It's a Pretty Big Deal!

When my kids were little in Oklahoma we loved snow days so much! 
We'd make snowmen and sled down the hills in our neighborhood.

We'd laugh at cars that were trying to go up the street in front of our house...
they never made it and we collected cars at the end of our street for a few days.

We'd put clothes on and take them off all day long with 
lots of hot chocolate in between.

The best part was no school, of course.

Then the day came that they didn't want to play out there much any more.
They preferred to sneak off in their cars and do doughnuts in a parking lot. :)
Yeah, Spencer just told me that the other day.

 I still love a good snow day.
It's a little more rare here in the Dallas area and everyone gets so excited.
The eggs and milk are gone from the grocery store.
Everything is closed. 

Belle isn't too sure about it but she knows there could be a bone out there somewhere.
I'll be enjoying the snow glow from inside the house today.
Might even work on adding a little Spring to a shelf or counter top.

Hope you have a wonderful day.

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  1. Hi Stacey! Oh,your snow is so pretty. I remember when I lived in west Texas, I attended Jr. and Sr. High School there, one snowflake could fall and they would cancel school! Of course I loved it. We're still covered up under snow. Man it's cold here. You stay warm.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. I wish we would get a little snow here in the Houston area! I mean if it is going to be cold outside we might as well get a little snow! My kids would love it so much!

  3. Enjoy your snow, it won't last long in Dallas. I lived there back in the 60's for almost a year. Great town:)
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Connie :)

  4. I would say what fun, but I am over snow! However it must be a treat when it's a rare occasion! Enjoy your day!

  5. I hope that you have some of that soup left and a warm fire! I am totally over winter and screaming for spring!!

  6. I'm enjoying the view this morning, as well! Hard to believe that Spring Break is next week! Yes, these past couple of weeks have been a rarity for us; but, I love it! It's so pretty!

  7. As a child I loved the snow, but getting older not so much. I am always amazed how fast milk and bread goes from the stores when snow is forcasted. HA! HA!!

  8. The concept of a snow day is totally foreign to me, but it does sound fun.

    Once the kids were grown we started taking a ski vacation for Christmas and I remember one Christmas morning when skiing wasn't possible. The car was buried under 3 feet of snow and we were stuck in the cabin. It was actually a lovely day spent together playing cards and games.

  9. It is beautiful....but it makes me feel cold. Love the tulips in the jar.

  10. It is a big deal. I love the snow and I'm happy for the snow day.

  11. I enjoy the kind of snow that comes down beautifully one day and is completely gone the next. The snow is not so bad if we hadn't had all of the ice first.

    But, today the sun is shining and we are suppose to reach 70s by weekend - Thank Goodness!

    Hope you are feeling better and ready for Spring!


  12. The daffodils I bought last week have shriveled up! I need some of those tulips! Stay warm during our Dallas "blizzard".

  13. Isn't it funny what kids do when the parents aren't looking. My mom couldn't believe how much I got away with. She thought she knew everything LOL

    I'm glad you're safe and warm and got to spend time with a good friend :)

    That soup looks great!


  14. Your snow looks pretty! I loved snow days when I was growing up!

  15. Love your photos. My alarm went off at 5 am and a quick check on my laptop told me that Dallas schools were closed...back to sleep!!! When I did get up at 8, the sun was shining brightly on the snow all over our yard - beautiful! Still.... I am looking forward to warmer weather next week for Spring Break!

  16. Hope that you are enjoying your snow day! This weather is so crazy. We've shoveled the first 5 inches, looks like there's another 5 in it's place already. By the time spring arrives in Baltimore I will be ready with my flip flops and lounge chair! : )

  17. We're having a snow day here today, too! We haven't seen the grass in months and I miss it, but you're right, it's still magical!

  18. We're having a snow day here today, too! We haven't seen the grass in months and I miss it, but you're right, it's still magical!

  19. Enjoy your snow glow, lol. Here in Michigan I am fixated on the temps hitting the 40's and eradicating that glow next week. Oh I. Just. Can't. Wait. for Spring. Love your tulips :>)

  20. Snow storm memories can be really pleasant or a little frightening. (I'm thinking of a driving trip in the mountains of Colorado during a snow storm.) I remember other times having a great time sledding outside and the fun time warming up by a roaring fire. Fun to think and remember both!

  21. I think you have more snow than we do in Minnesota! The tulips are beautiful!

  22. I love very much whe I wake up in the morning and see that the ground is white and sparkling, with no steps or anything, it's so beautiful. Love fights with snowballs and building a snowman too, it's a bug fun for the whole family.

    Spring cleaning Chelsea

  23. Hi Stacey,
    It is so funny how different parts of the country deal with snow. Up here in the midwest we are so use to this stuff the kids rarely get snow days. Just an everyday occurrence for us during the winter months. Enjoy the snow. Be so glad it will melt away and not stay for months on end. I cannot wait for our melt down to start.
    Bella looks so cute checking out the white stuff. Have a great Friday and wonderful week end.

  24. Love your snow pictures. The tulips are lovely too. The snow missed us, but had a little bit of ice. The hill country of south central Texas seldom gets snow.

  25. I've heard you've had some "different" weather down there! I hope you get something fun out of it and then go back to the norm! And use wasting time in bringing out those spring pretties! Mine are slipping in every day! :)

    Jane xx

  26. It was fun while it lasted, especially with the beautiful snow on the ground and the sun shining! Thanks for sharing your pictures, Stacey!

  27. I think winters finally over around here... 74 yesterday and warm all week long but RAIN... It's better than freezing rain like we had last week. Bring on the flowers! I know exactly what you mean about snow being a big deal. I live in NC.. it hardly ever snows around here and when it does, the state shuts down. I love snow .. but I'm so tired of the ice, that's all we've had this year. Have a good week Stacy!

  28. Snow days are GREAT!!
    I "poofed" around the house and didn't accomplish a thing of any real use! I need to get fabric cut and sewn and installed...did I do any of that??? Nope, I just fluffed the day away :^)
    Have a good week!

  29. Don't you just love those kind of memories. As a matter of fact, I loved winter so much more when my kids were little. Now, seeing so much snow is just driving me crazy. I'm so glad the weather is warming up and melting some of it away... :)


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