I've Seen Spring!

Just a few minutes ago I was working on our dinner.

I'm preparing things so the men can cook it while I'm at Zumba.

We are having such a glorious day here...

77 degrees, sunshine, windows open...

The kind of day that makes your heart beat a little faster and a smile sticks to your face.

This kind of day makes me want to cook outside!

So we are having grilled veggies.

And chicken shish kabobs.

I can hardly wait. :)

About spring...it is coming... really. 

I've seen it!!

We worked in our front flower bed for 6 hours on Sunday.
We cleaned out debris and spread 20 bags of mulch.

Now I know so many of you are covered with snow. I feel for you.
It was unseasonably cold here last week and extremely dark.

But this week is different.

Come closer and I'll show you a little spring....

These are irises that made it through a record breaking number of freezes here in DFW.

Still not sure?

Well lean down real close to the ground...

Not pansies...we have those too but they aren't exciting.

This, my friends, is the beginning of daylilies!!

Yes! Daylilies are coming up. 

I know it sounds corny but when plants start to peek out of the ground
in the spring I'm always reminded that there is something perfect about this universe. :)


  1. Stacey...I am so ready for SPRING! We had glorious weather here today, too! We're supposed to get up to the low 70's by the weekend. Bring it on!

  2. 77 degrees!! Sunshine!! (pouting in Michigan) That's full on spring, I don't care what the calendar says. Shoot, that's full on summer in Michigan!

  3. LOL what a difference from here..I was just laughing to myself as we did get a bit of a warmup...enough for me to try to recon some dog doo that's been frozen in the snow. But oh my..there are many inches of ice and snow out there and my recon mission didn't get much and it is all so gross and I like what you are doing much better! :) :) :)

  4. I'm afraid Spring is still a ways of in Utah. We have had some warmer weather, but usually it is followed by a storm and cold front. I can't wait for Spring, though. I love when things start growing and getting pretty,

  5. I think we're all happy to see the signs...even here in Florida! Wish I was going to Zumba with you! I love to dance! Sweet hugs!

  6. Oh how I am longing to see flowers poking their heads out through the soil! But we still have a foot of snow on the ground. It will be awhile so thanks so much for showing us a peek of Spring!!!

  7. Okay, I am completely envious that you have flowers starting to pop up already!!!!! It was nice here today but the wind was just awful. Enjoy your dinner, it looks delicious :o)

  8. Ohh we have had some great weather here in Houston, I even went out and bought a few plants for the patio. I'm hoping it atleast lasts til after this weekend...I have plans lol

  9. Now we know Spring is on it's way :) it's warm here too, but windy. I think we had the same idea grilling veggies…peppers and asparagus…yum!

  10. We spent all weekend in our yard too cleaning up and seeing what survived our "frigid" winter! Your iris' survived much better than mine. :( I'm hoping ours will return! Have a beautiful day!~~Angela

  11. I am pea green! We are buried in over a foot of snow and it just keeps coming! Boo, hiss! I have given up on the natural signs of spring and have resorted to buying flowers instead! Your veggies look yummy...I miss grilling. I know my bbq is out there somewhere...

  12. No signs of spring here yet. It will be another couple of weeks when I start seeing pops of fresh green poking out of the ground.

  13. Nothing springlike poking out of the ground yet in Kansas City area but the snow is melting. I am so ready for warm weather.

  14. Your shish kabobs look so good...is that bacon in between the chicken?

    I would be so excited over your weather and your green shoots. We have piles of snow in drifts as tall as me! It should be melting soon, we are at 44 degrees right now!


  15. Spring is coming indeed...in our case it got tired of waiting for winter to arrive!


  16. There is a look of Spring here and there on the island...Robins for one thing, a few shoots of jonquils and narcissus and God was good, my primroses survived the nasty weather!
    77 degrees F sounds very good!

  17. Spring certainly isn't far off. We already have the a/c on again. :) I love that your daylilies are coming up. I need to go check mine to see if they are peeking though yet. :) Your grilled dinner looks yummy!

  18. Stacey- Loved that you found my blog and now I can follow yours! I am new to this whole thing but loving it so far! <3

  19. Stacey- Loved that you found my blog and now I can follow yours! I am new to this whole thing but loving it so far! <3

  20. Hi Stacey! I'm ready for Spring too. Our weather has been pretty nice except for the dense fog we're having.
    Thanks for popping in to see me.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  21. Hi Stacey, the weather is just about perfect here, too! Our irises are coming up but I haven't checked on the daylilies! Spring is my favorite season because of all the renewal. Enjoy the beautiful weather!

  22. Stacey, not silly at all! I feel the exact same way. That's why I love Spring so much. The renewal of things and the gift that God gives to us after a cold winter. I can't wait till it's 77 here. Hit 60's last week and I was in heaven! Snowing again today, but not sticking. You can still cut those iris back and they will grow right back up straight and be beautiful. Love grilled veggies!

  23. We were painting on Sunday and I actually thought about you! I just knew you were out in your pretty yard getting a head start on all of us :) We have daylilies popping up everywhere too, along with some daffodils and hyacinths. Cant' wait! Happy grilling, xoxoxo!

  24. The grilling food looks great...and you are so right about things being right with the universe...I just noticed my irises starting to come up!...that makes me happy!

  25. We haven't enjoyed temps that high, yet, but we are expecting some severe storms today. Does that count? UGH! I hate days like this!

    It was a very pretty day on Sunday, though. Maybe 62 degrees and sunshine. I did open both doors to let some fresh air inside!

    I cannot wait for spring!



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