I'm Truth Telling About Dogs, Decorating, and Priorities

Early last week I was busily Spring Cleaning and I shared plans with y'all
about possibly moving the leopard chair elsewhere.  
The plan was to find a new chair...more comfortable and just right for that spot.

Let me back up a little bit and share...we went three years without a dog.
In that three years we moved to this brand new house. 
Perfectly clean, no smells, all shiny...you understand.

We pretty much decided that we liked it that way and wouldn't get another dog.
Then I started stalking the local animal shelter website and my resolve weakened.
Hubby kept saying he didn't want the smells and dog hair in our brand new house.

After much thought, I decided I didn't want to live that way.
We love dogs and cats. They've always been part of our family.

So Belle came home with me from the shelter and I LOVE HER.
No, we love her but she's mine. :)

Last week in the midst of son #2 recovering from the appendectomy,
Belle found a large bag of gummy worms in his room.
She ate them.
Hundreds of them.

Let me tell you - dogs and gummy worms do not mix.
She's still vomiting and it has been a week.

I'd say we are past the point of worrying about dog hair and little imperfections.
The cleaning freak in me just can't relax either!

Now what does this have to do with new chairs?
$750.00 at the vet later my chair is just a distant thought.
My priorities changed in the blink of an eye.
But she's worth it.  ♥

Please tell me you understand.
I need a little empathy.

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  1. Oh, poor little Belle! She's a cutie and a little stinker too. Dogs love to eat stuff they're not supposed to. Poor little thing though. I'm sorry she's been so sick and sending up a prayer for her and no puke up smells in your house.
    Be a sweetie,

  2. Oh, I'm so sorry! That's never fun when unexpected expenses pop up and other "fun" things are put on hold. But, like you said, she's totally worth it. I mean...just look at that sweet face! So precious! Just keep thinking of all the joy and companionship she brings you. Our pets really are such a good part of our lives. (sometimes more than others, though--ha!)

  3. Awe...poor Belle. And I understand completely. We have been talking about getting another dog. It has been 12 years for us.

  4. Poor little Belle! I could not imagine a home without such love but that's me, just another dog lover!
    Nasty gummy worms and look at those eyes, she trusts you! Love is what it is all about, unconditional!
    Mac the Corgi has met with yet another spider...sigh...About the $$, I know what you mean...Big sigh...

  5. Poor Belle. I bet she felt sick as a dog (ha!). Gummy Bears? That sounds like it would be painful coming up. I'm glad she is feeling better. I love my vet but sometimes I wonder how any of us can afford them. My vet here in the city is double the cost of the one I have in Smalltown Michigan...for the same treatment and vaccines. I sometimes worry that people in hard financial times might have to sacrifice their dog's health because of this. So sad.


  6. Aaahhhh...she sure is precious and anything can be overlooked when you look at that face! Take care and have a good week my friend! Hugs!

  7. Oh I so understand! My son brought home a little stray from Alabama when he was in college...he thought she was going to have puppies...but she had heartworms instead! She was so pitiful and we all fell in love with her..her name is Belle too! We had her treated and the treatment almost killed her. Yes it was expensive but she is such a sweetie. Hard to think of a life without pets or dog hair.
    Miss Bloomers

  8. Oh your poor pup! I hope Belle starts feeling better soon. She sure is cute!

  9. Belle is adorable...my son's dog ate a pillow. yes, that's right a pillow! Cost him $2,500 for the surgery...You can always get another chair but not another Belle♥

  10. You bet I get it, Stacey. We have 2 indoor dogs...a Shih Tzu, Bella, who doesn't shed, at all, and a long-hair dachshund, Maddie, who sheds quite a bit. It bothered me a lot, at first, but over the course of the 13 years that we've had her, I've come to realize just how much love she's given our family. We'd be lost without either one of our dogs. Hope Belle feels better soon!

  11. I would say you put your money towards the right expense! She is adorable! Our home wouldn't be the same without our Ginger. I would spend twice the amount without blinking....well...it would hurt...but she is totally worth it for the wagging tail alone!

  12. Oh, sweet baby! I hope she feels better soon!

  13. oh poor baby!

    WHAT chair, lol...who cares about a silly old chair :)

  14. I understand more than you know.

    1. Do not leave a stick of butter where a dog can reach it.

    2. Do not put the netting from a pork roast in the trash when said trash bin can be opened by a dog.

  15. Of course she was worth it...I can just see her chewing gummy worms :-)
    A story that will now be told with more laughter than in the moment .....


  16. Oh dear! I'm glad she's alright! We all have things that slip in and take priority from things we want to do. To tell you the truth, as much as I love to decorate my home and make it pretty, it isn't at the top of my priority list, ever! I just do things as I can and find joy in making things work on the cheap:>) At least you didn't buy a new chair and then have her get sick on it!

  17. Yes, I understand. Sometimes when my kitty makes a mess or I have to clean all that cat hair off the couch, again, I think of being pet-free someday. Then she snuggles on my lap or cuddles me in bed and I am pretty sure I will never be without a pet. Hope Bella gets completely well soon!

  18. Oh poor Belle. I understand totally, I love my dogs and even thought I have to clean a lot I would not change things.

  19. Belle has found a very warm & friendly home, Stacey! I do understand! :) You can always find a chair. Hope son #2 is feeling better, too!

  20. Lulu at 3 pairs of Steve's prescription glasses last week. Not a bad dog - a stupid owner.

    Life does get in the way of our plans. I hope you get your chair soon.

  21. Dogs and kids. Life is much better with them in the house! Thanks for stopping by our blog and commenting! We will definitely be following yours!
    xo, Whitney and Blaire
    Peaches In A Pod

  22. I only party understand. I do have a dog and I did have to have our carpet cleaned after he caught a bug, but I would teach him to stay off the chair. : - )

  23. Yes, Belle is worth it!!! EVery. Single. Penny. I've grieved myself to death over Bonnie Blue. I'm hoping to bring home a puppy in a couple of weeks. Fingers crossed!

    You and I are soul sisters!


  24. Oh, how wonderful YOU are!!! Every pet I have ever haf has been a rescue one! Your priorities are definitely in the right place! $750 ??? That is a lot of LOVE!
    Thank you for your comments on my blog ! We must be neighbors since we BOTH go to the Plano Central Market ! I love it !

  25. Yes! I completely feel for you and understand your frustration. Our dogs are like our children. We love them unconditionally which means we have to reset our priorities sometimes. We like our houses to look clean and pretty, but we also don't want that at the expense of having no loved ones around. So, you just have to deal with the mess sometimes and the expensive medical bills. We're making payments on braces for my son right now. I'd much rather be making payments on something else. But....you know the drill! Your dog sure has a sweet face. I'm sure she's thankful you rescued her.

  26. She is so cute, and I hope she is recovers soon. It is also a warning not to feed it to children! xoxo

  27. Sounds to me like you have your priorities JUST RIGHT !! :)
    Hope she feels better real soon.

  28. My tummy hurts just reading about this. Poor Belle. I do hope she is feeling better by now and I completely understand the lengths we will go to for our furry family members.
    Hope your son is recovered now too.

  29. Oh I totally would've done the same! I love your pics and that adorable little face propped up on the back of your couch! Awh! Thanks. Tammy

  30. Oh my Miss Stacey! Yes, I understand every thing! We was the same way with cocoa! I still have moments when I want to find her a new home, lol then she gives me "that look" and I melt! Haha! I tell her to never loose "that look" lol.

    It's been a while since I've been able to visit any blogs, life has been crazy this winter!!! Your home looks soooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!!! You have inspired me to TCB! Lol I'm taking a week off in April and I can't wait to start spring cleaning!

    I love your farmers market picture on the mantle. Love the new ball jar picture and the refluffing of that nest is a brilliant idea. I have really enjoyed my visit this morning!!!!


  31. Oh Lord....do I understand!! Our entire Christmas fund went to a stray cat who had moved in with us. He ultimately had to be put down, but we did our best for him and he loved us a LOT in his short time with us!!! Animals are the best friends!!
    Your home is lovely, so don't worry about the chair. It will show up soon enough :^)


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