Feeling Like Fall Here

Good Morning Girls!

It's been super busy here in the last week with work, a wedding,
 a car wreck, and all the normal things of life.
No worries, nobody is hurt.

It's finally cooling off here in the night and when we wake up in the mornings it's in the 50s.
Woo hoo!!
I love the change of seasons.

In the niche in our kitchen we've had a stash of apples that have been there awhile.
They sure can last...awhile.
That's my way of telling you they might have been there a month or more.
Today I decided to make an apple cake and found the perfect recipe on the Food Network.
Isn't it pretty?
That's a buttermilk glaze on the top. :)
It's the perfect combination of butter, buttermilk, sugar, and baking soda.

Now since this picture was taken we have had cake and let me tell you it is to die for!!
We ate it warm and it's a little slice of Heaven - I promise!

With the change of seasons my zinnias are on their way out and I was worried about what would go in all my vases around the house. I ordered some dried hydrangeas from an Etsy shop and look what came! A box full of beautiful.

Now we have dried hydrangeas to enjoy for fall and beyond.
If the cat doesn't destroy them.
How are you doing? 
I'd love to know.

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  1. Hi Stacey! Oh, your cake looks so delicious! I want some! :) The hydrangeas are so lovely. I didn't realize you could order dried blooms! Yours are lovely. Hope you've had a nice weekend.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  2. Sorry about the car wreck. Glad no one was hurt. :) I love the three tiered tray. I've known several people who have ordered dried hydrangeas from Etsy. I think I might have to try that soon. I'm off to check out that buttermilk glaze recipe...sounds yummy!

  3. Mums are blooming, and hyacinth bean vine, a few other flowers. It's been cook here a few nights. Some leaves are falling. But none around here are turning colors yet.

  4. I always loved drying hydrangeas...they are nice year round. We had a beautiful cool day today and went hiking! Hugs!

  5. The hydrangeas are beautiful. I honestly did not know you could order them from Etsy. Glad you're all ok, hope the car is 100% soon. We had a wedding this weekend, too. So much fun and fall has finally arrived here, it's sweater weather!! :)

  6. Your cake LOOKS delicious!!!! I envy your cool weather!! Our day will come...I hope!! Right now the doors are open and we may have the bedroom A/C on tonight.

  7. Your cake looks delicious, Stacey. I have started my food shopping list and have added on some baking items. Since it has gotten a little cooler here I am actually looking forward to making some pumpkin bread.

  8. That cake looks delicious! I can almost smell it coming out of the oven! I think everyone who is having this cooler weather is ready to start cooking and baking.


  9. So glad the wreck did not hurt anyone.

    The hydrangeas are beautiful!


  10. How am I doing? I am behind in everything, but life is good - no car wrecks and a wedding being planned.

    I was so sad when I cut down the last of the zinnias. They were such a wonderful greeting in the front yard all summer.

  11. Love your fall touches and the hydrangea are beautiful!
    Have a great day...

  12. Well, I was doing fine but now I am drooling over that cake - it looks so yummy! I will probably need a little extra glaze with my piece thank you very much : ) I never knew you could order dried hydrangeas, they're beautiful!

  13. I love apple cake in the fall and yours looks delicious, especially warm. Don't you love how it makes the kitchen smell? Sorry about the car wreck, glad nobody was hurt but still bothersome to wade through the aftermath. It's in the 40's here in Michigan in the mornings and barely hitting the 60's during the day. I can't help but wish for a teeny bit more warmth for a little longer. I cut the rest of the Dahlia's in the garden yesterday and will get as many zinnia's from the cutting garden as possible today.

  14. Those hydrangeas are beautiful! I also worry about what my cats might take a liking to...it always seems like the oddest things!

    Sorry to hear about the wreck but glad to hear everyone is ok.

  15. Oh that cake looks yummy! Glad to hear no one was hurt in the car accident! What a beautiful bunch of dried hydrangeas!

  16. Oh, I have to try that apple cake! The hydrangeas are beautiful…enjoy!!

  17. No fall weather here yet, sigh. That apple cake looks delicious!

  18. We love Apple Cake here. I have a great memory of our youngest daughter baking Apple Cake for her 4H food show competitions.

    Have a great week Stacey!


  19. Your three tier stand is so beautiful! I just got one and need to get to work decorating it!
    Your apple cake looks so yummy! I've been pinning apple bread recipes lately and need to whip one up for my family!
    I've been thinking of ordering some dried hydrangea's myself. I see so many bloggers decorate their homes with them and I think it is probably too hot to grow them myself. I'm going to go check out the Etsy shop!

  20. Oh that cake looks soo good and the hydrangeas are beautiful! I didn't know you could buy those online - leave it to Etsy!

  21. So glad no one was hurt...annoying enough to deal with the "after" stuff.

    That cake looks so good!!


  22. Oh, yum! Fresh apple cake with buttermilk glaze. Gotta try it. Paula's recipes are really good.

  23. Your apple cake looks out of this world! I could sure go for a piece right about now.
    Dried hydrangeas are always wonderful to us around the home this time of year.
    Mary Alice

  24. I love the idea of dried hydrangeas in the house. Fall is a lovely time of year.

  25. Wow....you can buy those beautiful hydrangeas on etsy?!! Gorgeous! That apple bundt cake looks beyond delicious~~~thanks for the recipe! Fall is my favorite time of year and I'm enjoying taking hot baths in my claw tub with the scent of Fall candles lit~~~~Blessings~~~Roxie

  26. Thankful that no one was injured in the wreck. We've had our share of them this past year, that's for sure. Oh, my word...that cake looks delicious! Perfect for a cool, fall day!

  27. Love your little Fall vignette Stacey! Darn, I wish I had known you wanted Hydrangea blossoms. I have some Limelight blooms that look just like that. Would gladly have sent you some. I harvest them every year and use them all year long. They really are lovely! The cake looks lovely! Glad everyone's o.k. after the car wreck!

  28. That cake looks delicious and I like all of your pretty little pumpkins.

    I brought some of my hydrangeas in awhile ago but really should get more in for drying...they are a deeper pink than they've ever been with the early chilly weather that we've been having this year.

  29. I love the hydrangeas! The cake looks fabulous. I'm so sorry to hear about the car wreck. I'm glad no one was hurt.

  30. Right now, I am sitting here with a hot cup of decaf. The cake looks like it was taste so good! You photographed it in an appealing way. Thanks for sharing it.

    As for the car wreak, I am so happy that no one was hurt. One never knows what is ahead for each day.

  31. Apples & Autumn go hand in hand! :) A cake with Buttermilk- ahhh must be very light, yum! Are you saving your Zinnia seeds, Stacey? Mine are drying out on my Family Room window sill. I'll be ready for next Spring!

  32. ahhh...that cake looks wonderful. I am pinning it to FOOD FOR BUNCO and I have it at my house next month. Went today and won $25 for the most Buncos (3)...yay...
    I am going to order some of those dried blooms...they are beautiful

  33. I haven't had apple cake in ages and your cake looks so delicious. Right now, I just finished dinner and I figured it'd be a good time to see what some of my blogging friends were up to... :)

  34. Oh I miss my hydrangeas from our last home !!!
    Aren't they just gorgeous in vases?
    And your cake looks scrumptious ( and I haven't used that word in I don't know how long so that's saying something !!! )

  35. That cake looks amazing! Thanks for the reminder to cut some hydrangeas to bring in. My cats will certainly attack them if I don't put them up high though!

  36. Oh my goodness I LOVE your hydrangeas! I don't have any at my new house (my old yard had tons of bushes)but I never thought of ordering them online. I may have to do that if I can't get up the nerve to "steal" them from the bushes at my Vet's office. Definitely something I've been considering doing . . . but I would ask permission first of course!
    Thanks for sharing all of the beauty. I've highlighted you as my Favorite Blog of the Week!

  37. I am loving your three tiered stand - such an interesting display piece.

  38. Glad no one was hurt in the wreck! That cake looks amazing, and dried hydrangeas are my favorite :)


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