A Few of My Favorite Plants

I know I keep taking pictures of plants.   Isn't that eccentric?
It's just that so far this year it isn't too terribly hot and 
we are actually getting a tiny little bit of rain
which we desperately need.

Things are looking really pretty here for now.
I wanted to share three of my favorite plants.

David Fanick Phlox
Known to work well in Texas because it likes the heat and dryness.
Stands up straight, has beautiful blooms, and the bees love it.
So far it's gorgeous. ;)

Texas native. Stands tall, covered in blue blooms, loves the heat.
I pulled a handful of this out of the ground and plopped it in another place.
It's growing there now. I love it and the bees do too. :)

Kimberly Queen Fern
Heard about it, read about it, love it!
Stands up taller than Boston fern and doesn't shed very much.
Doesn't mind drying out every few days either.
Works for me!

What are some of your favorites?

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  1. I love purple phlox. I don't know the cultivar name but my grandmother had them growing on the farm. I used to pick bunches of them for her house. I'm a picker, lol, I always had the house filled with peonies, lilacs and whatever was blooming:>) The scent of them reminds me of her, and of the time I spent with my grandparents on their beautiful farm.

  2. Beautiful....I can see why they are some of your favorites!!!!!

  3. Your flowers look beautiful. I love hydrangeas, sunflowers, roses and daisies.

  4. I don't think I could ever get tired of looking at flowers. Yours is so pretty.

  5. I am going to have to look for that fern...I hate the shedding that the Boston ferns do...love your beautiful flowers!

  6. Love your color choices, same as mine of course!
    I love True Geranium, Ferns,and


  7. I LOVE Red Salvia's! They are pretty easy to maintain too… my green thumb is maturing but I still struggle!

  8. It all looks so pretty, Stacey! You definitely have a green thumb. I love working in my flower beds and watching everything grow...so relaxing.

  9. I love seeing pics of your pretty flowers. I used to have a blue salvia and it did very well. Glad y'all are getting some rain. We've had tons the last couple of days and more on the way, thank goodness! Have a great weekend!

  10. Very pretty blooms! I prefer the kimberly fern - I have them in urns on my front porch. I think they look nicer because they don't flop down. Love Salvia too - so pretty!

  11. They are all beautiful - love the phlox.

    I just bought a new hydrangea yesterday - need to get it in the ground! Love the blooms!


  12. I've always wanted to know more about Phlox. I'm not even sure it grows around here, but it sure is pretty!

  13. All of these are so pretty, Stacey! Good for you with the good weather this year. I am growing some shade loving ferns this year... they look so sweet in the shade of my walnut trees! :)

    Jane xx

  14. I read about that fern, Stacey, and thought it might do well here when we have those hot and humid days. My neighbor has a great fern that seems to do well in the sun that is planted in the bed around her condo. It looks great with her hydrangeas. My hydrangeas started blooming so right now they are my favorite!

  15. Those are beautiful. We need that pretty plant cheer in our lives. My favorites are zinneas because they bloom all summer and are so perky. :-)

  16. Ooooo look how pretty your blog looks!!! *squee*

    Your plants look good, too!

    I'm very intrigued with the pretty Kimberly Queen Fern. I like the idea of the no shedding part!


  17. I love salvia! So hardy and blue/purple in the garden is always so pretty. I had not seen this variety of phlox. I'll have to go to Calloway's and check it out.;)

  18. Does your salvia ever flop over? Mine does. I finally moved it so it grows up through some echinacea and native woodland sunflowers to give it support.

    I love Kimberly Queen because it will take sun. I bought some small ones and put them in my hanging baskets on my porch. Much better than Boston ferns.


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  20. Phlox is a favorite flower of mine...love the scent. I pick the wild phlox in the spring for bouquets. Take all the flower pics you want...I think that we all prefer to see flowers versus snow and ice :)

  21. These are all gorgeous! I love salvia...we have some growing at our shop and it's so pretty! :)

  22. I enjoy garden tour blog posts. It gives me an idea of what works well for others and what to plant in my own yard. So keep sharing!!

  23. Sounds like you have a lot of plants that work well for your dry climate. We've had so much rain here, that some of the annuals aren't looking very well. The ground doesn't get time to dry out at all and they are looking a little water logged - a problem you probably don't have there. It would be so lovely to string together a few dry (and cool)days in a row.
    Have a happy 4th!


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