Four Things I'm Just Gonna Say

First we need a picture of something pretty. 
Here's my basket today and here it is two weeks ago when it was planted. 
Big difference already!

I love you sunshine.

1.  When we moved back to Texas our oldest son, Spencer, stayed in Oklahoma.
Sometimes I miss him so much it feels like part of my heart is missing.
He's 24 and doing his own thing.
I understand but that doesn't make me miss him less.

Here he is a couple of months ago participating in one of those mud run things.
I'm sure he'll love that the world is seeing his unders. :)

2.  Even though I have cleaned and scrubbed the kitchen top to bottom this week....and yes that includes the refrigerator and ovens...there's a strange smell in my kitchen that I can't find.
Doesn't it drive you crazy when that happens?

3.  Shopping at Laurie Anna's Vintage Home is the best! 
My sister-in-law and I both could spend our last few dollars there.
It's 45 minutes from our house so thank goodness it's only open First Monday weekend.
Texans will understand that.

4.  Today Poofing the Pillows is being featured at by sweet Marty at 
A Stroll Thru Life.
I hope you'll visit me there.

Happy Friday Blogging Buddies!


  1. Sweet thing, I can't imagine how hard it would be to live away from one of the boys. It's a good thing he was raised to be independent and with confidence, that tells him he can do it on his own.
    How frustrating to not find an smell!
    Have a great weekend...


  2. My daughter is starting to talk about college...of course she is picking ones on the opposite coast. My stomach hurts every time it comes up. Thankfully, I have a few years, but I totally get how you feel about your son. Once your baby, always your baby. The smell thing would drive me crazy, but it looks very pretty from here! ;)

  3. Ok, I'm back, because I just read your feature at Marty's blog! I love your story and your dining room chairs...swoon!! What a nice way to kick off the weekend! :) Congrats!

  4. Having two daughters who live far away, I understand your missing your son. He must be ambitious like you, in that he attempted that race.

  5. My boys live all over and it is hard...miss them.

    Off to visit Marty!

  6. I was wondering if your boys moved back to Texas with you. I didn't know Spencer was still in Oklahoma. Gosh, that's got to be hard. At least you can call and text often. Love your kitchen pic! A friend of mine had a smell in her kitchen once and it turned out to be a piece of onion that had gotten under the fridge. We recently moved our fridge when we painted the kitchen and found a whole slew of cat toys under there! Lol! Holly likes being in front of the fridge because it's so warm. :) Headed over to Marty's now to see your feature. :)

  7. Make sure there's water in the sink drain trap...and check the drain pan under the fridge. Those are crazy things that can smell. I know how you are missing your son. Hurts to have to let them grow, when we want to hold them to us. Bless your heart, xoxo,Susie

  8. Does anyone else smell it. Because sometimes, my meds make my smeller off!!!

  9. Yikes! Mud event is right! lol, I must be a total pansy because the thought of crawling through mud like that just makes me shudder. Yes, I hate it when I can smell something and can't find it. Sometimes I just light a candle til it goes away ;>)

  10. I love your pops of red in your decorating. I also enjoy red, finding that it makes me happy. It is better to please yourself and your family, than to decorate with styles that you don't find comfortable with. Anyway, styles will change and soon everyone will be leaving behind the white for more color. It seems to happen all the time.

  11. Your basket is colorful! I am sorry you miss your son and I am sure it never gets easier.

    Your kitchen is beautiful and so bright.

    I need to go over and check out the blog with the fashion challenge. I tried to yesterday and my computer was a little moody.

    Happy Weekend!!

  12. Love Texas. Missing kids is awful. Get a scentsy for that smell. I would drive two hours for Laurie Anna's! Luckily like you I don't have to!

  13. Yes I saw that you were being featured at my real life friend Marty's blog. What a fantastic post! Having lived in Texas I do know exactly what you mean about First Mondays. Sigh. I miss it. :)

  14. Your flowers are beautiful already! Lucky that you get to shop at Laurianna's in person. I can understand the feeling of missing your son. Sorry to hear that he's so far away.

  15. My son is 16 and my heart already aches knowing that he will be a senior year after next and then off to college ~ so hard for us Moms to let go! Wow, I would love to shop at Laurie Anna's, sounds so fun!

  16. I am blessed to have all my kids and grands right Here.
    When my Stacy and I went to Canton, we spent ALL our money (and then some) at her shop.....sooo much fun.
    Next time we go, I'll email you and maybe you can come over, too...

  17. Saw your feature over at Marty's earlier, Stacey! : ) Did I tell you that when we moved from NY to Ohio 2 1/2 years ago, my son stayed behind in NY to finish up his college degree? He will be 24 in June and is graduating from his graduate school in May {in PA ~ so he's getting closer to us!}. It's funny how much we have in common! Enjoy your weekend!

  18. Usually the strange smell in our kitchen is from the disposal. UGH I hate it when it gets stinky!

    Lovely post, and I now how it feels to miss a child. I'm going to see my oldest today! *squee*

    I'll try to make it over and read your feature later this weekend. :)

  19. I would miss my kids terribly if they didn't live close by...I can't imagine how I'd do it if any of them moved.

    How lucky you were to go to Laurie Anna's. I used to follow her blog long ago.

    I sometimes get a smelly garbage disposal. You can grind up pieces of fresh lemon just a tiny bit and let it sit there for awhile. Then grind it completely and rinse it down. And if there is a clog further down in the line, that may be making the smell back up. Good luck!

    I'm off to Marty's!


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  21. I know just what you mean :( You would think that after two years of Abby being in college I would have adjusted, but some days I'm right back to zero. Thank goodness for holidays!!! Did you find the yucky smell? Last time I had that happen, it was a sponge under the counter that must not have gotten rinsed out well. Blech.

  22. I can only imagine how hard it is not having your children at home. My oldest daughter is 12. She went to an overnight camp for just two days and I couldn't stop thinking about her and missing her! xo Jen

  23. I miss Texas! Lived there for 18 years and I am now in Oklahoma. My girls are all in hard to be away from our children, huh?
    A few weeks ago I had a funky type smell in our kitchen and found that it was in the sink drain. I had cleaned really well the garbage disposal and the rubber piece, but I think some food may have gone down the other sink drain by mistake. Poured some baking soda and lemon juice down the drain and then flushed it really well with running water, and smell was gone. Maybe this is what is happening in your kitchen. :)

  24. Check the lettuce in the fridge or the potatoes in the pantry....those are usually my strange and hard to find I do know how hard they can be to find. Hope you find it soon. Love your kitchen.

  25. How so nice to be near Laurie's!!!...She has wonderful things! Hope you find the smell...could it be in the wall?

  26. First of all your basket is gorgeous ~ we just started planting this weekend and that is beautiful inspiration. So frustrating about the smell, hope you solved your problem. I live in TX and have yet to go to Laurie Anna's. Guess I 'd better get going!

  27. I missed your feature at Marty's while I was traveling and just found it today! Great post! I love the use of red as your accent color. I use red as my accent in our den and love it too! While I love seeing photos of white rooms, I could never live without color! It is so important to be true to ourselves!

  28. Aw, I can tell how much you miss your son.

    Can you believe that I've never been to Canton?! It's on my bucket list. Laurie Anna's sounds fabulous.


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