Faded and Fresh on May 1st

I have some flowers to share with you on this beautiful spring day.

I wish you could smell this fading Peace rose.
She's mellowing but still just as fragrant as can be.
I think she's beautiful even now.

A freshly blooming Amaryllis.
The bulbs came from my husband's Granny.
It makes him happy to see them bloom in our yard.

I'm working on a painting project today.
With the attention span of a flea, it's a challenge!!

What are you up to today?


  1. I love keeping the dry petals from fragrant roses. They have such an amazing scent. And I see so many amaryllis in flower beds here...the climate is good for them. I bought groceries this morning and now I'm doing laundry...fun day! haha! Hugs!

  2. Good Evening Stacey, I have often thought of growing an Amaryllis but never have because I don't think our climate here in England is conducive
    to growing them. I think I will give it a try as yours looks so beautiful. Perhaps it would grow well indoors.
    Best wishes

  3. I never even think of growing an Amaryllis outside here in Michigan. Probably not the right zone, but I had one blooming over Christmas and its beauty was so welcome! I've been garage sale hopping today. This weekend is the kickoff for the season around here and it promises to be a good one:>) I already scored a few fun things!

  4. Those fading roses are absolutely beautiful.

  5. Love seeing your blooms. Today I planted a hydrangea. And figured out how many bags of mulch we are going to need (100).

  6. Beautiful! You know I love the red! :)

  7. Watching my daughter and grandkids dog while they are in Disney.

    Love the flowers and I do wish I could smell it!

  8. Your flowers are so pretty. It is always nice to have a sentimental flower start in your yard-to remember those we love, I have my mother's day lilies. I always think of her when I see them.

  9. Your amaryllis is gorgeous! I love that the bulbs came from your hubby's granny too. :) My mom has a peace rose and the fragrance is wonderful! I've spent the day doing laundry, making out the grocery list, and coloring my hair. Lol! I lead such a wild and crazy life. :)

  10. What a beautiful Amaryllis, Stacey! I'm working on Long Meddowe Days, my town's annual festival that's in the middle of May.

  11. I have a blogger friend who dries her rose bouquets upside down secured with a rubber band. I tried this and it works! They look beautiful just laid out on a tray (in my case on my dough bowl...or in a vase. Very romantic!

    Can't wait to see what you are painting! :)


  12. You crack me up! You just described me perfectly, haha! I can't even get through cleaning up the kitchen without losing focus :) Hope it's going well!

  13. I like the thought of mellowing as we age. The look changes, the fragrance stays the same!

  14. Such beautiful blooms! Can't wait to see more! xoxo Jen

  15. The fading rose is really artistic and beautiful! I'm sure it smells wonderful too!

  16. Good Morning Stacey,
    I love your faded roses and that they still give off a fragrance is awesome. Your Amaryllis is gorgeous too. I am not sure I could have one here in the Midwest not the right temps for one. Have a great day.

  17. Beautiful combinations! We are having a very slow spring here. I can't wait to go buy our annuals. Probably sometime around Memorial Day :)


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