Summer Lovin' #1

Happy First Day of Summer Friends!

There are so many great things to love about summer.
I thought this year I would take the time to post about some of the things we love
and I bet you do too.

Today we made a trip to the nearby peach orchard.
Yes, I did leave my camera at home because I can't remember anything for more than 20 seconds.

For those of you in the Dallas area, we went to Ham's Orchards in Terrell, TX.
What a beautiful place!
We spoke for quite awhile with the owner and he was so nice. 

We bought lots of extra ripe peaches for homemade ice cream. :)
My husband never misses the chance to get out his trusty Rival freezer.
In a few days we are planning to have our neighbors over for a bowl or two.

While we were there we shared a peach fried pie. 
Mercy! It was delicious!

What are you lovin' this first day of summer 2014?

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  1. Well I love peaches! But it is a couple weeks too soon for them here.

    We went for a nice walk this morning. Tonight we are having friends over for dinner and hope to dine under the pergola.

  2. Oh, peach ice cream - my dad used to make it for us with peaches from our tree.

    We brought in summer last night with our first fire in the fire pit for the summer. This morning we took a leisurely stroll along the ocean, played tennis and now are heading out to just sit and read on the beach. Not a bad way to usher in the season

  3. Air conditioning. That is what I'm loving. Those peaches look mighty good!

  4. Oh my....the ice cream sure sounds wonderful. I bought peaches this week, too but I'm eating them sliced on top of cereal. I love long summer days with lots of sunshine! Hugs!

  5. Stacey,
    Your peaches look so yummy and beautiful. It's hard to imagine you have peaches already, when up here in Ohio we won't have any locally grown until August. And peach ice cream is one of my favorites! Enjoy.

  6. It sounds delicious and a lovely tradition from what I see on other comments.

  7. That sounds delicious. We will have to make a trip out to Terrell. What a fun day!

  8. Those peaches look so good! They are my favorite fruit and it seems hard to find good ones in Ohio. And a peach fried pie? YUM!!

  9. A little bit of everything summer today...beach, pool, family BBQ, friends and food! :) Happy summer!

  10. Right now I'm loving snow cones. :) It's so hot today and snow cones really hit the spot. :) I love peaches and peach ice cream sounds so, so good right now! Don't you love when you visit a place like that and the owner takes the time to chat with you? So nice. :)

  11. I wish we had an orchard nearby. Hubby loves peaches, but we do have a farmers market and we will be buying some tomorrow.

  12. Oh my, do those peaches look delicious! There is nothing like a fresh peach in the summer! A favorite for sure! We just might have to drive out that way to get some of those. Your huband's home-made ice cream sounds delicious! :)
    Hope you're having a great summer so far. We're getting some rain over here this morning -- I love it! :)


  13. Your peaches are beautiful. They're not ready in my neck of the woods yet. My favorite thing to make is peach jam :)

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  15. Love a good, juicy peach anytime!! Happy 1st Day of Summer!!! I'm thanking the Good Lord for air conditioning today!!~~Angela

  16. Oh my goodness, fresh homemade peach ice cream, wow there is nothing better. I would love some and a fried pie sounds fabulous too.

  17. Those peaches look delicious. We need to make a trip to Fredericksburg to get peaches. Heard they had the best crop in several years. Love peach ice cream. Thanks for the visit to Timeless Treasures and the nice comment.
    Audrey Z.

  18. We Love peaches too and the ice cream sounds so delicious. Peach gobbler is a favorite too.
    Your photos are beautiful.
    Happy Summer!!

  19. I love Ham's!! The only peaches better than Ham's are at the Weatherford Peach Festival - this year it is July 12th.

  20. Homemade peach ice cream! Now what says summer more than that? Happy summer to you!

  21. I love peaches - they are my favorite and homemade ice cream - yum yum.
    Happy Summer.

  22. Whoa! Peaches in June!? Michigan peaches aren't ripe til August. Lucky girl! We had a beautiful first day of summer, I love the long days, fireflies and warm starry nights. I love it all!

  23. Oh such beautiful things to love about summer! For me this year it is the dragonflies and butterflies flitting around my garden, the big juicy red cherries that are in season, and lemon Aid in a tall frosty glass!

  24. Oh peaches I just love! I can taste them just looking at your photos!

  25. I love peach anything!! Can you share your recipe for peach ice cream?? I think I would buy the ingredients today if I had a tried and true recipe:) I have one of those Cuisinart ice cream makers and I've only made vanilla and banana - both really good.

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