Ten Things After the Hysterectomy

First let me say THANK YOU all of your kind messages and emails in the last few days.
You people are nice!!

Now let me describe what it's been like.

1. Went in thinking I would have laparoscopic surgery.  Came out with a 6" incision. 
Surgery didn't go exactly as planned.

2. Most importantly, no cancer. Thank You God! I was scared.

3. No ovaries all the sudden means I might laugh or cry at any given moment.
And that happens all day long.

4. Hideous amount of air in your abdominal cavity after surgery. 
Hurts, makes you burp and pass gas...I wasn't raised that way! 
Makes me cry.

5. Nobody told me there would be strange swelling that makes me look unhuman.

6.  Our friends and family have provided driving, food, flowers, plants, and lots of love and prayers.

6. I've decided not to look at myself in the mirror because strange swelling.....
Frankenstein....makes me cry.

7. For some reason I didn't realize that I wouldn't be able to wear clothes. 
I packed a cute outfit to wear home from the hospital that I might not wear again
 until March....makes me cry.

8. It's cold!! 
Today I have on a balloon type dress with my husband's sweatshirt and socks.
Lovely image, right?
I was moaning about my legs being cold and Paul proceeded to describe something to me.
He said, "I have just what you need." He went on to tell me about this whole body suit he has 
that goes from your feet to your neck and zips so you can go to the bathroom.
I said, "You mean like Elmer Fudd?"
Well, yes! That might be what I wear tomorrow.

9.  Ya just have to laugh when you can and cry if you need to.

10. Naps are wonderful. 

11. I couldn't be more lucky or blessed.
Can't believe I'm writing about this.

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  1. I'm so sorry there were some unexpected issues. I bet you're so glad to be back in your own home though. You made me laugh about the Elmer Fudd thing! Hey, whatever works, right? :) It IS pretty cold in Texas right now. We're not getting out of the 40's all day and that's almost record breaking for down here. Still sending good thoughts and healing prayers. :)

  2. Stacey, such a hard thing to face..to such a sweet lady. Get Well soon.
    IN my prayers Teresa

  3. You just made me smile really big! Nobody ever, ever tells you the yucky stuff. Geez, isn't that what girlfriends and sisters are supposed to do. I filled my little sister in on all the colonoscopy stuff to expect.

  4. Thank God NO cancer! You will heal and be able to wear your cute outfit eventually. Not when you think, but soon!! Continue to get better!

  5. Your title made me have to read this. I went through the whole thing in 2000. Climera patches help so much! Some may oppose estrogen...but to help level things out it is a godsend. Thank goodness for pharmaceuticals! Ha!
    When you need them...you need them!

  6. First, I am so glad there is no cancer! I am sorry for the nasty surprise of an incision and the after effects. Take it easy, let yourself be loved on and babied and you'll be back to feeling better before you know it. I've been keeping you in my prayers and will continue to do so. Feel better friend!

  7. Praying for you to feel better soon. Thank goodness there was no cancer.


  8. Oh my,I have missed a lot here. I am glad that you are recovering from your procedure. I know that it might not be fun at times, but take it easy and allow your body to heal. Take this time to just rest, rest and rest some more.

    Thinking of you...

  9. Thank goodness no cancer!! I am sorry you are having to go through all of this, but I love your sweet sense of humor. Get well soon!

  10. I love this post. That is exactly what it was like except mine was in the late spring. Balloon dress, leggings and flip flops. I hope you are back to yourself soon. Rest and enjoy those flowers.

  11. I hit something by accident and don't know if the message was sent or not.

    Rather than repeat what might already be posted, I will merely ask for your address once again. I know you sent it to me once, but I wasn't organized and didn't save it.

  12. You're writing about it because it's what's real and what's happening to you AND it will surely help someone else. Most of the time we have no idea what to expect and it can be very scary. Take care of yourself...go s l o w !!! And don't worry! You'll be back to normal before you know it. Just rest!!! Sweet hugs, Diane

  13. Hope you feel better soon, Stacey!

  14. I am glad to hear the good news, Stacey! I wish you a quick recovery. Enjoy the down time, if you can, but I know what a super fashionable girl you usually are and the outfits must be killing you! ;) I'm sure you still look super cute!!

  15. Glad you are feeling better! Take care of yourself!
    Positively Stephanie

  16. Enjoy the cold, your hot flashes are just waiting to begin..you in fact may not be cold for a long season....but oh how you will want to be cold! I've been down this road...the only down side was hot flashes other than that wish I'd done it years ago. Wishing you the best...you can do this :-)


  17. I've missed so much, Stacey. Thank GOD there was no cancer and the surgery went well. I can only imagine how heavy that was weighing in on your mind. Take it easy, friend. Hope you feel better really soon.

  18. Glad to hear the good news! Thanks for updating us:) Naps are good!Get rest and pretty soon you will be wearing that cute outfit and many more like that:) Praying for a quick recovery! Warm hugs, Poppy

  19. My mother had the same surgery several years ago but I haven't noticed her being anymore emotional than when she still had her ovaries and uterus. She is not taking any hormones either. I guess she is lucky. Glad you've recovered.

  20. Glad you have a sense of humor about it all. Get better quickly-it will happen.

  21. Feel better my blogging friend. You need rest and compassion and love ... and yes, a good cry every now and then.

  22. O, I didn't know you had surgery. I've not been around too much on the computer since Christmas...
    I had the same surgery when I was 33. Thankfully, we had a son and daughter and altho we'd wanted another baby, I was thankful for the 2 I had...and, like you, NO CANCER.
    Hoping you get your strength back really soon...xoxo

  23. Stacey - Hope you are all well soon. Good that you have a sense of humor about it all! LOL Take care and get lots of rest.


  24. So sorry to hear that you had to do it the old fashioned way. Been there, done that. I promise, it will get better but it does take a little time. Get plenty of rest and take it one day at a time. I'll keep praying for a speedy recovery.

  25. Stacey, I didn't know about your ordeal. So glad you got good news from it. My main thing I went through when I had my hysterectomy was a deep, and I mean DEEP depression. But I finally did come out of it, and you will soon be over all your side effects, too. Feel better soon!

  26. Get well soon. It is hard i know, but
    it will get better. I had a hysterectomy when i was in my early thirties. In time you will feel better.


  27. I'm so glad you're okay despite all of the after effects. Give yourself some time and take advantage of all the pampering you can get. You'll be back to your cute self in no time and then you'll be back to pampering everyone else. Hope this doesn't make you cry! : )

  28. So thankful that they didn't find any cancer! Prayers for a smooth recovery, and MOSTLY that you are patient with yourself as you do. It can be a tough thing to do, but will pay off if you allow yourself to properly heal!!! Love to you!!

  29. Hi Stacey, so glad the surgery is behind you and now the healing begins. Each day will be better and the best news of all, no cancer!! What a gift.
    Take good care and you will be wearing that cute little outfit in no time.
    Love to you.

  30. This post made me laugh and cry with you! I'm so happy someone brought you some "Nothing Bundt Cakes"...those things are amazing! If you lived closer I'd bring a few to you myself. Take care, Stacey. We'll have a girls day soon when you don't have to wear your Elmer Fudd outfit. :) (But, you could if you want to!) Hugs to you friend!

  31. So glad your surgery went well! A hysterectomy sounds a lot like menopause to me only with stitches! Take it easy Stacey and enjoy being taken care of. You'll be up and at 'em before you know it.;)

  32. I'm so glad that you're home now with your family and I'm also happy that you are cancer free. That is good news. I'm praying daily that you'll receive a speedy recovery. Just relax and enjoy those flowers and treats that are coming your way... :)

  33. Stacey,
    Glad you are home and doing better. The worse part is over. I have been down the road you have and all I can say is it does get better. Hang in there. :)

  34. Oh girl, you are such a good sport! Your sense of humor will get you through this! And some TLC, I hope your guys are spoiling you rotten :) I also hope the sunshine today will cheer you up!!! Love you!!

  35. Now aren't you glad we didn't tell you about that stuff BEFORE you went into the hospital. It's temporal. I had mine at 30. I knew I'd run out of harmones when I came out of the grocery store one day and could not remember what kind of car I drove. Unfortunately it was before cell phones and the little openers with the panic button. Harmone therapy was wonderful, and I almost hated giving it up. Be thankful for the medical advances we enjoy, and give yourself plenty of time to heal.

  36. You are SO human! To be able to look at this whole situation honestly and with a sense of humor...and I know that can be tough right now. Thank you for being you.

    So sorry about all the hiccups in the plan. But thank God no cancer. And remember the bloating and what not is just temporary.

    Stay warm. Sending love and prayers.

    Jane x

  37. Glad things went well! Very thankful that there was no cancer. I will continue to pray for you. Recovering from surgery is not fun. Take care of yourself and enjoy those naps!

  38. The good new is...NO CANCER!!!!
    The okay news is that none of these problems will last forever.
    The bad news is...the here and now!!
    Yep...it's bad right now...just roll with the flow, cry if you need to, laugh hysterically for no reason, call everyone a jughead and above all REST!!! Sleep is the great healer!!
    At least the sun is shining today...that should help a little...
    Take good care and remember, we ARE praying.

  39. Aw, you poor thing! I'm so sorry you are going through this, Stacey. You cry when you need to, but try to watch comedies and laugh through the pain (and the gas). Does walking around help? I remember they told me to make sure I did that and I walked the whole length of our house at least five times every hour, when I did my "walk" for the air in my stomach.

  40. Check out hystersisters.com. It's wonderful. I had to have one when I was 38 and the info there is great. Plus the talk about swelly belly and have a little something that helps! It talks you through each week after surgery and what to expect.

  41. Sorry to hear you are not feeling well, but glad to hear there is no cancer! You will feel like your old self soon. For menopausal symptoms try using vitamin E 400IU once or twice a day (please consult with your doctor first before starting). I don't know how it works, but vitamin E seems to ease menopausal symptoms. It takes a couple of weeks to see results. I know, it's worked for me.
    Continue to write how you feel. It will help your healing process and I can see many here are happy to lend an ear or shoulder for support. Wishing you a speedy recovery!

  42. I love hearing how your family and friends are taking such great care of you, because you, my friend give so much to others on a day to day basis. I am so sorry that you are going on this journey. I pray for moments of joy in the healing process. I so appreciate your transparency in sharing this post, and I pray that your heart is encouraged by the comments from those who love you! Before you know it, you will be back to wearing your pretty little dress! Praying that it will be sooner than you think.

  43. Such an unexpected journey you have had to travel. Your sense of humor is a blessing in the midst of it all. Good luck.

  44. I've been away for a few days and missed your last post. Glad there's no cancer. That's the best news. I hope you start feeling better soon. Now you are a 'hyster sister' too. :)

    I had a complete hysterectomy in 2009 and my doctor put me on hormones before and after. But I found I felt worse so I stopped taking hormones. I started using some over-the-counter pills for night sweats etc and found that made me fill bad too. So I stopped taking anything and let me body level itself out. That worked for me.

    Feel better soon and stay warm. Lots of hugs to you!

  45. Oh Stacey-
    I am so out of the loop in blog land-I had no idea you were having surgery.

    First of all- you can do this. I promise. I did 14 years ago, and I felt exactly the same way you did.

    Then a dear friend called and gave me some great advice.

    Here is that advice plus my own:

    1. Follow your doctor's instructions exactly.

    2. Drink lots of water- send someone to HEB to get Essentia (may be misspelled)higher alkaline water. It makes a difference.

    3. Do not over do it! This is critical.

    4. Stay in your gown and watch you tube videos on makeup application. It's a game changer- we focus on what we can do to make us feel better until we can do everything else.

    5. This too shall pass- but you must take it easy-

    6. Moisturize like there is no tomorrow.


    Love to you dear Stacey!


  46. Oh dear Stacey! I am so sorry that things didn't go quite as planned. Thank God though that everything is normal and no cancer. It sounds like your emotions are all over the place and that's okay. Cry as much as you'd like and let those around you take care of you for awhile. My husband always says that he is grateful for everything . . . eventually! You will be laughing about the embarrassing moments soon and the strange bump will go away and you'll be looking great!!!
    Blessings to you dear one,

  47. Dearest Stacey,

    You are such a sweetheart. I am SO HAPPY this isn't cancer - that'd add to everything so much more. Praise be to God for that.

    As for all the symptoms, these shall pass and you will be glad it is all behind you.

    As for outfitting like Elmer Fudd, he's adorable and those long john thingies are comfort clothes, wish I had one, bright red too!

    Better days come spring, you keep the faith, doll, and let everyone spoil you. And keep stocked up on tissues. And DO NOT watch Gone With the Wind, Fried Green Tomatoes or Beaches.

    Hugs and prayers for you. ♥♥♥

  48. Praying for a speedy recovery for you Stacey. Hugs, Nancy

  49. I came over to see how you were doing :)

    As to the strange swelling...I remember after my first baby was born, since I didn't know any better, I thought that my stomach would just be back to normal. I STILL remember lifting my hospital gown and gasping in HORROR at that Jelly Mess thing there that was my stomach!

    Just hang in there and let everyone love and baby you :)

  50. What great news, no cancer! I know you are so relieved. Yes, that awful swelling does take time to go away. I know how you feel. Just be comfy and warm and in time, you will be back to normal.

  51. Hey Stacey. I hope you are feeling back to your old self a little more every day. As far as fashion bloggers in our age bracket, I haven't found many. Of course, walking in grace and beauty and get your pretty on but not much else. Who do you follow?

  52. How are you today? Blessings! - Kathy

  53. Take care of yourself, Stacey & take it slow, now. Hope you're feeling better today.

  54. I know it's been tough, Stacey, but I hear it makes you feel better in the end. Stay strong, my friend...praying for you!

  55. Sounds so familiar! I remember the swelling, I was so scary! But apparently they tip you upside down. Hmmm. Fun. My face was hideous! My daughter ( 9 at the time), was so scared when she first saw me after. I agree, friends were so very helpful. And I found my favorite treat was to listen to a book on my kindle each night. I was too tired to hold it. I listened to the Help and loved it….among about 5 other books. Take your time getting back in the swing and don't overdo! xo

  56. Oh girl, I know your pain. Just take it easy and try to watch funniest home videos or something to help you laugh. I remember having to instruct everyone I called about business that if I started crying to please not take it personal because it had nothing to do with them or the conversation...the poor dentist receptionist just couldn't take it when I boo hooed on the other end of our phone call despite my protests that it was hormones...lol. It took me a while and I had to do hormones for a little while but now I have weaned off them and am doing great . Of course that surgery was about 3 1/2 years ago. Honestly it took me about a year to feel like myself again. It passes by fast though once you get back to life. just don't over do it especially on the lifting things even though it seems ok and isn't painful. Just don't do it.

  57. Bless your heart! I really mean that! I'm so sorry I was unaware of your surgery. The flu I had just lasted forever it seems.

    I so hope that you are feeling better now. I had similar effects after my surgery. Are you going to be on any HRT therapy? If I were not, I'd be in Terrell at the State Hospital! Please let me know how you're doing!



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