Welcome Back Flowers

Welcome Supertunia.
I've never had you before but they promise you are much
more sturdy than your cousins who always die.

Welcome freshly planted garden cart.
You've served me well for so many years and you roll out of the sun when needed.
Geraniums, lamb's ear, sun colius, blackie sweet potato vine, and bacopa - 
I'll take care of you.

Welcome Kimberly Queen Ferns.
Now don't you be shedding too much!
I like it neat and tidy around here.

And sweet red geranium.
You will always and forever be my favorite.
I know it's gonna be hot here in Texas but you'll like it in the bright shade of the patio.

Welcome back dirty hands and garden gloves!!

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  1. Love your flowers. I have to wait a little longer for my annuals....soon though!

  2. Lucky you to be gardening already. We have no green in sight in my neck of the woods. I wish Spring would stop by my place.

  3. I'll be doing that the end of this month hopefully, I love red geraniums too also the pink ones!

  4. You are ahead of us on the planting, but I have been working on getting the beds cleaned out and ready. I have to admit that geraniums are one of my very favorite flowers-and they bloom all summer! I can't wait for the pretty blossoms of summer!

  5. I love all your beautiful flowers, Stacey. Don't you just love digging in the dirt! Spring has finally sprung!

  6. Jealous! Still cold and snowy-ish here. Can't wait to start planting!

  7. Your flowers are so pretty! I've heard great things about those supertunias too. I love geraniums also. They seem to do well in our heat (as long as they're in the shade) Your little bunny by the fern is adorable!

  8. Oh so pretty. I love the geranium and that fern is stunning. Hugs, Marty

  9. Isn't it nice to get back to digging in the dirt? Your flowers all look so healthy and pretty.

  10. Your flowers all look so pretty! I love your garden cart!

  11. Flowers? Oh they are so pretty, send some my way! Love the cart!

  12. So many things to love about this post! The flowers are beautiful and that fern is to die for! I am also coveting that adorable rabbit by the fern. Thanks for sharing!

  13. Beautiful flowers! Isn't it GREAT it's finally Spring!!!

  14. Hi Stacey. What lovely gals you have hanging out at your house. I wish them the best of luck as they grown more beautiful each day.
    Be a sweetie,

  15. Those super petunia flowers are so pretty...such a delicate shade of yellow !

    Not to the planting stage here...more like clean up from winter and starting seeds soon but oh your flowers sure do look pretty!

  16. I've been looking at annuals but haven't gotten any yet... Maybe today now that I've seen yours! It all looks great and I love your cart! Red geraniums are my favorite too. :)

  17. Stacey,
    Love all your beautiful flowers. We still have some time here in Chicgoland before we see this kind of beauty. Ahhh it was nice to see yours. I cannot wait to get my flowers going again. Thanks for doing Spotlight this week end. I cannot wait to read your post on Susan's blog.

  18. I love the varieties you have in the cart. You have to do side by side pics when it has filled out. I think I overcrowd my containers.

    Happy Gardening!


  19. I just came home with geraniums to plant! The fern in the large pot is beautiful!

  20. This makes me so anxious to get the gardens cleaned up and ready to plant! It will be a couple more months before danger of frost is past, but I just can't wait to go get some pretty flowers!

  21. Hi Stacey, met you through the spotlight at Susan's blog (I left a comment there also).
    I knew I was going to like your blog as soon as you started talking gardening....an interest we share. I'm in WV, and I hope to be sharing more with you in the future. I started following yours, and hope you may stop by and visit me at my blog, too. Right now I'm sharing our original landscape plan we implemented 10 years ago. :)
    Rita C at Panoply

  22. Geraniums are my favorite outside too!

  23. Looks fabulous! You're ahead of me in planting. I'm waiting until all our leaves fall from our oak trees and it seems to be taking forever this year!~~Angela

  24. Beautiful! I love your red geraniums. Aren't you glad you can put out flowers again? We just got back home...I'm tired but had to look in on my favorite blogs!
    Miss Bloomers


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