Happy 2015!!

Happy New Year Friends! 

I hope you are off to a wonderful start. 
We are staying warm and planning a dinner of pork chops, cabbage, and black eyed peas. 
Of course, there's cornbread too. :)

Here's a little look back at popular and favorite posts of 2014.

Without a doubt, the most visited post was

That post was my way of thinking over my dad's recovery from leukemia and saying good-bye
to an awesome old house. I'm happy to say that a young couple bought the house last summer
 and the girl (they are in their 20s) is an interior designer.  I'd love to see what they do with 
this Texas historic home.  

The best part of the story is that my dad settled in a smaller home about two blocks away.
He's well and fit as a fiddle!

I'm glad this post was visited the most times. :)

I guess we are all looking for inspiration in the fall.
It's the time of year that nesting really kicks in to full gear.
My porch is little so I'm pleased that so many came to visit.
I'll continue looking for ways to make this spot inviting.

Going backwards on the calendar now to March....

If you came to visit me, I'd bring you in this room and hand you a Diet Coke.
You'd be welcome to put your feet up and stay awhile.
Be warned that you'll be wearing a little dog hair by the time you leave. 

Spring in the Entry was a popular post too. 
This is the single hardest space in my house to photograph.
It's also been the hardest part of the house to love for me. 
Lately, my appreciation has grown though.

I'll end with the fifth most popular post
I'm not surprised that a lot of people read this one.
The space above the kitchen cabinets is hard.
Do you go empty or do you add a little? 
It's an age old nagging question. :)

I'm flattered that y'all visit me and really enjoy the conversations that go back and forth.
That's what it's about to me so THANKS!

Wishing you well in 2015!!

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  1. Happy New Year to YOU!! I'm going back now to read some of the posts I missed!!
    Glad your dada is doing so well.....

  2. Oh, I am so happy that a young couple bought your dad's house and the fact that she is a designer is just icing on the cake! I'd love to see what they do too. They just don't make homes like that anymore...

    Happy 2015 to you, my friend! May this be your best year yet!

  3. Happy New Year, Stacey!! I am so glad that your dad is doing so well and is close by! Enjoy that dinner, it sounds delish!!

  4. Oh, I remember all of these! Great posts! So glad to hear your dad is well! I go back and forth on the decor above the kitchen cabinets too. Such a conundrum! I always look forward to your posts and get excited when they show up in my bloglovin' feed. :) Happy New Year, sweet Stacey!!!

  5. Happy New Year Stacey!! LOVED taking the tour of your dads GORGEOUS old home!!

  6. I so enjoyed going back and looking at your dad's house again! I know that it was a great year since he is now cancer free. It was certainly a big day with me when my dad got to ring that bell last year. I hope that your 2015 is absolutely wonderful!!

  7. Hi, Stacey! Your Dad's home was definitely a great post! I loved seeing inside that beautiful historic home. I agree, I'd love to see what the new owners have done. :) I'm so glad he is healthy and doing well!
    Happy New Year!

  8. I am enjoying looking back with everyone to see what they accomplished.

    Hope your New Year's holiday was great and that 2015 is a great year for you.

  9. Happy New Year! I look forward to reading your posts in this new year....

  10. Happy New Year Stacey. Looking forward to more fun visits in 2015!

  11. Happy New Year Stacey. Wishing you great health, happiness and joy in the coming year and of course lots and lots of sweet inspiration and posts.

  12. I'm not surprised about number five, either. I love your pops of red and turquoise above your kitchen cabinets. I have a cable box on top of mine! :/ I need to you to come to Alabama and help me fluff our upper cabinetry!

    Happy 2015, my Sweet Friend!


  13. These were great posts, Stacey. I hope your dad is doing wonderful!

    Cornbread? I hadn't heard about that tradition! Maybe tonight? Ha!

    Jane x

  14. Black-eyes peas! You've brought my dear Granny to mind. She always ate black-eyed peas on New Year's and fed them to us the one New Year's I was able to spend with her. Thanks for the memory and Happy New Year!

  15. I remember the post about your father's house, I loved it! I am looking forward to another year of reading your blog. Happy New Year Stacey!

  16. All wonderful posts, Stacey! I love the one about your Dad's home ~ and a beautiful one it is, too. I'm glad he is settled in a smaller place.

    Happy New Year!

  17. Happy New Year!! I always love seeing your pretty home, and I'm swooning over your front door :) Glad your Dad is doing well! xoxo

  18. Happy New Year! I'm glad your dad is doing better, too. Oh and I can really relate to the post about the space above your kitchen cabinets. I struggle with that, too, but I did add just a little... :)

  19. A great round-up Stacey! I struggle with the tops of my cabinets too! I kinda wish I didn't have the tops there but.... oh well. I have stuff up there now but it's coming down. I'm just not happy with it. I made a huge grocery sign that sits on one side, I still like that so I might make a couple more.. just have "words" up there???
    Anyway, Happy New Year!

  20. Happy New Year, Stacey!Wishing you health and happiness for the new year! Your dad's home is truly gorgeous and I'm glad it is in good hands:) That's wonderful that your dad is doing well and near to you! Your entry way looks beautiful dressed up for fall!Hugs, Poppy

  21. They sound like they were wonderful posts...Thanks for visiting my blog..

  22. Happy New Year, God's best to you in 2015!



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