This Room at the Top of the Stairs

This room at the top of the stairs is where my sweet friend stayed last week.

I made sure the pillows were poofed and fresh flowers were ready for her.

She didn't care that there's not a chair in the room. 

We sat on the floor and talked like good friends do.

We talked about our kids when they were little and our kids now in their 20s.

We talked about husbands and dogs and parents and cooking.

We reminisced about our old neighborhood and how blessed we were to all land in the same place.

I told her she could easily make her own upholstered headboard.

She told me about all the cute clothes she's selling at her part time job after she teaches school all day.

We talked about wood floors and cabbage soup and college expenses and Hilton Head.

We talked about babies and menopause and how we're trying our best to maintain our weight.

It was like we were never ever apart. 

Real friendships are like that.

I love my friends.

"There is nothing on this earth more to be  prized than friendship."
-Thomas Aquinas

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  1. Lovely post. I bet you and your friend had so much. Friends are best to have!

  2. Hi Stacey! This is so sweet. It's so special when you can pick up with a friend just like you saw them yesterday. Everything looks so pretty!

    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  3. It sounds like the perfect time with a great friend!

  4. Beautiful photos, Stacey! It sounds like a very special friendship...a treasure.

  5. She sounds like a wonderful friend! God puts people in our path for good reasons!

    And I love your Le' Target shoes! I'll have to see if ours has these.

    I hear ya about those hot flashes! My face will turn bright red, too. Hate it! Thank God for makeup!


  6. So pretty! There's nothing better than spending time with friends. Your room looks lovely and I'm sure she enjoyed every minute of her stay!
    Miss Bloomers

  7. Women need friends, it' as simple as that. I am so glad you had a great visit. I am planning a visit this fall with a friend I haven't seen in years, we are both looking forward to it with great anticipation!

  8. Beautiful post...Beautiful photos!! Sounds like a wonderful weekend!

  9. Sounds like you two made plenty of new memories. I have several girlfriends from the mid to late-70's and we're just as close now as ever.

  10. The perfect time spent together. Great post.

  11. That's so wonderful that you enjoyed a nice time with your friend. I bet she really appreciated your hospitality!!

  12. Good friends like that are rare and precious!

  13. My mom always used to say that you have many acquaintances in this life, but only a few very true friends. Sounds like she is one for sure! :)

  14. I'm so glad you had her there to visit! You sound so happy when you speak of her time there.

  15. Nothing like time with a good friend to make your heart happy.

  16. Hi Stacey, such a lovely post of true friendship. You are so right ~ when good friends meet up, they start up right where they left off.
    Sounds like the perfect visit!!
    Hugs, CM

  17. Hi Stacey,
    Friends of the heart are best. I have always said some people come into our lives for a short visit while others come in for a lifetime and they will live in our hearts forever. Those are the best friendships. So happy you found that with your friend. That is the best treasure to have.

  18. Count yourself blessed to have people like this in your life! :)

    Jane x

  19. I couldn't have said it any better. True friends are forever!
    Thanks for the lovely pictures!

  20. Love this post! Sounds like some great girlfriend time!

  21. That is what true friendship is all about. You can not see each other for years, but when you do get together it is like time has never passed. What a bleeing friend truly are. Beautiful post. Thank you for sharing at Share Your Style link party!
    XO Barbara

  22. Such a lovely post! Yes, friends are like that. You can not see them for years and its like you start right where you left off in the relationship!

  23. So true and so sweet! I know that you poofed those pillows and had a gorgeous place for her to rest her head! Love chatting with old friends!! Thanks for sharing with SYC.

  24. Hi Stacey,
    I know exactly what you mean!
    Blessings and hugs,
    Linda at Beautiful Ideas

  25. Such a sweet post! Good for you... a little girl time is wonderful!

  26. Sounds like a wonderful visit! I'm so happy for you! My Mom was here visiting me last week and I just loved it too!

  27. So glad you had a great time and visit with your friend...I am sure she loved staying in that beautiful room...There is nothing like a treasured friend!

  28. I have a couple of friends like that. The older I get, the more I depend on the treasured friendships I am blessed with.


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