It's My Fall Mantel, Darnit!

I've decided that some decorating ideas that are really popular in 
blogland don't always translate to the real world.

Have you experienced that? 

Here's the thing...a month ago I redid the mantel. 
I covered a piece of cardboard with pages torn from a hymnal to make the artwork.
You've seen that lots of times, right?

Then I hung the wreath on top.
Because a wreath makes everything prettier.

Right off the bat my husband said it looks like Christmas. 
This was at least a month ago so he took the wind right out of my sails!
Then a few people who have visited our house have asked
what's on that picture?
I tell them it's pages from a hymnal and they say .... oh, that's nice.
The kind of nice that let's you know they aren't so sure about it.
Or maybe they think you are a little cuckoo.

I think it's really pretty and not so Christmas like.
There's no red ribbon or Santa peeking out.

It took me 3 years to part with the money to buy a preserved boxwood
wreath and I want to enjoy it. 
And mercury glass is for all year, in my opinion.

So this has been our fall mantel for the last month or more.

Do you change the mantel for every season?

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  1. The wreath is gorgeous and one thing I notice that I really like! The picture frame is large and the wreath is nicely proportionate! I think you did great. AND...I don't have a mantle! heehee! HUGS!

  2. I love your boxwood wreath! I get a lot of stares and questions when people come to visit too. I always tell them to check Pinterest, but they don't know what that is either!!

  3. Your mantle looks beautiful and if I had one I probably would change it with the seasons.

  4. I do think it's very pretty - but it's the green, not the fact that it's a wreath, that's making them think Christmas. :-) I hardly ever change out anything. I get it the way I like it and it stays that way until I get a burst of creativity - which isn't all that often. :-)

  5. I think that it looks great! I do change my mantle out for the seasons.

  6. I have to say, I don't really change my mantel for the seasons, but of course, I feel the need to try it now that everyone in blogland does it! I don't think yours looks Christmassy at all - it's lovely! The pages of the hymnal make a beautiful backdrop for it. Don't listen to anyone else! It's great!

  7. I actually love your wreath up there. I think greenery goes with every season. I remember once I had a Halloween decoration that was just a little metal sign that said "yikes!" My stepdad came over and couldn't for the life of him understand why I would have something like that out as decor. He just didn't think it had anything to do with Halloween. Lol! So yeah, I get those "that's nice" looks all the time around here. :) I say use what you like and be done with it. I do change my mantel up for the different seasons. Its fun, but sometimes mantels are hard to decorate. :)

  8. Well phooey on the naysayers, I love it and if you love it that is all that matters. I think the hymn background is a beautiful idea, and since I am cheap I am doing a good deed and trimming the neighbors boxwood (no, not in the middle of the night!) and making my own wreathes. Everything up there is something I really enjoy, mercury glass included. I don't have a mantel so I have to enjoy yours :>)

  9. Well if you like it that's all that matters.

    I too have a preserved boxwood, but I only get it out at Christmastime - but that's just me.

    Change my mantel every season? Yes. Change my mantel about every week? Gulp - um, another yes. I kinda have issues with tweaking, it's sad I know but I know most bloggers truly understand this illness and just nod in unison. : - )

    Love it, keep it, enjoy it - be one with your decisions. Looks awesome.


  10. I always change it with the seasons, I love your mantle and I think it looks great!

  11. I always change it with the seasons, I love your mantle and I think it looks great!

  12. I love your newly dressed mantel! So pretty for any time of the year in my opinion and I LOVE the hymnal pages too. I do redecorate my mantel for fall and Christmas..spring and summer stays the same.
    Miss Bloomers

  13. I just adore that hymnal covered board. Stunning! Your close up shot really shows off just how special it is. I have always wanted a boxwood wreath too, but I just haven't been able to part with the dough. I think it looks great, simple and elegant. Now, I want one even more!!

  14. I like your mantel and it does not look like Christmas to me. Perhaps you could work a fall colored ribbon in somewhere to appease the naysayers. I don't change my mantel with the seasons. After I sprung for a portrait of my children, I hung it over the mantel and I fear that if I move it that it may get damaged. I cover it for Christmas. For other holidays I sometimes work a few small objects around the edges but the portrait stays there all the time.

  15. Husband don't usually know enough about decorating to give a valid opinion, at least mine doesn't. I like the book pages. I have used them in a few of my own projects. I also have a boxwood wreath up all year. Maybe it is the red candles that are giving the Christmas vibe. You could always try green or cream candles. I just try to remember that decorating for me is a process and I am still learning.

  16. I love it! Especially the boxwood wreath! Your art work is pretty too. You know, I don't have many people in person that appreciate my shenanigans ...that's why I blog and get feedback from my like minded cohorts ;-)
    Being a stay at home Mom looking at the same walls many days in a row, I decorate to make me happy. My family likes what I do but it's not always as enthusiastic as I'd like. They're more excited about whats for supper. Anyways.... I said all that to say, your mantel is beautiful!

  17. It's your home and you should decorate it however you want! Don't pay any attention to what people say. All that counts is that you like it :)

  18. Stacey,
    I love your mantel. Hey this is my take on decor. Surround yourself with what you love and you will be happy. You live there and should have things around you that you love to make a home cozy for you.

  19. I love the look of pages from a hymnal in a frame and the wreath covering it is like the icing on the cake. I get it and it's beautiful, but I've also learned down through the years that everybody has different tastes. That's what makes us all wonderfully unique. My home is filled with things that I love and that puts a smile on my face every time I walk through the door. To me, that's all that matters. Have a wonderful blessed day... :)

  20. I just love the look of your mantel, Stacey! The boxwood wreath is looking gorgeous especially against the hymnal picture...and I adore boxwood in any form. Boxwood, mercury glass and vintage hymnal\sheet music are right up my alley in home decor....your post reminds me of the phrase:"Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder." You have done an awesome job with your mantel decor and I love it:)Hugs, Poppy

  21. well....I think it's gorgeous.!! I think we tend to forget that not everyone is in the blogworld and the decorating trends. My husband just shakes his head at some of the stuff I drag home. :) I just received in the mail yesterday 3 preserved boxwoods wreaths, smaller than I thought they would be so now I have to figure out a new place to put them for Christmas.

  22. I love the boxwood wreath and the framed pages! I think it looks great! I wouldn't change a thing! Sadly, I don't have a mantle but if I did, I would have fun changing it up for the holidays! Have a great week!

  23. I love it, and I didn't think it was Christmas. xoxo I always have a few wreaths out.

  24. Love the wreath over the pages. Simple. Classy. I guess I can see the Christmas comments in a way - a wreath, some candles. Minimalist Christmas with orange candles? I don't know why people say or think the things they do. I really like your mantle!

  25. Your mantel turned out beautiful! I have yet to break down and buy a preserved boxwood in that size. They are so lovely. Thanx for visiting THT!

  26. I love the boxwood wreath and I have a few up in my house all year round. Go for it!

  27. your mantel looks lovely. i love boxwood anytime of year. i have a couple of preserved topiaries and a sphere too, which are out all year long. i just need to remember to mist them more often. i would love a wreath too; yours is a great size. i do change my mantel with the season, with my mood, with the occasion, etc. sometimes i do it frequently and other times it doesn't change for a long time. there's no formula; just do what makes you happy. : )
    warmly- mj

  28. I love your mantel....I tell the hubby that the boxwood wreath is not Christmas, only if I put a red ribbon and berries on it...otherwise, it is just a pretty round piece of greenery!...

  29. Well, I love your mantel. I think the hymnal pages are genius and you didn't waste your money on that beautiful wreath...I can see it being used lots of times. Yes, Mercury glass is definitely out year round in my house. and yes, I do change my mantel with the seasons.

  30. Stacey, I think it's beautiful! I wouldn't worry about what others think, if it makes you happy that's what's important. Must agree with hubby that with just a few added things you can easily make it work for Christmas. Thanks for sharing with SYC. And yes, I do change it for every holiday and season. I figure it needs dusting, so why not mix it up. lol!

  31. Your wreath is gorgeous and I love how you framed the hymns! Your mantel looks great!


  32. I like the hymnal pages in the frame. I wanted to cover a table top with them, but haven't got that far yet. I wonder if it might have been more effective to enlarge just one? --- more expensive, though.
    I tend to agree with your husband - it does look like Christmas! Red, white and green. Me, I'd toss a few fall-colored silk leaves around to bring the yellow/orange into the mix just a little. But as you said - it's YOUR mantle! And it IS very nice!

  33. I've experienced the same thing when friends come to visit. I may be really excited about something I've done in the house, but I'm left feeling deflated when I can see they don't like it. In the end, the only one I need to please is me, so I've learned to try to ignore the negativity.

    Your mantel looks so pretty with your boxwood wreath!! Maybe white candles would let the green wreath be the star of the show. I struggle with mantel decorating every season. Our living room mantel is shallow and tall- must have been the style in 1921, and our dining room faux fireplace is situated between two windows, so it's difficult to decorate, too.

    At least there's lots of inspiration in Blogland!

  34. I am reading backwards trying to catch up after a 4 day mini vacation.

    Well, I read your Monday post on Wednesday so my Wednesday is being used to finalize the details for our Thanksgiving table. I realized I didn't have matching flatware for the number of people so I found some cobalt blue flatware to match some yellow I already have. Our table will not be traditional Thanksgiving colors, but I don't often follow rules anyway.

    I love the pitcher you found and that red transferware. I didn't know you husband had sight issues so I will have to read more.

    I love the boxwood wreath and I think you should decorate anyway you like. I know people wonder about some of my choices.


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