No Wimpy Pots!

We are off to a great start in the flower pots on the patio.
The weather has been amazing for us this spring.
We've finally been blessed with the rain that has been missing for several years and
every living thing is soaking it up!

There's just something different about rainfall as opposed to water from the hose.
Plants love the real thing.

That's my scientific opinion and I'm sticking to it. :)

We are in the no wimpy pots club meaning large pots work better for us.
They don't dry out as quickly and give plenty of room for plants to grow.

So far so good.
Of course, it's not hot yet and I kind of forgot that we don't 
have that much shade which is needed for some of the plants I selected.

I might have to pop umbrellas over my plants. :)

I want to say thank you to all of you for answering the blogging question that I posted here.
You all are the sweetest!

Also, lately I've gotten several comments from non-bloggers and I'm not able to respond to you because there's no link back to you.
Please know that I love reading what you have to say and would respond if I could.

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  1. So pretty! It is finally planting season in Wisconsin, so I am looking forward to getting things going. I'm with you on the rain theory....we call it "real water," lol. Your pots look fabulous. Jane

  2. It all looks so pretty. I have been potting up a storm as well. I love this time of year!

  3. The coleus is gorgeous. I can't keep that stuff alive at all. Did you know you have word verification on when someone comments before "I'm Not A Robot?" Just thought I'd check.

  4. Beautiful! I am just starting my potting here. Got a little delayed with the move and unpacking.

  5. What beautiful pots you have planted! We are not up to that yet. It's still cold here. I am waiting....I'll look at yours in the meantime! ;)

  6. Oh my, your container flowers are looking just beautiful! You do have a green thumb!

  7. Your plants are so pretty and healthy. I hope they stay that way all summer. I'm still waiting for rain here. None to be found. Guess I'll have to do a rain dance :) Love, Pat

  8. Isn't all this rain glorious? We're loving it! You sure have some pretty potted plants. I like how you've mixed different ones together. My mom actually HAS put an umbrella over some of her flowers! Lol! I think they were newly planted and she wanted to protect them or something. So funny!

  9. Once again, I am reminded of my admiration of your "green thumb pot creations"! Beautifully done and a treat to look at them. Thanks for sharing.

  10. Your pots are so pretty and I also admire your awesome green. Have a wonderful rest of the week... :)

  11. They sure are loving the rain, Stacey - your flowers and plants look so lush and beautiful!

  12. Hi Stacey, your flowers are beautiful. Yes, the real thing water has been so good for our flowers this season. More rain on the way today.
    Hugs, CM

  13. You always have the most beautiful flowers! Sweet hugs, Diane

  14. Love all your beautiful flowers. I love the sweet potato vines They grow like crazy and love the light green color they mix in with the flowers. Lookin good! Have a great week.

  15. Love your flowers especially the geraniums! The birds are adorable!

    I've always received your comments in the right way, I think it's a blogger issue, I use Google Chrome.


  16. They are GORGEOUS, Stacey! Nicely done!!

  17. The pots are so pretty---I love red geraniums, a classic! I'm glad you're getting rain. We've had so much and I know that's a blessing. The grass is growing so fast you just can't keep up with it and I sort of like a neat lawn. And the weeds are sprouting left and right! Lots of work to do in between the rainfalls!

    Jane x

  18. Your potted plants look amazing! I would love to see a tutorial on how you choose plants for your mix and how to organize them in a pot! Yours are the best I have seen!! I hope you link up with Charming Friday! Jennie and I would love to have some DIY and decor posts! Blessings, Susan

  19. Your pots looks great, Stacey! I love the combinations you put together and I see you have one of my favorites ~ coleus. Such a great colorful plant that satisfies my need for color and my husband's for no bees! I just planted the urn by our garage door {with coleus in the mix} and our urn by the front door is still doing well with its Martha Washington geraniums. You are right though, the real heat and humidity hasn't hit yet so I just need to keep up with the watering of them.

  20. Your sweet potato vine is beautiful!! I love the way these fill a pot and drape down the sides.

  21. All your arrangements are gorgeous! I agree about rainfall versus watering from the hose. It's just so much better. Waco is getting rain, too, and I am so grateful as I don't have a sprinkler system. I AM the sprinkler system!


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