A Battle for the Porch

We try to keep our porch welcoming.
We add a new wreath for each season.
We change the plants in the pots to keep them fresh.

But right now I'm battling barn swallows that want to build a nest on our 
porch right over the front door.
Not pretty at all.  Poop everywhere.

I love birds but these beautiful beneficial songbirds aren't welcome on my porch.
They might poop on my wreath. Or somebody's head.

Any suggestions?

Fake eggs on the wreath. :)

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  1. Stacey,
    You might try hanging a rubber snake or an owl near the area where the barn swallows are trying to build a nest. I have phoebes that build nests each year on my front porch and it is a huge mess, but they always beat me and have eggs before I realize they have returned. I don't have the heart to tear down an active nest.

  2. I've heard a fake owl or snake would do the trick too. A friend of mine just put a rubber snake on her front porch, and the birds never returned. Might be worth a try. We have doves that come back each year and lay eggs in their nest, but but thankfully it's off to the side of our porch, under a gutter, so it doesn't bother us. That poop would get old really quickly. Lol! Good luck!

  3. I have never had this issue, but it doesn't sound pretty.

  4. Definitely too welcoming! If the fake owl or snake doesn't work, I would probably try sticking some nails up through a piece of cardboard or foam and temporarily attaching it where they are trying to build. I have seen spikey thinks like that on commercial buildings as a bird deterrent. Good luck!

  5. Oh no, what a problem! Love the wreath, but you are right, no need for the birds nest at your front door. Stacey, the only thing I've heard of is putting an owl nearby! Good luck!

  6. Stacey your front door is always so pretty!
    I know how you feel-

    My yard is full of spider webs.
    (I am exaggerating a little bit.)

    It sounds like everyone has great suggestions.

    We are all in these things together, aren't we?


  7. Stacey...we are having the same problem. Just finished power washing the back porch and cushions. I hope it lasts for a few day! Sheila

  8. Your wreath is so beautiful, no wonder the birdies want to make their home there!!! LOL I have heard wind chimes work, the birds don't like the constant movement. Good luck!!

  9. So pretty! The barn swallows always want to go under the cover of our boat lift and nest, and poop in our boat. ARRGGHH. We're thinking an owl or some shiny streamers maybe? Such a pain!

  10. I bought fake blackbirds at the dollar store and tied on top of my ferns (on the chain). So far that has kept birds from building in them.. Last winter I also did this to my porch light NO Poop on the porch....hope this works Pat H

  11. You have some great suggestions and I can't think of anything to add. Your wreath is beautiful! Besides the bird poop being disgusting, they carry all kinds of disease too. Good luck!!


  12. Stacey, my girlfriend in McKinney had the same problem every year. She tried the fake owl; but, to no avail. Last year, they added the spikes that someone else mentioned. It worked!

  13. I had that problem every year in our former home. A fake snake never worked. I needed up just waiting it out. They seemed to have 2 broods. They are extremely messy!!! My flowers on our front door were always pooped on. GOOD LUCK!

  14. We have the same problem and actually had two birds build a nest in the wreath and when we opened the door one day they both flew in the house and hid in the kitchen! We bought a light to replace the chandelier, but it's a 16 foot ceiling so we're having trouble finding someone to go up and replace it. Someone told me to put flapping plastic streamers from the chandelier to keep them from spooning on the chandelier and pooping right in front of the front door!

  15. We've been having a woodpecker problem. We woke up to pecking on our gutters. My husband scared it away, but it returned. After going back and forth a few times it seems to be gone for good. An internet search suggested we try a fake owl, maybe that would work for your nest problem? Good luck, Stacey! Your wreath looks very pretty and welcoming.

  16. I have tried putting forks in the flowers and wreaths with the pointy ends up, but that only works about half the time. If they want to nest, they'll just work around the fork tines.

    Last year I tried to hang some Boston ferns on the edge of the porch and within two days the birds had built nests in them even with the forks sticking out. Sounds cute to bird nests, but then I couldn't water the ferns since the eggs would get all wet. Oh, and then I had to leave the stupid brown dead ferns up there until the babies had left the nest! It ended up being the year of the ugly porch ferns.

  17. Hi Stacy,
    It is hard when the birds want to live in your pretty and welcoming porch. I hear the rubber snake thing works.
    I have a big bird house that is on my porch for decor and my hubby blocked the holes to keep the birds out and every once in a while I see the birds hit their little head trying to fly into the holes. I hate to see that but I just know what a mess it would be to have then nesting in there. So I feel your pain with the struggle for nice welcoming decor and the battle with the birds wanting to nest. Hope you win!!!!!

  18. What Susan said!! A brightly colored rubber snake lying on the top of your door frame will do the trick. They LOVE the portico at our church, so it has 4 (all sides) hot pink and bright yellow snakes along the top frame :^). The little Sunday School ladies all feign the shimmys when they come and go. It makes me smile!
    Be blessed,

  19. Hi Stacey, we had the same thing a few years ago and then placed a windchime near by and it seemed to help. The birds have not tried to make a nest in my door urn. Not sure this is why, but glad anyway.
    I hope your visitors decide to find another spot to nest. I know it can be such a mess.
    Have a great day.

  20. I have no advice, but my Italian grandmother used to say that if a bird poops on you, it's very good luck! I just think it's yucky! ;)

  21. I don't know if I've ever seen a barn swallow...are they big? Hubby hates nests near our house because of the bird doo-doo so he's always knocking them down. Someone told me to push plastic forks, tine side up into my potted plants to keep the squirrels out...that might work.

    Love the wreath!

    Jane x

  22. Texas here too...same swallows every year..beautiful iron door like yours....no solution. I don't have a wreath because of this.

  23. Your front door is so pretty. I have no idea what to do about the birds. I think we have these in the top of our fireplace.. I can hear them... we put a screen over the chimney last year so they wouldn't get in there but I think it blew off....
    Happy Mothers Day!

  24. Oh wow, I've never heard of that happening before. I sure hope the problem gets resolved because your porch is always so pretty. I do love birds, but they can really be a nuisance sometimes.


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