Fall Front Porch Part 2

A couple of weeks back I shared my fall front porch with you
 in spite of the fact that it was 90+  degrees. My plan was to make the porch a little
more fallish when the temperatures cooled some.

We've had a little reprieve from the temps now and by a wonderful twist of fate, 
I was gifted with some cotton....the real stuff right out of the field!


Well, I had to incorporate the cotton somehow!
I poked some pieces of it in my wreath.
I've had this wreath 10 years probably and every year I poke something new
in or take something away.
It kind of looks like a bird has been nesting here but it's just me. :)

fall wreath, cotton wreath, burlap

Added in a cotton branch next to my mums and asparagus fern.

asparagus fern, lantern, cotton

Cyclamen and cabbages are sharing this pot with potato vine and asparagus fern now.

Fall planters, cyclamen

Fall planters, mums, asparagus fern

Of course no fall porch is complete without pumpkins.
I Love Pumpkins!!


The porch is finished for now and it actually feels like fall here in North Texas.

fall planters, pumpkins, cotton, lanterns, fall wreath

  photo signature_zps30d572ae.png


  1. Your porch looks so pretty with the flowers and pumpkins! I love that you got some real cotton! I just bought some faux stems from Michael's. Not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. It sold out extremely fast, so I'm glad I got some when I did. We're cooling off a little here, but it still doesn't feel like fall. Hopefully this week we'll get a little cooler.

  2. I love the rich, dark wood of your door accented by all the fall colors! I'm also a huge fan of mixing and matching different kinds of plants in the same planter--yours look beautiful!

    It's cool, windy, and rainy here in Nebraska today. I will take that over snow any day! :-)

  3. Love all of the pretty plants and pumpkins you've added to your porch. You are ready for fall!

  4. Love the use of cotton! Nice gift. My hubby will never stop on the side of the road for me to snatch a piece.

  5. Oh Stacey, your porch looks wonderful. I like your pretty wreath! Hope you're doing well.
    be a sweetie,
    Shelia :)

  6. Hi Stacey! Thanks so much for coming by and taking the time to leave a comment. I appreciate every one of them!
    I LOVE cotton boles! They're hard to find, so I think it's so neat that you were gifted some. They're so pretty nestled in your door wreath!
    Love all the details on your porch :0)
    Have a wonderful week,

  7. We sure have been waiting for fall to arrive, haven't we???? LOVE what you did with your cotton! That wreath you are always working on is my favorite kind!!!

  8. I love the goth on in your wrest hand your porch looks great for fall!

  9. Such a lovely way to welcome your guests to your beautiful home, Stacey. Absolutely perfect! Happy Fall to you, too!

  10. Lucky you getting a gift of cotton! Your front entry looks so nice and welcoming too!

  11. I love the creative way you used cotton in your wreath. It looks really pretty! Have a great week and glad it has cooled down a little!

  12. The cotton looks great mixed in with your wreath! I like how your decorated the front porch- the plants looks great! We've just had our first frost here and temps range from the 40's to 60 lately.

  13. I love the addition of cotton to the wreath and behind the lantern. It's unexpected and the bright white really stands out against the bricks. Your entry looks beautiful!

  14. I've never seen cotton up close, it's not available where I live. It's a pretty addition to your wreath! It's chilly here now, I'm not sure I'm loving it! ;) Enjoy your porch!

  15. So very interesting, using the cotton. Love the wreath and your front porch looks so warm and inviting, From your newest follower, Linda

  16. I love that wreath! It is definitely a keeper! I also love the pot with cyclamen, cabbages, and potato vine. What an unexpected combination! Great idea to add the branches of cotton!

  17. It all looks so pretty with the pumpkins, your added cotton, etc. For a second there, I thought I was looked at snow! :)

  18. Stacey, your porch is so pretty! Aren't you loving these "fall" temps that we've had for the past couple of days? I guess it's time for me to put a few pumpkins out. I tried to wait for it to cool down a little. You've inspired me!

  19. So pretty! We are so happy to have cooler temps! Enjoy!

  20. Very pretty! The cotton looks great and I love the wreath. It's so neat that it has lasted this long!

    I'm so glad you are cooling off. Cool here for the past two weeks.

    Jane xx

  21. I am beginning to feel like I need to jump on the fall bandwagon.

    I love the cotton in your wreath. I have seen cotton on a lot of blogs, but have no idea where I would purchase it.

    And now, you have inspired me to hit the pumpkin patch today.

  22. Your wreath looks gorgeous as does the whole entry way. So festive and pretty.

  23. Good grief, at first glance I thought that was SNOW until I read your post (and looked closer!) :-) Very pretty, and so glad it's not snow. And nice to have cooler temps, huh. I found you at LavenderDreamer and am your newest follower. :-)

  24. I got tickled at the comment above my-
    Cotton is Texas snow!

    I love everything you did.
    I am partial to cotton because my Daddy was a cotton farmer.

    Have a good week!


  25. I love the idea of adding the cotton to your wreath. That was so original and creative. Your porch is perfect for autumn. Happy Fall to you, too... :)

  26. Your porch looks pretty all decked out for fall. I love the addition of the cotton to the wreath.

  27. Everything is so pretty Stacey! Cotton is so much fun to work with...simple but definitely says fall. You did a great job on your fall porch!

  28. Tee-hee. At first glance I thought the white in your first photo was snow! I thought "What in the world?" So glad to see that it's only cotton, Stacey. :D Love how you incorporated it into your fall wreath. Great idea. You're invited to share your porch at Every Room In The House. We're partying on the fall porch this month. xxx ~ Nancy. Here's the link:

  29. Your home looks so warm and welcoming with your autumn touches at the front door, Stacey! I'm going to have to order some cotton since we don't see a lot of it growing in MN. :)


  30. Your porch turned out quite beautiful. Love that wreath.

  31. Happy Fall, indeed! You just have a talent for making everything work.

  32. Really pretty wreath, Stacey. I can see why you have kept it for so long ~ an oldie but a goodie! : ) Your pumpkins add the perfect finishing touch!

  33. The look of it all, is so welcoming and so festive! The wreath is exceptionally colorful and pretty! Everyone would be happy to walk into your front door area.

  34. We drove by some cotton fields this weekend and I SO wanted to stop and ask if they would sell some to me. I created my own faux cotton last year for a wintery arrangement but now that I'm living here in SC I'm sure to find a place that I can get some. I love the look of yours in your Fall decor you lucky lady!
    Blessings to you,

  35. Your porch looks *great*….I love the cotton! :D

  36. Stacey, thank you for sharing your lovely fall porch at Every Room In The House. I'm happy to be featuring it tomorrow when the November party goes live. Hugs, Nancy


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