :)

    It's wonderful that someone else feels the same way.


  26. You are so right!! Home is my refuge!! We travel occasionally and I am SO ready to be home after the first day :^)
    Last Sunday I sat down for the sermon, and looked at the front of my choir robe.....yep, a Posie cat hair.....and she has never been in the same county as my choir robe :^) Gotta' love those crazy animals!
    Have a great weekend and
    be blessed,

  27. I love being home! Especially if I can be home 2-3 days straight and not go anywhere. A week with no appointments, no plans.. perfect!

  28. You are so right! I think that whenever I'm having an ordinary (unexciting) day that everyone else must be doing something better. I forget that real life consists of far more ordinary days than exciting ones. Right? At least thats the case in my life. I'm always having to get pet hair off my sofa and chairs (and out of my bed) too. But, I'd rather have the dog with the hair than not have the dog at all!

  29. LOL this was great. I think that most of us have VERY ordinary days.

    For example, today I brushed my dog every time he went outside since he is in full shed.

    It's ridiculous...

    I might have done other things but THAT is what affected my day the most.

    Dog Hair! :)

  30. Agreed! Home is where it's at. :)

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  32. yes I wonder but I don't care. I love ordinary days and each day is a blessing. This weekend my best friend and I were returning from a perfectly beautiful magically day of fun and we were 5 minutes from her house. We were involved in a attempted car jacking. We escaped from 2 gang thugs with guns. we knew that every moment of life is precious , no matter how ordinary.

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