Christmas in the Bedrooms

The best thing about hosting a party at your house is that you get things done! 
When I had the party last week, I knew a few touches all around the house were in order. 
Here are a few bedroom pictures. I did just a little in each room.

In the master we added one new pillow to the bed.
Simple and sweet.

Do you remember our girly guest bedroom upstairs?

Here's what I did in there. 
It's my door from last week!!
This old door came from my dad's 104 year old house.
I love it. ♥
It had the original stain on it but I painted it with chalk paint.

And some little Christmas houses are on the dresser in this room too. 

Moving into Spencer's room that is newly redecorated....

I hung this print by Janet Hill Studio on the wall.

You can see that a bathroom connects these two spaces.

This print used to hang year round but some people in my house
think that because it's a deer it's for Christmas. :)

That's it for now.
I'm not finished shopping.

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  1. Just need to pick up a few things to be done. Almost finished wrapping it will be the earliest ever that I have been done with that! Usually I'm still wrapping on Christmas Eve!
    Love the pillow...PB?

  2. I love all your special Christmas-y touches. What a great idea for the door! Now I want a door too! See what you started? Ha!

  3. Such great Christmas touches! I am the same way as you, when I am about to have people over I get so much more done!

  4. Love everything !! I need to get some accent pillows - oh and the deer picture is amazing ox

  5. So cute, Stacey! I still have a few things to pick up. Did most of my shopping online and expect a couple of deliveries today! Hope to be done on Friday!

  6. Your home is so pretty and inviting. I am done with my shopping but just started on the wrapping. I have a couple of lunches with friends that I still need to put little gifts together for. Christmas day is kind of sneaking up on me.

  7. Wow, you are on a roll! Your house looks just beautiful, your hard work really shows!! We are still tripping over boxes here, Maurie has been under the weather and I didn't have the heart to make him do heavy labor, lol. Abby comes in tonight and we have lots of shopping to do, also! If you are headed to the Galleria any time soon we could meet you for lunch :)

  8. I don't decorate the bedrooms - Steve thinks the other rooms are already over the top. But, I could do pillows. I love your pillow and am mad at myself because I had a Christmas sweater with a similar car/tree on it. I could have made it into a pillow!

  9. Hi Stacey! I love your Christmas touches! That is one sweet pillow!
    I know your guests enjoyed the party.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  10. Love all of your wonderful Christmas touches! I am all finished and just enjoying the season.

  11. What a beautiful pillow...and I love that door with the blue accents!! It's a very unexpected and pretty pop!!

  12. I love the red toile pillow shams in the master, and that pillow with the woody wagon hauling a Christmas tree is one of my favorites. Every room looks beautiful and festive :>) Shopping done? Not by a long shot!

  13. Love all your Christmas touches! That woody wagon pillow is darling! I'm not quite done shopping yet, but mostly what I have left is gift cards, so they can be purchased online. I think the only non-online thing I need to pick up is some candy from the See's Candy store. My mom was just here and I was telling her I haven't made out my Christmas dinner menu yet. Yikes! I'm getting a ham, but haven't thought too much about the rest of the meal. I really want to bake some Christmas cookies soon though. :)

  14. Love the new pillow and the deer picture..your home is lovely. I have not started my shopping.

  15. All the festive touches look beautiful! There is nothing quite like having company to get things done around my house. Merry Christmas! (and no, not quite done with the shopping yet)

  16. Lovely Christmas touches! Yes I am finished all my shopping, did a lot via Internet.

  17. Everything looks so warm and cozy for Christmas. I'm about half way through my shopping. It takes me forever to find just the right gift for some of the people on my list... :)

  18. The holiday pillows sure give a home a boost! And I love the deer painting! I have 2 more packages to mail and that's it.....I think! sweet hugs, Diane

  19. Hi Stacey. All of your bedrooms look very festive and Ilike how you just put something simple in each room. Your new pillow is adorable!

  20. Good Morning Stacey,
    Love all your sweet touches of Christmas. Enjoy the week ahead as we slide on into Santa's big Day.

  21. Lookin' pretty cute there!! I got a kick out of the woody wagon, but those red shams behind the Christmas pillow are beautiful!!
    Pfooey on the people who don't want your deer around all year!! Tell them it's a Texas thing! :^)

  22. You have some really cute ideas, Stacey. I love the door. And go for it...deer are classic!

    Jane xx

  23. Hi Stacey, Love your decor and I love the deer and have it all through my decorating too. Gorgeous JOY door and I love the pops of red.

  24. Hey Stacey! Nope! Not even close to finished shopping. Hopefully I'll get done by Saturday. Your home is beautiful. So sweet you have the old door. Love the things with special memories! Merry Christmas!

  25. I would have bought that first pillow if I had seen it at the store. Your touches add so much, and make your home look even more inviting. I am sure your guests will enjoy their time in your lovely home. Thanks for sharing.

  26. How pretty!Perfect touches. Love the pillow! Merry Christmas!

  27. It's it amazing how little festive touches here and there can make all the difference in the world? You pulled it off well, Stacey!

  28. Love all your sweet Christmas touches! It's always the little things that make the house festive.

  29. I love your new fun pillow! And now I'll be humming It's a Wonderful World all night. It's one of my all time favorite songs. Our youngest daughter chose that song for her father/daughter dance at her wedding. sniff

    How nice to incorporate an old door from your dad's house into the bedroom!

  30. love the JOY Door ! That is such a cute, creative idea! :)

  31. The pillow is really cool! So many cars had trees attached to the roof in the past two weeks. Shopping? It's done, time to get more baking finished. :)

  32. The new pillow to the bed is indeed
    Simple and sweet

  33. So pretty! I love bringing in the Christmas spirit all throughout the house. You did a lovely job. Oh, and that deer pic can definitely hang up all year long! Thank you for visiting my blog!

  34. This might be my favorite of all your rooms because I love the fun touches of color....the door is precious!

    *fun* pillow!!!!

    Now I need to go back and look at your other decor again.

    I only decorated the dining room, kitchen, and family room this's more sparse because of dealing with the outside.


  35. LOVE that pillow and the sign behind Spencer's bed! And that door is too creative! How cool to have it!


  36. Love your holiday touches in the bedrooms. That's one place I never think to decorate.

  37. I love that pillow in the top photo.

    I saw an actual replica of a car like that at Home Goods. I stood there and wondered what I could do with it. It would be pretty in a Christmas display filled with white lights and surrounded by little trees. Of course, I thought all this and didn't buy it!

    I may go back:) Merry Christmas!

  38. Love the ornamental 'O' in Joy! Fellow Canadian Janet Hill is my favourite contemporary artist - her paintings are so whimsically pretty!


  39. That's such a cute pillow! And I love the deer print! Merry Christmas!

  40. Hi Stacey!
    Just enjoying all your pretty decorations. :)
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas!

  41. How pretty! Each little nook and cranny!
    I love that sweet deer print!
    Merry Christmas!


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